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  1. Once you see her eat sandwiches, you'll understand.
  2. Yes - the person we're to believe is Jessica's best friend, despite the fact Jessica always looks like she can't stand her.
  3. Half of the focus is on Trish and her desire to become a superhero. The other half is Jessica finds her mother alive and a bit of a lunatic. It’s absolutely boring as fuck, and in hindsight I had more fun with Iron Fist S1 than that utter waste of a season.
  4. Bushmaster was fucking hard to understand sometimes.
  5. I don't get how anyone can call DDS3 mediocre, though.
  6. I can't wait. The writing is always so strong on the show. Honestly, though, how many good seasons did we get out of the whole Netflix MCU thing? DD1-3, Luke Cage S2, and Punisher S1 were the only standouts. JJ's first season would be completely forgettable without the mad genius of Tennant carrying every scene he's in. They've all felt so goddamn cheap thanks to the massive expense of shooting on location, too.
  7. It's genuinely one of the greatest TV shows ever made. Goggins and Olyphant are absolutely incredible in it.
  8. I'm guessing Trish doesn't actually have superpowers outside of improved night vision. Everything she can do seems to be just purely because of her intense training.
  9. She's not even remotely interesting. Why the fuck is the show trying to make Trish a thing. Maybe they knew they were being cancelled and thought "fuck it. whatever."
  10. I refuse to believe it can be worse than JJ S2 or Punisher S2. Even IF S1 was above those things, thanks to the mad lad Ward. Edit: I've noticed further up this page that I said JJ S2 wasn't "terrible." What the fuck was I drinking that day.
  11. First episode was "okay" - then the second episode is like, "HAVE 50 MINUTES OF TRISH." Jesus, I'm almost glad it's cancelled now.
  12. The season he wasn't involved in and was vastly superior to season 2? Sure.
  13. I really hope S4 follows the “if you thought season x was good...” thing. Season 3 was so good, I just can’t see them topping it.
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