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  1. Congrats! I'm not a fan of the gun, either. It can be a beast when you get some good boons, but generally I find myself struggling once I hit Elysium.
  2. Doesn't DMC have a hard time keeping 60fps, though? It's also a last-gen game, so it's hardly pushing the consoles. There's the fact that console RT is generally really low-res, too, which isn't exactly ideal.
  3. The isometric view is generally okay, but when enemies are up against walls where you can't see, they really should be made visible by making the wall see-through.
  4. That's honestly one of my main problems with the game. The level design just kind of sucks. Still, I love almost everything else - except that big butterfly ball in Elysium. Cunt.
  5. It's just not going to happen at 60fps, especially since DLSS relies on the tensor cores of Nvidia cards and not purely software. They'll keep pushing the machines harder, too, leaving even less room for ray-tracing goodness at a decent framerate.
  6. I just wish DLSS wasn't shit at lower resolutions. Control, even with DLSS2.0, is an absolute mess at 1080p.
  7. To be fair, the first time I lucked out on a boon that restored my health by 1 each second, so a lot of the fight was me running away while my health came back. In terms of rogue-ish games, I'd put this on top of my previous favourite, Enter the Gungeon, which I'd put an obscene amount of hours into.
  8. Did my first complete run after 24 attempts. Still playing after more than 50 hours. There's some things I find fault with, but in general it's just... FUN.
  9. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    River City Girls just got added. I was just thinking of buying it, too.
  10. ^ This man is crazy. Or he's trolling the shit out of you This is the season that spawned the incredible line, "Never do anything out of hunger - not even eating."
  11. S2 is one of the most hilariously awful things you could ever watch. S3 was... yeah, it was... a thing. I didn't hate it, and the performances were strong. It just didn't grab me.
  12. I started using the bow, and got a perk where I couldn't charge the shot, but it fired fast as fuck. SO GOOD. Then I got a thing that left damage behind when I dashed and powered that up. THEN THEN THEN OH GOD IT'S SO FUN. It's like Enter the Gungeon, but not janky, and a bit more restrained.
  13. Bought this tonight. Expected a decent rogue-like. WAIT IT'S WHAT TIME IN THE MORNING? IT'S SO GOOD!
  14. Yay PC gaming. Big Picture'd it to my TV. Game thinks my TV is 720p. Force 1080p, and game zoooooooms in. Refunded, unfortunately, as I was looking forward to it.
  15. Pretty sure console settings are dialled way down in comparison to PC to actually reach those numbers, so that's something they can increase to start with. 120fps would be a nice option to have, too, and the people that can use it would surely appreciate it.
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