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  1. Creepy grown ups playing with spellbooks
  2. It looked like a hot mess with players running all over the place.
  3. 4 player co -op sounded good then they started. It looks a mess.
  4. Nope how do you think Sony keeps you locked into all that 'free' content.
  5. lol so CoD vita is a spin off?
  6. In regards to the "roller coaster moments" slow paced games and sequences just don't work at E3 as it is now, it's sold as a big budget Hollywood summer movie event and so those are the kind of demos we get. People want spectacle even the internet users posting 'witty' comments every few seconds about another cover shooter or LOL sports. This is what most of us buy. Even though some of us pretend not too. The way i see it most of the conferences are just about passable for the 'LOL' factor and then we get to go down to the show floor with the websites and look at the games a lot more in depth without the pressure of having to have a 'big' moment on screen.
  7. No doubt. I really want to see more on Dust:An Elysian Tail and Deadlight.
  8. But that's the thing all these E3 clips will filter through to them. All this stuff will play very well with mainstream news content providers. Didn't MS have the conference being screened live in times square as well? 'We' will buy the games regardless as were already following that's why us taking these shows so seriously is just silly. MS showed more than enough to get the 2 games a year crowd wet and willing. It's a twisted sort of nonsense that has people expecting some megaton ater megaton show this late in the generation with new machines due to be revealed I'd say by the end of the year, that was never going to be a reality. My only annoyance is they have tons of XBLA titles that didn't get an airing.
  9. Exactly it must be hard as fuck to do it. Most artists don't bother and just lip sync.
  10. I use Last.FM through my Xbox great to do while I'm doing other stuff like cleaning the Kitchen and I can easily change songs with my voice.
  11. Mmm full screen goodness on the live player
  12. Xbox is on and ready. Wife has been informed that today is the start of E3.And she's promised to do a slap up meal. Hopefully MS do and it's 'available now' style announcement to do with the dash. Probably it's Woodstock music service. From watching those heavy metal awards the other week on the Xbox Live event player the dash version should work very well.
  13. This was a more simpler time pre iPod. Now everything has to look more sleeker and gorgeous. I mean the 360 is a much better looking machine overall compared to Xbox 1 The Wii is sleek and gorgeous this new machine from what we've seen not so much..
  14. This is no way worse than AVP, but it's a damm disappointment for anyone that actually wanted some good solid sci-fi.
  15. I was on GAF earlier and had people saying with straight faces that this film will be considered a 'classic' in a few years.
  16. Also saw this earlier at the IMAX and it was sadly disappointing. I also watched the launch trailer for the first time and my god does it spoil every surprise in the film. Terrible stuff whoever put that together. Characters doing dumb shit always brings a film down for me. Things I enjoyed the 3D was absolutely astounding seriously good stuff and proves when you have a director who has a vision you can get some good stuff going it's interesting that it's the older directors Scorsese and now Scott who are showing how well 3D works when it's not just stuffed into a movie just because. There were shots in this film little incidental stuff that was just breathtaking in 3D. And the vistas? So as a film it was just ok but as 3D spectacle it was And Noomi Rapace is so damm fine.
  17. Ouch at some of these impressions I know absolutely nothing about it as i've been on a complete media blackout. Can't wait to see it tomorrow at the IMAX.
  18. So those of us wanting BFI IMAX tickets. Get ready as the site will probably crash on monday morning. Most people will rush for the earliest screenings hopefully leaving saturday evening free so I can get my favorite seat.
  19. As someone has already said CoE controlled deliciously with Kinect and from all reports CD controls even better. So I'll probably be be getting this day one.
  20. Bullet time is always a necessity if you're playing the game as a madman i.e recklessly clearing rooms,diving off balconies etc But it's all about choosing the right time it activate it. Once the enemies have revealed themselves i can try to take out as many as i can in one burst.
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