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  1. I thought Hislop and Black enjoyed the back and forth tbh.
  2. I thought this was Kinect game. Hilariously shameless.
  3. So I got to see this last Saturday and looking at some of the reviews they are unsurprisingly incredibly hyperbolic. It's an enjoyable film but no way is it the best yet. Out of these new ones Casino Royale still remains the benchmark. There are some problems with some fairly important parts of the movie for me. Considering the running time I expected those to have a lot more room to breath alas they do not.
  4. Is the Wii U screen swtiching that much of a killer feature? Surely most homes have more than 1 TV in? Plus personally for me playing on a HDTV and then having to switch to a smaller screen would just be annoying.
  5. This was a real child of the 80's film. I would imagine a lot of the jokes went right over the audiences heads.
  6. Yeah I've tried it out since it's update. It's better than it was but it's still an exercise in fiddly annoyance. It obviously would have been nowhere near Sony's top properties but it had potential. i.e being able to use keyboards etc. MS seems to have put their browser front and centre.
  7. I got my update last night. I'm liking it. IE is a particular highlight. Very smooth and fast. Shows even more what a joke the PS3 browser is.
  8. And did you give her your 'tubular bell' ?
  9. Will they be showing the miners strike or the poll tax riots interpreted by dance and performance?
  10. I'm loving the dancing stovepipe hat guys
  11. Saw this at the Sarajevo film festival about two weeks ago and got to meet the director Benh Zeitlin. Absolutely fantastic film. It invites you into Hushpuppy world and you find yourself going along with it. Even better none of the cast are actors which makes things even more extraordinary. Will definitely be seeing it again when it finally gets a release date over here.
  12. I've caught up with the last three episodes over the last two days. Pretty good show. It says much that Arnott is quite annoying despite being the 'good' guy. I'm getting a shield like vibe from proceedings as I'm slightly rooting for Gates. The last episode was grim as hell. The freezer.
  13. I got my tickets, Very happy and I got exactly where I wanted to sit. Well chuffed. Though it looks like if you desire to see this opening weekend at an afternoon or early evening screening a lot of the good seats have gone. I can only imagine what that site is going to be like later today. As the 'now booking' emails have gone out.
  14. Well I would imagine most people have a combination of either an iPad,Pod,Phone or Android phone, tablet or even the MS related ones. It's a huge potential market their reaching out to on items most people own already. The fact I could use this stuff on my iPad for instance with no extra cost to me just a free download is exciting.
  15. No ethernet? Yeah I know the Wii didn't have it but the Wii wasn't aiming at 'core' players. I just like to have my consoles hooked up wired.
  16. I thought I was seeing things but it did. Hopefully we get some direct feed..
  17. The machine has no hook. Wii Sports was integral to the success of the Wii. No question. Nothing they showed was on that level where anyone could pick up a Wiimote, understand and play straight away.
  18. After that showing? You're more crazy than we feared.
  19. And this a machine out later this year. A pitiful effort.
  20. Worst than both the other two conferences IMO Their not launching a new machine this year. Where was the power difference? Where are the games to make us say wow that is a next gen step. It was a damn sad sight. and still no price.
  21. Nothing they've shown is worth being an early adopter. They picked the worst time to launch just as third parties are gearing up for Sony and MS new machines.
  22. That Lego game llooks clunky as hell. And the tearing on display. Tut tut
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