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  1. Depends on the show/movie. The Haunting of Hill House was particularly terrible for it at around 1mb/s.
  2. PS4 app and PC. It looked like shite on both, but I'm not complaining as such, considering the situation we're in. I'll give it a sub once everything is back to relative normality.
  3. It's too much. I'm not bad at FPS games, but the sheer amount of shit you have to keep an eye on in this is utterly exhausting. Got to the Gore Nest level, destroyed the Totem (fuck me that boiled my piss), got to the first secret encounter, sighed, and switched off. It's such a difficult game to enjoy, since you're constantly having to top up your armour, health and ammo while at the same time getting battered. I think I hate it. I actually think I hate it, and I should stop trying not to, and move on. It's such an ugly game, too, for all its technical wizardry.
  4. I know the quality's been cut down a bit because of the virus and all that, but holy fuck the image quality is god-awful.
  5. I'm at the Cultist Base and I just can't be arsed. It's not a particularly good game, and it sure as hell isn't Doom. There was a great sense of progression through the Mars base in 2016, and I was really hoping for something similar but on Earth. I don't even feel like I'm on Earth at all - just some weird disconnected levels with me feeling nothing but panic during most encounters as my health evaporates due to the sheer amount of shit thrown at me. It no longer feels like a place, and I no longer feel like DEATH INCARNATE. I honestly feel like I did when I started playing Darksiders 2. Endless lore that I didn't give a fuck about, set in wherever-the-fuck-who-cares. Unfortunately, due to the baffling review scores, this is no doubt a sign to id that this is the direction to go in for the future.
  6. So far, it's not a patch on 2016. Visually it's just not as appealing - even the imps look kinda worse. I'm sure it's pushing a load more around, but it never FEELS like a big leap over the previous game, which I finally went through completely a few weeks back. The environments are pretty much all hell so far, just a lot messier in design. It's mostly rocks and bits of big mech strewn around. Gameplay-wise, it's... alright? I'm pretty sick of seeing LOW AMMO above my gun constantly, and I'm not having a great time like I did with 2016. And that platforming element... that ain't terribly fun at all. Hopefully it'll improve, though.
  7. I absolutely hated it. The idea was interesting, but the plot utterly falls to fucking bits the minute you stop to think about it.
  8. Poe is clearly the best thing about the show. His actor is great, and overshadows fucking everyone else. I thought Mackie would bring some personality to the mix, but nah. Same boring as fuck Covacs. Kind of a shame, and I doubt we'll get a third season - not that I care too much. Season 2 was quite clearly done as a "let's just get this out of the way on a much lower budget" kind of thing.
  9. I kinda like that about him. He's on this insane roller-coaster ride that he started, and there's no fucking way out. He's constantly having to out-think every other fucker, and it's eating him alive. He's a refreshingly different character to Escobar, who always seemed so in control, even when he wasn't.
  10. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    My god, this service just keeps getting better.
  11. None. It fucked up.
  12. The only problem I had with DR2 was the fourth chapter. It went on for literally ever, and I was just bored as a result. After that, though? Holy shit.
  13. Mind PMing me who you think the culprit is?
  14. Danganronpa 3 does kind of finish off a HUGE amount of dangling plot threads, though - but sometimes pretty badly. It's worth it just for Despair Arc's opening song, though. Danganronpa V3 was the most insane shit ever. It's hard to talk about without experiencing it for yourself.
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