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  1. Meh

    NieR: Automata

    C is all kinds of great.
  2. Meh

    NieR: Automata

    Did you at least eat a fish?
  3. Meh

    NieR: Automata

    Try not to fall asleep during Route B.
  4. Meh

    NieR: Automata

    The story and music are what kept me going. I thought the game itself was... lacking.
  5. So I gave it another try. I thought I'd finished the third act. That stupid wolf thing was at 0 health. Then... I remembered something: it was yet to be Awakened. I was dead shortly after. Prick.
  6. This game boils my piss. It's not too bad until you get to The City - then it proceeds to fucking ruin you utterly. I literally hate it, and I think it's because I'm too dumb for it.
  7. So my friend told me about 'Roar' a few weeks back. He was like, "don't watch the BOTW of it. We have to watch this shit." It was everything I'd hoped for, and more. Holy fuck, they all seemed terrified. Main Character Man had balls of steel.
  8. It's the most boring game I've played in years. It has some good ideas, but there's just nothing really going on, from what I played.
  9. I really like this game again. Even though the damned thing insists I'm out of video memory at the worst possible moments - despite running a 980ti. Still, it's a blast.
  10. It'll be fine if you've got no experience with the game - but for those used to 'proper' Overwatch, it's going to be a bit of a thing to feel sorry for.
  11. It's true. A pocketed Sym has always basically been an absolutely horrible thing to deal with. Even her counters basically fall to pieces if there's a good Mercy on her.
  12. I do hope it's better than the last one - but even that was decent.
  13. Nothing for me this month. Finished AK years ago, and Darksiders 2 was enough to put me off that franchise for life.
  14. Alright, I'll give you that the second season was a bit of a piss-take - especially if you didn't like a certain twist early on - but it was still clearly decent stuff. Season 3 is absolutely faaaaaaaantastic, though. It's so fucking good.
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