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  1. why would i try and wind people up ? it just doesn't look that great. i expected something amazing. maybe when i see the shots properly instead of these scans it will look much better.

    Or even better the game in motion. But am impressed what a great bunch of launch titles.

  2. It's not just down to who offers the most money though. Say MS offer twice as much as Sony, that won't mean anything if the PS3 userbase is ten times bigger than X360s.

    Ah, but a new generation means a new user base. So it's everyone back to square one. And this time Sony have a worthy adversary with the financial muscle to challenge them properly.

  3. Cheap Blu-Ray player?

    MGS3 unstaled the series.

    GTA will be Sony exclusive. Time exclusive at least. Gran Turismo attracts millions, as does Final Fantasy (sewn up Japan).

    And expect it to certainly be a hub, a bit like the PSX I imagine to a certain extent. PSP connectivity as well.

    GTA's fate is up in the air. But if it comes down to bidding for the exclusivity

    if only a six month one, do you really see MS sitting by the sidelines while Sony take it from under their nose like they did to Sega.

    Anyway were all assuming WAY too much, E3 will reveal all. (Hopefully)

  4. But what does Sony have that would be worth waiting for?

    Remember the PS2 originally sold in Japan as cheap DVD player.

    In all honesty i can't see Sony coming up with anything different From MS i.e. an (Entertainment hub) I doubt that they'll have exclusivity on GTA one of the PS2's most important selling points in the west especially, MGS4? To be honest the series is getting a little stale now.

    Final Fantasy? If it has graphics like the cut scenes it'll pique my interest but Square Enix are slowly turning into the EA of the East in regards to RPGs,

    I actually read that they wanted to release a new RPG every month?! Madness.

    Basically i suspect the systems will be even in terms of power but what about the Cell i hear you cry.

    Won’t it solve world hunger and bring an end to the evil that men do? And also cook my breakfast and give me a blowjob in the morning, while hovering my house and then drive the bus to take me to work? Because it’s like so awesome because Sony say so.

    I’ve got Two words for you and they stick in my throat every time I have to say them: Emotion Engine. :D

  5. I think that Microsoft has more to lose from an early PS3 release/unveiling.  Like the Dreamcast in comparison to the PS2, the Xbox 360 will look like outdated tech, just a snack between PlayStations.*

    * copyright Gary Penn 2000.

    XBOX 360 Outdated Tech!? I hope that's a joke?


    Doesn't look that way to me.

  6. So that's Square, Capcom and Sega who aren't keen on the XB2 then. Konami next, or is that a given?

    This strategy isn't going to work unless these 'auteurs' are bringing their IP and staff from their previous employers with them.

    These are only the games MS will be publishing 3rd party developers haven’t announced anything yet. But since this week seems to be very Japan-centric this could be a very interesting week.

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