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  1. 15 mins left lets see what else they show.
  2. Expensive controller on the floor Great
  3. Expensive controller on the floor Great
  4. Expensive controller on the floor Great
  5. This Wii U version of Arkham city will bomb at retail too late and too gimmicky.
  6. Yeah that part was very brutal. But all the characters were really interesting both in Brazil and New York. R* just has a way of getting them across that is fantastic everyone even the small incidental characters. The dialogue helps a ton. It's even more prevalent on a second play-through.
  7. My favorite slide down something while shooting moment is at the airport and the doing it in slow mo while enemies run up the stairs to their deaths was so good I just had to reload.
  8. And even better he knows he is. I love that scene at the office where his standing there in his crinkled suit probably smelling like a wino.
  9. They mentioned during the show that it's coming for the iPad/Pod/Phone good to see that they don't pretend that other companies products don't exist. I can't wait to give it a go on my Apple stuff.
  10. Probably all stockpiling for next year's E3.
  11. If you own a Vita cry yourself to sleep tonight.
  12. With the exception of TLOU that was worse than MS conference.
  13. Stabbing is the new dual wield.
  14. Someone on the team has an animal fetish
  15. I just finished another bottle of red.
  16. Hmmm pretty underwhelming GOW needs some new tricks
  17. "Tilt up that book so you can see down that hole" Quote of the show.
  18. Could this inspire children to try these fire spells for real?
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