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  1. Best Game Names Ever

    Its Mr Pants!
  2. SNES Mini

    I cant get the music from F-Zero out of my head- its still awesome.
  3. SNES Mini

    Biggest guard dog in the world?
  4. Personally, I think the free standalone PUBG "homage" is a bit of a low blow from Epic. If it had been an addition to Fortnite -a currently paid for title- it will not have been too bad, a little cheeky perhaps, but releasing a complete standalone competitor for nothing in order to get it to the consoles first? Microsoft will be pissed. I can see them having spent a lot of investment in the "exclusive" XBox version of PUBG (think time investment as well as throwing cash at Bluehole - their Christmas ad campaign and Scorpio release etc) but more importantly perhaps is the fact that that PUBG runs on the UE4 engine. Other developers will have to be watching this thinking: If we make the Next Big Thing using UE4, will Epic merely "copy" their whole idea and give it away for free before they manage to get it in the shops? Epic have the familiarity with the engine, the manpower, the talent and the resources to do it- what is stopping them doing it again if another title developed on their engine generates enough interest?
  5. Forza Motorsport 7

    Right, at the moment https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/forza-motorsport-7-demo/9p2xh29364lh has it up but when clicked it seems to freeze on a popup. Traffic, I guess. So open the Store app and search "Forza motorsport 7 demo" and it appears, you can push it to your xbox as well as downloading it for PC. You have to search the full term -as partials only seem to list the Ultimate Edition? Its probably powered by Bing Website seems OK now
  6. Xbox One X

  7. The "look over" mechanic is way overpowered in third person yeah- also lie on a roof or balcony and you can peer over with the camera even directly down over the wall while you are still lying next to it making any stealthy approach out of the question. First person helps balance things a lot. Having a limited ALT look is fine as you can look around while running forwards although your 360 Owl-Neck ability when you are sat in a vehicle is probably an oversight It adds to the game too late on as lying in the foliage really limits your view, and shuffling round to see behind rather than merely panning the camera brings home the sense of vulnerability so adds an interesting trade off- kneel and be able to see and turn faster? But you become much more visible..
  8. Elite Dangerous

    They can be fluid and one side can quite often develop an advantage over time, killing the others almost as soon as they warp in. If you are on the side with less pythons it can be really difficult to survive for very long.
  9. Super Lucky's Tale

    Oi! That was the first game I ever worked on! It had TWO ROMS on the same cart! One for the GBC that actually scrolled without you wanting to peel your eyeballs. ..it wasnt very good.
  10. Nex Machina - Robotron meets Resogun (PS4/PC)

    Fuck you @clippa I wanted to spend my weekend throwing money at Gabe but now.. Skills mate! Awesome video.
  11. Crackdown 3 - Delayed until 2018

    Glad to see the offline option being confirmed. I happen to have a good connection but, along with my kids eating my bandwidth streaming their "Uni lectures", I have an ongoing fear that I wouldn't be able to play GameX because my internet is down for whatever reason. "Reason" having very little to do with it really, as its always been reliable as hell but I hate relying on third parties. @S0L good response!
  12. Xbox One X

    Just remove "One" and "Hyper" - it makes so much more sense! Super Ultra Xbox Arcade Remix Scorpion Edition ..waits
  13. Elite Dangerous

    Frontier could ban the worst of the griefers from the online servers but still allow them to access the offline/Private Play mode, neatly sidestepping any refund demands etc. A more complex but canon way would be to warn, then flag griefers as no-consequence targets. Taking one out could have a large reward too, bringing another level of Bounty Hunting into the fray. Taking it further, continual infractions could lead to permanent faction hostility -stopping Engineers from trading with them and so on. Both would require resources and effort, but would be worth it IMO to prevent people deliberately being twats, and proper, actively policing GMs could be an actual selling point.

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