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  1. +1 for Hard Corps. Shame it's a download, but nobody's perfect I guess.
  2. I didn't realize that Dance Evolution is also out. Did anyone get it. Opinions? Cheers.
  3. I think Sony have pretty much succeeded in positioning the PS3 as a piece of home electronics in the way Philips, Commodore and Panasonic tried (and failed) to in the early nineties. I certainly bought mine as a Blu-Ray player with the added bonus that it would also play the few games that didn't have an Xbox 360 equivalent, and I've heard similar sentiments from my colleagues at work.
  4. I think the special move should be performed in the manner of throwing a hadoken. (From a suitable distance of course). Re: Children of Eden - Sounds like fun. I'm in.
  5. It's a relief to hear that developers are actually employing some imagination in how they will use Kinect. One presumes that Project Draco will be all about using lock one to achieve combos then (as have previous Panzer games), as I have yet to hear any Kinect game address the issue of the lack of any kind of "trigger" action. I've measured my living room now. Roughly 6" 2' between the front of the dresser under my TV and the front of my sofa. (The TV is another 10 inches back from that). I fear that won't be enough for Dance Central. I'm thinking of taking my tape measure to GameStation and measuring out the same distance there to see what actually works and what doesn't.
  6. People with a Kinect and Dance Central: How much floor space is needed to play this properly? I'm definitely interested in this game, but the whole space thing still has me worried. Thanks, Leynos
  7. If games played with a joypad or joystick die off completely, I will be rather unimpressed.
  8. How long do you think it will be before most Kinect games worth playing require you to hold a controller of sorts?
  9. According to Wikipedia, Kinect has a vertical field of vision of 43 degrees. By my reckoning, that means that someone 185 cm tall (6" 1') would have to stand at least 2.4 meters away from the camera in order for it to be able to perceive their entire body. This isn't going to end well. Couldn't they have used fish eye lenses on the cameras or something?
  10. I went into Game on Princes St today, and I was very disappointed that no one tried to sell me a Kinect. I'm going to wait until February actually.
  11. Some day, I will have an X68000 XVI and an FM-Towns II. When I can afford the postage from Japan.
  12. In what sense? The Wiimote works fine as a pointing device and under limited circumstances as a motion sensing device. Being a good developer for the system means knowing when to accept the system's limitations.
  13. This takes me back to the 16-bit days when Japanese developers would come out with artwork that was like nothing you'd ever seen before. Of course, how it plays remains an unknown quantity, but I'm please to see that someone is, for once, making use of their imagination.
  14. Kinect has two cameras, so it can do depth perception. It's also using infra-red, so it can work in the dark etc. I haven't paid too much attention to EyeToy 2. I'm guessing that does depth perception using the size of the marker as an indicator of proximity.
  15. I'll probably buy a Kinect, but not until after Christmas. I'm still struggling financially. Dance Central and Dance Masters look like they'll be quite fantastic. I'll probably also have to get a PS Move at some point for Time Crisis: Razing Storm - that looks pretty decent. Singstar Move may work, it may not. I think for dancing games, a device that can track your whole body makes more sense.
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