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  1. Yeah that part was very brutal. But all the characters were really interesting both in Brazil and New York. R* just has a way of getting them across that is fantastic everyone even the small incidental characters.

    The dialogue helps a ton. It's even more prevalent on a second play-through.

  2. Fuck-up Max is entirely in keeping with MP1 and 2 - he does basically nothing well except killing people in both of those games. His character also seems a perfectly natural evolution, to me, and I do find him likeable (because he's a fucked-up drunk).

    And even better he knows he is. I love that scene at the office where his standing there in his crinkled suit probably smelling like a wino.

  3. The only thing the SmartGlass may help with is games like Skyrim where you could bring up menus or favourites quicker. Instead of going into the menu you could just tap an option on the screen and your weapons change, or you take a potion etc.

    Fuck if I can be bothered to mess on with it for movies and browsing, I already have my tablet for browsing.

    If I did decide to use it, they better release it as an app. I already paid a fortune for an iPad, they can fuck off if they thing I'm gonna buy another tablet for that.

    They mentioned during the show that it's coming for the iPad/Pod/Phone good to see that they don't pretend that other companies products don't exist.

    I can't wait to give it a go on my Apple stuff.

  4. I'm rather concerned for the industry at the moment. E3 platform conferences should be full of big third party titles. Neither Microsoft or Sony have delivered anything we didn't know about to get us talking (Beyond and the book thing doesn't count) and none of the big third parties dropped by with megatons or debut's of flagship titles.

    That or they've all saved it for WiiU

    Probably all stockpiling for next year's E3.

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