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  1. But... but... but how? Why? When? What? It's hardly Dexter levels of bad, but... really? The ending where they was good to you?
  2. The first film was great. Fuck all the haters.
  3. It's absolutely woeful. Resolution RARELY goes above 720p for no reason whatsoever, and that's over wired and wifi. Tried clearing cache but NOPE! XB1 app is perfect, thank fuck.
  4. They're going to have a whole new boat-load of balancing issues once the OW2 characters are out. It's going to be a bit of a nightmare once again. I'm really, really hating the zarya/hog meta right now. DPS are particularly vulnerable since there's zero shields. I hated how bloated with barriers everything had become, but this is just the other end of the extreme now.
  5. Hog's been a massive issue, and I don't understand why they felt the need to buff him at all - he was already pretty meaty.
  6. It technically shits on it from a massive height.
  7. Picked this up for just over 20 quid in the sale. I don't... I don't get it. What's so good about it? It just feels incredibly stale. Music's good, but... I don't understand at all what I'm supposed to get excited about.
  8. People are just fucking stupid, it seems. There's a guy at work who thought both season 2 and Picard were absolutely fantastic. I asked him, "What did you like about Picard? Were you not majorly disappointed by how badly it ended, at least?" "No," he replied. "It was great to see Riker in command of a ship again, and it left me feeling all emotional by the end." When I asked him what left him emotional, I knew what the answer would be: These people are legion, and they'll eat up anything so long as there's nostalgia and explosions.
  9. I have bad news for you... he's going to be getting all emotional in our faces again in the Pike show they're making.
  10. Just a shame that the show ended after four episodes into season 3.
  11. It looks amazing at doing 4K, but I've been left a bit cold with it in 1080p while playing Control and that game where you investigate a knackered space station. Top of the HUD in the space game has a line that should be solid, but DLSS makes it all weird and looks like it's moving. In Control, as soon as the first cut-scene was over, I looked outside to see a taxi sort of merging with the bloke in front of it and the railing in front of him. And yep, this was with the highest quality enabled. Interestingly, though, Wolfenstein Youngblood seemed pretty flawless.
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