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  1. This is more of a 'dramedy' than either of the first two films. A few laughs but my gawd does it sag at times. Nick Frost was great. Simon Pegg's character is supposed to be a selfish cock so he nailed that. You go from pity to what an idiot this guy is. The ending brought the film to it's knees imo. Luckily the last 5 mins pulls it around. Hot Fuzz was a lot more breezy than this, maybe playing with the tropes of cops movies lent itself to the fun of that movie.
  2. I thought Destiny not being shown on the Xbox One yet was down to some sort of marketing deal that Sony looks like it has with Acti and Bungie. Although Bungie has to be careful here to not be seen playing favorites so early, especially with what is at the end of the day a third party game. If people get the impression that you're not making the effort on one version over another you'll crash and burn. Not a good thing especially when you want to launch a new expensive IP with no doubt sequels in mind as well.
  3. Kinect already allows you to search for TV programmes with voice already. It does get confused sometimes but a majority it found with no problem at all, if they were available on any of the TV apps.
  4. I think in certain situations that would work. I like the idea that if you park somewhere properly they should remain, but if you left a car in the middle of the road. it should be taken to the pound and you have to go and pay to get it back.
  5. Got to say this looks pretty damm enticing.
  6. His awful,awful beard should have been the first sign. Him talking about letting his family down sounded like he was going home to kill them all and then himself for failing.
  7. Loved that joke. Buy yeah I think that went over most of the audience heads.
  8. Saw this yesterday as well. It was an nice bit of fun. but that ending was just silly. I hate when films do that and as for a certain relationship I'm sorry that was so unearned I was like
  9. Haha is this "out there" yet Can play it at one of my bad movie nights. I'm actually a fan of craig fairbrass output.
  10. This film is hilarious. Me and the wife enjoyed it. Great trashy fun. The brutality was something to behold in some scenes. I also enjoyed that they didn't drag out the
  11. Well that film is more of a Jaden Smith film.
  12. It's definitely going to lose to Grownups 2 in the states. The trailer for GU2 came on yesterday in the cinema and the crowd ate it up. I can see the yanks loving it even more. Over here Pacific Rim goes up against Monsters University. I'll be seeing both but I cannot see families missing out on MU. Especially on it's first weekend. The marketing so far for PR is interesting. I was talking to my wife about it as we were leaving the cinema and saw the fantastic giant cardboard stands for Pacific Rim in the foyer with the mechs from each country highlighted. The lack of human elements highlighted in the trailer I saw is very obvious. Maybe they change that up in the new ones But I'm on blackout. I was telling her about that Batman Begins ad that built up the relationship between Rachel and Bruce, cheesy as hell but something that PR could do with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM3_e6o6p3I
  13. Really,really enjoyed this. Saw it in a packed cinema yesterday evening with a great crowd. I'm happy they managed to hold back most of the surprises and not spoil them in the trailer. That scene with Jonah Hill was actually pretty damm creepy despite it also being darkly funny. In fact I'm surprised the more creepy elements worked so well.
  14. I like the fact that if I want to piss about and explore the sandbox for a while like in DR2:Off The Record I can and of course the game still contains nightmare mode. So those who want the time pressure and mission rush gameplay of old can do so. http://www.joystiq.com/2013/06/11/dead-rising-3-adds-nightmare-mode-for-die-hard-dead-rising-tradi/
  15. I think MS is finally getting it's first party in order. I mean I'm sure they could have brought companies but then see a talent drain afterwards. It's been better for them to build them from the ground up with people who actually want to work with you. Looks like they have a few teams now working on interesting stuff.
  16. Very good. In the end it's come down to the games for me. No point posturing about getting a PS4 for now when it won't have anything exclusive I particularity want to play at launch. I will get a PS4 at some point though. Just not this year.
  17. I do think MS will soften certain parts of their plans before launch. In other news I pre ordered my Xbox One yesterday along with DR3. Then my darling wife said she'll get me one for Christmas as long as I promise not to open it before then. Result.
  18. Was obvious the moment Sony spent more time making a big deal out of the exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIV. They obviously didn't have enough to keep it exclusive and SE has bills to pay.
  19. Good show from Sony and price. But after both conferences I think I'm leaning towards ordering the Xbox One. Dead Rising 3 is too tempting.
  20. So were are people pre ordering from?
  21. God. Sounds Delicious I want the option of huge battles.
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