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  1. Sounds like... every Far Cry?
  2. The 2070 Super is a nice card, Strider. You're going to love it. Don't expect ray-tracing at 60fps unless the game has DLSS, though. Which, to be fair, is most things coming out now, and it's absolutely fucking magic in 2.0 form. First time I've ever had a GPU where I can stick everything up to MAX EVERYTHING and my PC is like "eh, sure, no problem."
  3. Oh my god I'm so glad the quality is back to normal.
  4. Meh

    Doctor Who

    So, the latest season. I'm a bit late to the party, but what the fuck was that shit? Come back, Moffat, all is forgiven. Except for Clara. Fuck Clara. Anyway, I've been watching the old seasons at work. Today I finished off Season 8 - "The Daemons" or whatever it was called. It's all dodgy as fuck and I still just can't get away with Pertwee, but it's an oddly addictive little show by that point, and of course Roger Delgado's Master is the greatest casting ever. In 'Colony in Space' when they say the Adjudicator had arrived, I thought, "I'll fucking laugh if it's The Master." Lo and behold! I really miss Troughton's Doctor, though. They got the whole companions thing just right with the Zoey/Jamie combo, and it was a bloody shame to see them go. Still, can't knock Brigadier and his minions. He's a bit of a git, but him and Pertwee play off each other well. Jo's pretty boring, though.
  5. I've spent so long playing this over the weekend that it's exhausted me - but god damn I've had a blast so far. The pacing is a little wonky, but then it hits you like a bloody train out of nowhere. Absolutely crazy stuff.
  6. I certainly don't think it would've hurt to provide the option for people to remove the fake grain, though. I'd turn it off in an instant. I'm playing a videogame, and all that. I'm not watching a film.
  7. Eugh, there's time limits? I picked it up and had a shot at the tutorial stuff. Seemed quite interesting... and now you've literally ruined the game for me.
  8. Nay. 30 days turned into almost 90 with no sign of it returning to normal in the UK. There's literally no reason for it to still be going on - and there never was in the first place, at least over here. Fucking garbage company.
  9. Yep, it's a thousand times better than it was. If it's still reduced, then holy shit it just goes to show how we got used to the shit quality Netflix was outputting even before Covid.
  10. Nah, they just keep sending me "PLEASE, COME BACK, WE HAVE SHOWS YOU'VE WATCHED" emails. I've cancelled.
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