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  1. I reckon it's going to be a slow burn, otherwise it just turns into a fruitless effort to continuously top what happened before. It's like season 3 was the end of a big storyline, and s4 will be the start of something new.
  2. I'll watch until it has nailed the coffin of TV Trek well and truly fucking shut forever. I need to see how utterly stupid it can get - and you're right, they really do seem to genuinely think they're writing some incredible shit, which makes it all the more depressing...ly addictive.
  3. Holy fuck, I thought it was a parody at first. OH MY GOD.
  4. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    My favourite time with the PC GP app is when i decided to uninstall a game that hadn't quite fully downloaded, and the hilarity of wondering why my disc space hadn't been recovered. Oh, and your saves deleting whenever you uninstall a game. And no cloud saves. Or anything. Jesus.
  5. Expect heroes and maps locked behind OW2. It's pretty much what I said it would be, though.
  6. Yeah, the story stuff doesn't interest me that much - I didn't even bother with the last event story mode. They aren't great. But still, I'll get it.
  7. That's weird as hell, then. I don't know if Switch has some strange requirements. What does it say? Just locked?
  8. That doesn't matter. So long as you're lvl 25+, comp is permanently unlocked. You haven't rage-quit comp matches at all, have you?
  9. OW2 will release on everything and will just be one massive rework. Anything else would be insane.
  10. BCS is fantastic. Get it watched.
  11. How was Okamiden? The thought of those visuals being cut to ribbons for DS seemed all kinds of wrong.
  12. Narrator: he was.
  13. Seriously? It's half the framerate.
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