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  1. Just saw a British Elite Beat telly advert. itv2, of all places... It's a copy of the Yank one, with a British voiceover. It's on Youtube somewhere...
  2. This discussion's slowed down a bit here, but if you're *still* interested, I'm blogging about BB for the next few days. Comments and votes in the polls welcome. Fanks. www.availableforpanto.com
  3. Oh and that bit where...
  4. Didn't find it in the same enjoyment bracket as Phoenix Wright, and was good while it lasted, but....
  5. I dunno, they may not be dead. I suppose we'll see.
  6. I didn't think this was even on again, but here it is! I'd love to have some grub from there... EDIT: Sod that, but it's coming soon. Was just a repeat tonight- those pigs were still alive.
  7. Come on, where are the angry comments on the website itself- isn't that what the new site's for?
  8. Only caught the first half. What did he say about Ray Winstone's advert?
  9. No. Well, I've never heard or seen her before...
  10. Civ has sucked whole nights away from me, but I haven't banned them. Yet. Lucky I'm a crammer.
  11. What about Jade from normal Big Brother?
  12. I hoped to hear a deep throaty cackle when she skulked away to the toilet. Alas...
  13. That bit was awesome! Then he trailed them all out again! Wot. A. Twunt.
  14. They're all crying like someone's died. Jade's acting like she didn't know how the whole sorry sham worked!
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