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  1. Similar to this, the Dark World on Zelda LTTP. It was probably my first ever RPG, certainly first Zelda, and I started it completely blind as it was a second hand copy with no instructions. I was so sure I was getting to the end, and then my mind was blown when I got to the Dark World and checked the map. Also the various tricks in MGS will always stick out - the radio frequency on the back of the game case, reading the memory card and switching the controller port. Most recently I'd say my first VR experience was pretty memorable - the Oculus Rift tutorial where you're messing with the 3D printer and the robot. There's a part where you get some bottle rockets which you launch by pointing and pulling a string. They then bounce around the room and I physically ducked when they came back at my head. Such a simple scenario, but so immersive.
  2. Spelunky on Vita. It lives on my bedside table so I usually get one or more games done before I go to sleep. Have finished it many times but I still enjoy the game mechanics, trying to outwit those damn shopkeepers every time!
  3. Probably my best one was Zuma; was top of the XBL leaderboards for a while. This lead to lots of random friend requests and one very random offer of someone giving me £100 worth of Microsoft points to logon to their account and get all the achievements on it for them.
  4. I've had nothing but good experiences with them - got a Pro controller and some neon joy-cons a while ago and they were pretty much mint. Not as good as my last order from them though - an X52 flight stick for £50, but they sent the pro version instead.
  5. Highly unlikely given Sony's track record in supporting their handhelds. Definitely not if it introduced another overpriced memory card format. TBH if Spelunky came out on the Switch I would get rid of my Vita, as that's the only thing I use it for these days.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253164452837 I was a little suspicious at the fact that it was cheaper than the ones where you have to use the PCB from the original dock, but it's worked very well since I got it. Sometimes I need to undock/dock the switch if the picture doesn't switch to the TV immediately, but most of the time it works as well as the official one. Thanks for all the battery pack info, I went for the Anker 20100 one - got 20% off it as I got a 10000 at the same time, which will do nicely as an xmas present for my sister. I decided that the smaller one is good for phones, but the larger one gives me more flexibility to charge more stuff.
  7. Didn't see this in the FAQ so does anyone have any recommendations on battery packs? There's loads on Amazon and I'm torn between a smaller 10000 mAh one and a 20000 beastie, both made by Anker. I don't travel much so it's more of a "just in case" thing to have. Re: the Pro controller, I have it and it's definitely nice to use, but I had no real issues with the joycon grip. The main difference is the size and feel of the ABXY buttons. The Pro's are larger and less clicky, which I prefer. Having said that, I prefer the shape and location of the +- buttons on the joycons. I got my Pro controller from CEX by trading some stuff in, I wouldn't have paid for it though.
  8. Well shit. My s-video cable turned up today only for me to realise that modern TVs don't have s-video ports! I'll be digging in the cable nest later looking for a scart adapter!
  9. I was going through my old N64 stuff over the weekend - I couldn't believe it was 20 years old when I checked! I remember getting mine from Special Reserve (remember them?), think it was £349 with Mario 64, extra 3rd party pad and a memory card. I was blown away by Mario but only had a couple of hours on it as I was off on holiday for two weeks that same day. I could only find a composite lead for it this weekend so on a big HDTV it looks pretty awful. I ordered an s-video lead for it so I can see it running as it should be before it goes to a new home... tempted to keep it though!
  10. Thanks, I grabbed that one, should keep the other half amused. I have a spare copy of Contraption Maker if anyone wants it. It's a steam gift so you'll have to PM me an email address to send it to.
  11. Owned a launch 360 that died, got repaired and then I sold it. Replaced it with a black "Jasper" version which was supposedly more reliable. That one died a month outside warranty. I had it in bits and got it working again, but it kept breaking every few weeks so I got fed up with it and threw it out. Now have a 360 Slim which has been fine so far - has there been any reports of the slims dying so easily? My Phat PS3 was fine, think I sold it here when the slim came out. Just got a PS4 last week so we'll see how that one goes... I've already started reading stuff about crappy thermal paste and overheating. You'd think they'd learn from their mistakes by now.
  12. Anyone else "playing" Lifeline? I used the quotes because it's more like an interactive story than an actual game, but it's got me hooked so far.
  13. Got everything last gen, still have tons of unplayed games for it all, so not rushing out to buy next gen stuff till it come down to a reasonable price level. For me I think that's around £200-250 for PS4/Xbone, so that should give me time to get through at least some of my pile of shame... For handhelds I've already got the 3DS and Vita (OG). Might side-grade to the Vita Slim when that drops, as I use mine a lot and less battery charging would be nice.
  14. SNES Shadowrun is the one that stands out for me. At the end Drake goes "We'll meet again in Shadowrun 2" and did we? Did we fuck.
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