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  1. Kinect is at the heart of the system. So a kinectless version is probably a pipe dream. As for using the original Kinect for the Xbox One that would have been silly. I have both a K1 and K2 in front of my TV and the difference is massive. Even just setting the camera up and you can see how much better the new Kinect is. The FOV is amazing as is the actual camera screen quality, I don't have to rejig things as it can see my entire living room from the floor to ceiling very easily. As for Kinect and devs it's up to MS to lead. One massive advantage is devs know every Xbox One has a Kinect, so any extra stuff they do they know it will get used. The stuff I have played that uses Kinect is pretty fun DR3 uses it to shake off Zombies and distract them,Kinect sports rivals is scarily good in terms of motion control. FIFA14 lets you call out your own custom plays and change substitutes on the fly without having to pause and go into the menu all very cool stuff. I imagine most first and second party MS games will use it in some way. Then you look at the bigger picture for stuff like Xbox Fitness which uses the Kinect camera to show if you're following your on screen instructors correctly. The camera will have multiple uses.
  2. Very interesting move. I don't think MS could have taken it if it went multiplat. Also Black Tusk are the devs.
  3. And don't underestimate the amount of quietly raging butthurt that's causing. It's been a delight reading the multiple Gaf threads for this game. With people, who interestingly usually have Kaz or KZ avatars trying to find all manner of faults in the footage. Of course none of them had actual hands on with the Alpha they just 'know' it's going to be lackluster.
  4. For anyone planning to play co-op or MP it's a necessary evil. I used to rage at some of the BF3 updates I can only imagine what some of the BF4 will be like. I started the update for DR3 about 10mins ago and mine kicked off at 50% done already. then at 60% announced it was 'ready to play'
  5. Hmm I can say I've no problems whatsoever with the game. Is it the only X1 game that gives you problems?
  6. Not sure if this one was posted? This is an 8 min clip. I think it's the one that keeps getting taken off Youtube. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19vjqc_titanfall-gameplay_videogames Things I love about the match. Even with 6V6 the match is pretty chaotic in a good way always something going on. I would imagine as people get used to what they should be doing the matches will be real ebb and flows. The movement around the levels is cool,again once people spend some time mastering it,Some players are going to be very flashy. Titans look imposing but still beatable loved the part when two enemy Titans stomp past the player. Whats going to be even more interesting is when you weigh up what Titan you're going to choose. Not sure how many are available in this alpha but we've seen some that cater to certain playstyles. I really hope Respawn announces a wider beta next week.
  7. One of the Respawn guys on gaf said this
  8. I think it's because more 'core' PS3 owners jumped into next gen early vs 360 ones.
  9. For a lot of people if it's not on Steam it doesn't exist.
  10. Same here and I loved Blood Money. Certain levels in Absolution I absolutely adored.
  11. Holding onto my hype hat for the meanwhile as some were thinking it was a scam, but according to Gaf a Xbox One beta for this maybe starting very soon. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=752357
  12. The music in this really is phenomenal.
  13. Finally found the lightsaber sorry 'laser sword' Been on some utter rampages with that. I don't know what it is but this game seems to invite a lot more exploration and experimentation than the previous games.
  14. I was just about to post that. Certainly showed me loads of stuff I didn't know about the game. Also reminded me how damm fun the matches look. It seems after this week, we'll be getting more info on the game at last. I bet from the hints dropped, we'll be getting a 'beta' announcement pretty soon.
  15. Is that why Seriously if his that paranoid, why not turn the camera away towards the wall? At least you can still use your voice.
  16. Looking forward to it. Lets also hope Dolby Digital audio via digital optical is added to that update, hopefully before Titanfall.
  17. Oh it's that patch. I installed that when I first got the game and haven't had any problems.
  18. Haven't had the time to dip into this the few last days. Is this patch a new one?
  19. This should work. http://www.pkgrafix.co.uk/page5.html
  20. You can smell stunted compromise on every pore of Bioshock:Infinite and it's a damn shame. I finally got to have a sitdown and play it through on PC recently after missing it at launch. Everyone remember how amazing Bioshock was? The eerie tone and actual intriguing world to explore. The big daddies wandering round doing their jobs until you bothered them or the little sisters. All jettisoned in Infinite for pulled punches lightweight 'political' comment and shooting 100s and 100's of bad guys. All leading to a smart ass ending that just had to try and tie into the wider world.
  21. Killer Instinct is very,very addictive. Hats off to Double Helix. I laughed when they showed it at E3 but it's a damm solid game. And the music, oh the music. I paused the game and noticed that moving up and down through the options correspondences to the background music. Such a small detail but an amazing one
  22. Some of the textures at the beginning are pretty rough. But that doesn't really bother me too much that fades into the background the more you play. The character models look extremely good though. The sheer amount of zombies and city scope is much more impressive than previous games that what impresses me most.
  23. I've had my X1 for a few days now and I'm shocked at how quiet it is. It's on now and I can't hear a sound from it. We'll see if that lasts although having the power brick outside the system should mean less heat and noise.
  24. Just go into the online mode, press start and select the online tab you should see Creator (BETA) option in there.
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