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  1. played mulitplayer last night, is just me or is 'licence to kill' (one hit kills mode) not available in this version? it sure as hell was in the '64 PD and its the only way i used to play Goldeneye
  2. er, Michelle Rodriguez had nothing to do with the game...
  3. what's with the ranked match matchmaking? it sucks balls!
  4. now all we need is for that to translate into more sales than MW!!!
  5. yeah, we so should of had pred hunt and infestation in there too...
  6. First review: Empire have given AvP 4 out of 5. a good start
  7. Shopto are best for delivery and 'only' £37 with them. http://www.shopto.net/XBOX%20360/VIDEO%20G...20Predator.html HMV have the ultimate badass facehugger edition for £60, which isnt too steep if want all the bundled stuff with it (plus dlc maps) http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetail...PREORDER-310364
  8. Heritage trailer: http://uk.gamespot.com/pc/action/aliensvsp...=videos;title;2
  9. well its good to see this threads hotting up...
  10. i'll have to kick ya ass at multiplayer then...
  11. I had a laugh playing it, was a bit more full on than i was expecting, but shooting wounded civilians in the back as they crawl away was pretty cool...
  12. well don't worry, its go more than things covered in the gore department...
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