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  1. So what's the verdict on the campaign then fellas?

    Well I've playd the IMC part of the campaign. It's pretty fun it certainly feels more urgent when playing and the setup of each stage is cool. Couldn't tell you much that's going on outside of that lots of gruff men and a robot talking in mini screens.

    I like that's it's MP as if this was a SP campaign I would have stopped playing but not being the most important person in the story and just another solider is pretty cool.

    I hope any DLC they do has this kind of MP campaign running through it.

  2. I've found some levels I've really needed the NVG to get around.

    But this does feel like a real back to basics SC I love that I can now move bodies again baffled why Ubi took that option out of Conviction.

    Can't wait to play this through again on perfectionist.

  3. It's because in the USA the sales week runs Tuesday to Monday.

    In the Uk, it's Friday to Thursday.

    OK that makes more sense, but why do the really big games like GTA,CoD and Halo get away with worldwide Tuesday releases?

  4. Picked this up today as I didn't fancy wasting money on Thief. And was in the mood for something stealthy before Titanfall arrives next week.

    Loving it so far,I quite liked Conviction in parts so this feels a lot more solid.

  5. Can you though? As far as I'm aware there's no winning through support like in battlefield, it's a straight kill contest right? So it might have a bit more movement than COD, but it's still all coming down to who is the fastest twitch shooter right?

    As someone who is crap at FPS games I find them unplayable online at first because I'm just getting murdered immediately, or as soon as I engage someone. In BF people often seem concerned about doing something else so you can get a bit of a break, but in Cod or whatever you're just hunted constantly.

    How do the team mechanics work in this? I don't mind FPS games but I take a while to get to grips with them, so how does this one accommodate newcomers?

    It accommodates them by letting you kill NPC's to speed up your Titan deliver. Of course it would be better to kill actual players as that speeds it up even more. TitanFall seems to be a lot more forgiving as well. You can if you want just hang back and help other team mates try to take down other Titans from a distance. My fave modes from the beta were Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing again if you're shit you can just support by capping points or in LTS help to take out the other teams titans

    Camping doesn't really seem to work as the NPC's dropships are landing all over the map, so people have to move around a lot to keep in the action. Also the fact you can easily scale buildings means that even if you engage an enemy you can also escape pretty easily too. Plenty of times in the beta when i jumped off a roof into a window and back down the stairs leading an enemy back towards my waiting Titan.

  6. Who knows? Maybe all of those devices which "sold better" by shifting discounted units would have developed stronger fanbases who weren't pissed off by having the hardware they'd paid top dollar for discounted only months after they bought it. Maybe stronger fanbases would have created more software profits which outweighed whatever they made from the discounted hardware sales and the games sold after that point. I'm not saying the machines wouldn't have failed, but they may have failed differently, or not failed as badly. It's impossible to be 100% sure on any of the possibilities, but there can be downsides to price cutting, especially early on in the life of a product.

    All that said, I'm very interested to see how this affects publicity for the Bone. Most of the people I talk to about games are informed on the subject and have the same problems with the bone as me (forced kinect, weaker hardware, concerns about MS policies on micro transactions, paywalling and first party development) and aren't concerned about price. That or they're PC gamers not interested in consoles, or aren't in at all on the next gen yet.

    All the normal people I know have either got a Bone or haven't decided yet. I thought of the price as an additional easy stick to beat it with, but it will be genuinely interesting to see how much the price has contributed to the PS4's current lead.

    I think both price and a huge amount of gamer goodwill have helped Sony immensely. They said what gamers wanted to hear, I do wonder how history would have gone if Sony went first at E3 instead of MS as we know they pulled the camera out and probably changed up the DRM stuff before their show. MS left an easy open goal and Sony poked it in the net. Although goodwill only lasts as long as you keep people full on quality games. Sony have been very wise to fill out their lineup with FTP and indie games but some of them are wretched.

    But for people with only a PS4 seeing X1 gamers have Titanfall to play is going to be a galling experience. especially through the usual summer game drought (And yes I know it's on PC and 360) but for many console gamers gaming on a PC is not for them and I suppose many if they did have one have sold on their 360's. Although I do find it amusing how much the Xbox One is all over the 360 dash whenever I turn it on to play some GTAV.

    Whats going to be interesting is the TV,Cinema and billboard advertising for Titanfall which must be starting pretty soon? Probably next week as it's usually 2 weeks before a game release. We'll see the ambition that EA,Respawn and MS have for the title.

    Exciting times nevertheless.

  7. That's the risk we take as early adopters. I've more than enjoyed Dead Rising 3,FIFA and Killer Instinct over the last few months. The fact I've had my machine over Christmas was worth it for me.

    Although a free game DL would do MS a world of good in terms of PR. I expect them to reverse on that by the end of the week.

  8. I don't want to be that guy, but it's actually de_dust2 :P de_dust is rarely played in the competitive scene.

    I still haven't had much time to play this as I work weekends. The tutorial was fun but I'm not convinced by the smart pistol, although I accept I need to see it in the proper game before commenting.

    It seems overpowered in the tutorial. But the smart pistol has pros and cons.

    The Pros are obviously it allows you to lock onto the AI quickly enough but up against a real player you have to be pretty damm slick to take them out as the hold time is longer. Apparently there is a burn card version of the Smart Pistol.

  9. It gets pushed although it seems quite random as to when you'll get it. I switched mine on this morning and the update was ready to go.

    You'll know you have the update if you have a Newest features on your Xbox in the 'featured' section of your home page.

  10. I hope this doesn't mean what I think it means! I got the code this morning and redeemed it on Xbox.com hoping it would be added to my download queue. Are you saying that if I enter it into Xbox.com, it is lost forever, or are you saying if you entered on Xbox.com you need to re-enter on Xbox One?

    (Please be the second one!)

    Yeah you just need to re enter it on your X1 and it will work. Did it this morning.

  11. That EbaY auction has to be a troll. Although someone on GAF actually brought a code for $50 earlier, what a plum.

    Anyway had a few games and this feels like a winner. It's arrived just as CoD and BF feel a bit been there, done that. It's weird to think of playing what is a 'big' game like this in march but it makes sense it avoids both CoD and BF and has March till whenever they launch much,much later this year to really get gamers over to their side.

    I like the chaotic feel of matches so far, very fun and something is always happening,it's awe inspiring when you run out of a building and a friendly Titan runs past towards the enemy. Controls especially the ability to wallrun will take a few more matches to sink in but I can already see how that changes how you approach areas. No way can someone sit in an area and 'hold' it. I caught a few people who thought they could do that earlier and broke their necks. :D

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