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  1. GTAV has made me happily wait until next year to get a next gen console. Been so engrossed in that world that I would only be wasting money getting a next gen console at this point. In fact that game has been my daily go to I've missed out my annual CoD and BF purchase. I'm now planning on getting an X1 next year before Titanfall releases. By that time I would hope that the launch games have any niggles ironed out etc.
  2. It's a smart play by MS now anyone will be talking about is this for the next few days.
  3. Do such people even exist? Joking aside. It's shame that the very,very small numbers of people like that on gaf are drowned out by the majority idiots on there. Reading Gaf is a horrific realization that grown men take this hobby far too seriously.
  4. At this point it's obvious that anyone can contact him and he'll do all the leaking that is needed. And while his good for leaking he can also be used to see who bites on certain rumors or corroborates them. This could be a way to delegitimize someone like CBoaT. Get them to stick their head above the parapet and see what info they share. Although I believe CBoaT is a few different people probably including 1 or 2 gaf mods... FamousMortimer even asks CBoaT to drop by his site and verify his story. This is all getting very silly.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1mfIg1I3zE
  6. I realise GTA is all about parody and everyone being purposefully awful but this was a bit too Saints Row for me, without the charm. It's left me wanting the story to end now so I don't have to spend more time with these people. Franklin I'm not even commenting on, he's just boring. The first thing you mention did actually shock me as I thought he was just messing around and was going to tie them up or something. It was only when it came back and the place was closed up, I went oh shit. What is even more sinister is during a drive.
  7. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Be interested to read it (which of course is what EDGE wants)
  8. How long has EDGE had to delve into these systems?
  9. I'd say it's up there not many FPS allow you to have a fun DIY approach to enemy encounters. I'll also say the Xbox version of Crysis is very good,considering the hardware it was running on.
  10. Ah man. Just started Trevor's missions and it was fucking sad to see
  11. This game. Just spent the last 20 mins trying find Franklin with Michael. Drove up to a corner where Franklin was last standing and accidentally pressed LB making Mike shoot out the car window cue people running in terror. Switched back to Franklin quickly and I could see just down the street the people running from the machine gun fire. Finally meet up outside the barber shop and they have a nice little convo.
  12. The game is gorgeous so far. I was just walking round the hood with Franklin as the sun was setting. The atmosphere was amazing. Got the sound pumping out of the surround system. Press right on the d pad as you walk past people.
  13. Does anyone know why the Yanks have game releases on a Tuesday?
  14. So apparently some Amazon UK customers have received their copies this morning. My postman just dropped my mail through, and no package from Shopto
  15. I've only watched three but I think that's enough of these vids for me. Don't want to lessen the impact when I get to see this on my own HDTV. The game looks amazingly solid though. Just like GTA:IV I'm going to have years of fun with this one.
  16. Hmmm I may take the risk and go to a supermarket at 12.00am launch day. Got a few big ones (pause) near me that are 24hr
  17. I still haven't pre ordered this yet. What are the chances of Shopto sending this out 1-2 days early like they do with other games?
  18. RE: Martins Freeman's character (obviously don't click unless you've seen the film)
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