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  1. Thanks, hopefully I can find one of them online tonight. I'm up to the first mandatory dungeon in the story quest line and I've queued for two duties already (~45 minutes each time) and both had a drop out right at the end
  2. That's good enough for me - the scrolling text makes me feel less lonely. Who's the best person to message about an invite?
  3. So Rushy convinced me to give this a go... Is the LS still active? I wouldn't mind a bit of chat if there are people still about, plus I could do with some dungeon help as I've just hit the first mandatory quest
  4. Hey chaps, I was just wondering what one does to get back into some Guild action? I recognise some names from back when I played in the old Rulers of Muk. I've recently moved my dudes back over to Earthen Ring from their time in the wilderness and I'm lonely... Unfortunately my mains are mostly Alliance these days, but I still have a Horde Mage and Death Knight that would love to come and say hello
  5. Just to let you all know that the headstart servers have been announced over on Warhammer Alliance. If anyone here remembers me from WarCraft my guild and I will be rolling Order on Burlok. Although we're not strictly open for recruitment yet, if I've played with you before I'd be happy to extend an invite your way. Providing we didn't have a massive falling out of course You can find a link to our blog in my sig.
  6. I'm on Aquilonia - Freylis, Guardian and Chieftain of the Bride Burners. By the way, if anyone's looking for a guild you could do a lot worse than point your internets at our guild forums. shamelessselfpromotion/10
  7. I know I don't post on here very often, but if any of you remember me from the Rulers of Muk guild way back on Earthen Ring in WoW, there's a group of old-timers playing on Aquilonia in the guild the Bride Burners. Yes, its a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I thought I'd see if any of my old comrades where about! We've got some former members of Prevailing Light on-board as well, so if you're interested in joining, point your internets at http://brideburners.wakingdead.co.uk/. Cheers!
  8. £15 download, £25 delivered for the 2-disc DVD. Methinks your conversion from $ to £ is a bit off
  9. Not sure if anyone's interested, but there's a couple of really good painting tutorial DVDs out there. I own both Kenaz Raynor's and Laurent Esposito Mas', and I've heard good things about Rune Kappel's. Anyway, Kenaz Raynor does a DVD called The System Multipack which you can buy from various people on eBay. It costs about £15 and lasts 4 hours. It covers everything from the absolute basics (i.e. how to clean and prime a model) to NMM and airbrushing. The picture quality isn't great and its sometimes difficult to make out exactly what he's doing, but he has a very patient and clear way of explaining things, and he has one of those voices that you just don't mind listening too. Overall, I'd recommend it as a starting point; I certainly picked up at least fifteen quid's worth of info from it. Next up is Laurent Esposito Mas' similar effort, the first in a series of DVDs from the chaps at Miniature Mentor. Now I've only just ordered this so I've only got the sample clip and some online reviews to go on, but it looks far more professional than The System Multipack. If you've been following this thread you'll know of my love for the French style of miniature painting, so buying this DVD was a bit of a no-brainer for me. It seems to follow a very similar path to Kenaz's tutorials, but also has some nice overlays and a much, much better picture quality. I'll report back once I've received and watched it. Lastly there's Rune Kappel's Miniature Painting CD. Unfortunately this only features 20 minutes of video, but the picture-based tutorials are supposed to be excellent. Having said that, I can grab excellent online tutorials from a bunch of sites for free (Brushthralls, Dr. Faust, etc.) so I'm really only likely to pay for quality video. Also, a word of warning: Rune pretty much starts with the advanced techniques, so it might be worth picking up one of the other discs before getting this one. Hope somebody finds this helpful, I know for a fact the stuff I've already seen has helped my painting improve almost by the miniature.
  10. Not if, like me, you play Dark Angels. Full Deathwing Terminator army? Yes please!
  11. Tournaments use a "counts as" rule that states you can say "these Grey Hunters are all armed with close combat weapons" as long as they all look the same. So, for example, at the last tournament we used a Meltagun-armed Gun Servitor as a Plasma Cannon; as long as we didn't have any other Meltaguns in the army we were fine. Summer I'm afraid. With Planetstrike coming out in the Autumn. You only need the new rulebook though, which will be about £25 for the non-limited edition one.
  12. I think the point is they just want out of that sector altogether. Plus its much easier to make a clean break and sell the whole product line and licence on to another investor.
  13. Absolutely, but I think that's why it seems out of place. Most fans are calling GW all the names under the sun for it being a stupid decision. All they can see is that "sold out in days" must equal "massive profits" and wondering how they can bin a successful line without giving it a fair crack of the whip. Yes, it generated profit, but a very small profit, and not worth the expenditure in time and effort. Pull out of the RPG and board game market and concentrate on what sells in worthwhile amounts - that's hardly a stupid decision.
  14. Happened to WFRP as well. Hogshead picked it up after GW initially released the licence, then it went back to GW for 2nd edition under the guise of Black Industries. I don't doubt that maybe 6-12 months down the line someone like Green Ronin or Mongoose will pick up both Warhammer RPG licences. The problem is that save for a few big-hitters (D&D, WoD) the RPG market is in massive decline, and has been for years. It barely retains its core following and struggles to pull in new players. On the flipside, despite GW posting a decrease in revenue for the second year running, miniatures gaming is growing, and the novels that the Black Library produces are increasing in sales year on year. Its a sound business decision - and as RFT said the decision will have been made before the release of Dark Heresy - but seems out of place having the anouncement come so soon after what appeared to be a more-than successful launch. One scary bit of news though was how the new plastic Baneblade (and by proxy Apocalypse in general) nearly sent the company into a rapid downward spiral. They'd already assumed it was going to run at a loss, and were predicting massive losses for the end of year, but bizarrely and against all expectations it broke even in less than two months (netting ~£100,000 per minute in the first week of launch). What they have now is a state-of-the-art plastic manufacturing process that paid for itself with its first test model, and I think that's why Planetstrike is coming out this year.
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