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  1. GTAV has made me happily wait until next year to get a next gen console. Been so engrossed in that world that I would only be wasting money getting a next gen console at this point. In fact that game has been my daily go to I've missed out my annual CoD and BF purchase.

    I'm now planning on getting an X1 next year before Titanfall releases. By that time I would hope that the launch games have any niggles ironed out etc.

  2. @majornelson: Yes, @TitanFall game is exclusive. No, not a timed exclusive. It will only be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC

    It's a smart play by MS now anyone will be talking about is this for the next few days.

  3. If you read back through the conversation, you'll see that I mentioned my reaction was shared by others, including level headed people on Gaf and reddit. Revival took the easy, snobby, dismissive option, so I provided an example. I was responding to Revival's claim that there were no level-headed people to be found.

    Do such people even exist?

    Joking aside. It's shame that the very,very small numbers of people like that on gaf are drowned out by the majority idiots on there. Reading Gaf is a horrific realization that grown men take this hobby far too seriously.

  4. At this point it's obvious that anyone can contact him and he'll do all the leaking that is needed. And while his good for leaking he can also be used to see who bites on certain rumors or corroborates them. This could be a way to delegitimize someone like CBoaT. Get them to stick their head above the parapet and see what info they share. Although I believe CBoaT is a few different people probably including 1 or 2 gaf mods...

    FamousMortimer even asks CBoaT to drop by his site and verify his story. This is all getting very silly.

  5. I'm towards the end and some of the things in the game have really left a bad taste in my mouth. Namely these things:

    Trevor killing the two people whose flat he'd taken over

    Michael's general complete dickishness, including the Lazlow tattoo bit and the CONSTANT SHOUTING

    Devin's assistant being vaporised in the engine

    I realise GTA is all about parody and everyone being purposefully awful but this was a bit too Saints Row for me, without the charm. It's left me wanting the story to end now so I don't have to spend more time with these people. Franklin I'm not even commenting on, he's just boring.

    The first thing you mention did actually shock me as I thought he was just messing around and was going to tie them up or something. It was only when it came back and the place was closed up, I went oh shit. What is even more sinister is during a drive.

    Wade mentions how he first met Trevor and how the friends he was going to a music festival with went off with Trevor to quickly get something and didn't come back as Trevor said they'd left him. From the way Trevor acts it's clear he got mad and killed them.

    Of course throughout the game he blames other people for the things he has to do. A character you meet post game sort of explains a few things about him...

  6. This game. :D

    Just spent the last 20 mins trying find Franklin with Michael. Drove up to a corner where Franklin was last standing and accidentally pressed LB making Mike shoot out the car window cue people running in terror. Switched back to Franklin quickly and I could see just down the street the people running from the machine gun fire.

    Finally meet up outside the barber shop and they have a nice little convo.

  7. must have been switched in the toilets. There's no reason why he would have been a not-a-robot from the start that I can see, unless subsequent watch throughs provide clues to the contrary

    Hmm that was a bit sloppy then.

    You would think if you've just had a fight in some toilets with some teens whose heads exploded you would take some back up on subsequent visits to the bogs. I know they needed him to be swapped to move the film on. But they could have come up with a more plausible way.

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