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  1. Nifty Lifty which came in a Currys bundled Speccy 128... Don't think I ever got past three lift shafts
  2. Request sent: (Or will be if I hadn’t written that just before the servers went down ) psn: sell73out
  3. My apologies to Dimahoo for not responding to the party invites last night... had the boy crawling around and randomly bawling his head off, so figured I'd hang solo until he chilled out a little. I'll deffo be up for some lobby racing when he's tucked up in bed though
  4. This is accurate still. Moved my whole base last night and shoved everything I owned in 8 containers. Everything was still in them when I remade them. In semi-related news, the only things you lose when disassembling are the plants in your garden. You don't get all the constituent parts that went to build them. And, if you have all the rovers and upgraded them: if you delete the pad, and then rebuild on another base, you keep the upgrades that were in the rover I'm now on a lovely lush Blue Star world with yellow grass and plentiful elements
  5. I'm planning on moving my base quite soon. My lovely island paradise is sadly not much kop for any of the three new vehicles My current plan is to manually dismantle everything piece by piece and shove all the parts into storage containers which I'll move to my frigate. As far as I'm aware, moving containers still keeps everything in them (although I'll test with one first), and dismantling rather than just restarting means you'll recover much more of the constituent parts... at least that's how I hope it all still works anyway
  6. Pretty much everywhere is out of stock. I wanted a new XL over Christmas, as my old 3ds was dying on its arse, and couldn't find one anywhere. Ended up paying £20 over the odds for the orange/black via Simply Games as they were the only place with stock. Smyths were estimating early 2017 for new stock on all XL's, nowhere else gave any estimates.
  7. Those 13 slots are twice the size of your standard ship slots (they should hold 1000 of each material).
  8. Confirmed. No Uplay = No Beta In other, obviously completely unrelated news, emails are exciting!
  9. Oh good lord... I've been dead against vr. Never seen the point, but that just looks astounding... How do I tell my wife that we don't need to buy the baby any nursery room furniture because I've spent all our money on a vr set and another new bloody wheel?
  10. Its quite possibly on the ther side of the planet, pop up into orbit and use the pulse drive to fly around the planet outside the atmosphere to drop back in on the marker from above. If it's still 30mins away then it may be a bug. I've had one waypoint under an ocean (as described a post or two back), just left it be as it was only a monolith and there's always plenty of those to find.
  11. Found my way to my third Atlas station last night. Interestingly, although each appears the the same, the sphere inside has looked different each time (spoilers below) My Atlas pass v1 is very much helping with suit spaces, up to 31 slots now , but has anyone got the v2 or v3 passes yet? I've not seen hide nor hare of an upgrade yet, and I've been to at least five Anomolies (that was where I got my v1 after my first Atlas station, although I've read other people got theirs from different places). Also dropped 3.7mill on a 28 slot ship last night. Handily found some Em
  12. My starter was a Martian-esque world' all red soil with a few random plants scattered around. Can't remember much about it now as I've played far too much since... And I'm 19 warps away from it now
  13. Its a warpcell you need, the bonus ship has the hyperdrive that powers your warp travel. Doesn't matter that the space station isn't manned, you need to use the galactic terminal (big thing on the wall), or trade with other ship pilots (press square next to the ships in the hanger) to trade. my warp cell blueprint mission didn't come up until after my fourth warp jump, so it may still happen yet.
  14. I spent a good 15 minutes earlier, just watching the countdown... willing it to go quicker... nothing happened, except the inexorable tedious countdown, second by lengthy second, stretching out for what seemed like an eternity... (I even, out of sheer desperation and excessive eagerness, tried disconnecting the ps4's ethernet cable and changing the internal clock to Wednesday... still kept counting down... ) Is it Wednesday yet?
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