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  1. Quite good but Martine M was bloody annoying ''i don't wanna stay in the car''... shut it you tart. And would two agents really split up like that? i know it 's for story purposes but still...
  2. That episode got me as well i didn’t even recognise Larry the whole episode is hilarious. When Larry goes to see his dad and ask about his mother ''She told me not to bother you...'' and the payoff at the end of the episode
  3. It takes a couple of episodes to get ‘it’. Once you get to know Larry and what irritates him you will find the situations much more funny, i suggest you watch the first couple of seasons their a good lead in point.
  4. But would Americans understand a word that is said?
  5. Yeah that's right, that big dragon was the Alpha male one but what i didn't get was why were all the other dragons female even the other dragons they gave birth to?
  6. As much as i like the idea it will never happen. For one no other gangs except Yakuza= lack of variety the great thing about the GTA games is the different ethnicity’s of the gangs throughout all the games. Now if they did it like Takeshi Kitanos film 'Brother' a Yakuza coming to the states i think that has more more scope.
  7. But you would lose what makes it GTA if you went too far in the future. A seventies game would work you can bring back a mass of characters the Truth for instance we can see him in his younger days.
  8. Now when you say the future you don't mean Aliens and shit do you? Am thinking a GTA game set in the future would work. But would it be far into the future or maybe 10-15 yrs away from now? sort of like Minority report or I Robot.
  9. They've probably already started work on it but i would love to see a next gen GTA set in the seventies. The scope for ideas and satire is immense. Because really where do you see R* going next in terms of the eras? They've done the 80's the 90's and the beginning of noughties the 70's is logically the next step but we'll see...
  10. Oh, oh i see a posse with flaming torches, pitchforks and a noose approaching...
  11. Which is crazy but rewarding. You actually have to construct a strategy using your men and women sensibly, as those commie bullets are very accurate.
  12. Which difficulty setting where you playing it on?
  13. If you see it buy it. You will not be disappointed.
  14. I take it everyone has played the 'Hidden' Level that you get after you complete the game on the hardest difficulty level. What a nice surprise that was.
  15. Criminally overlooked as many of you know and I’ve read there will never be a sequel. Does EA own the rights to the name as am sure a sequel was in the works? For anyone who hasn't sampled it yet go out and buy it, you can get it for less than a tenner.
  16. I was just watching this a week ago and its still good repeated viewing helps. My favourite is the Dante fires one ''i booked the room under the name the real IRA''.
  17. Has anybody seen the trailer for this? To think that actual human beings have wasted probably a year of their lives making this…
  18. How many weeks has it been back on? I've just got back from holiday and know nothing. Is it just restarting this week?
  19. Quite a lot of people, but their lying to themselves. Am going to be an early adopting whore. Good luck all those waiting for price drops... By the time MS does drop the price the PS3 will probably be out. What will you do then buy the PS3 at a price that will probably be ''more'' than the 360 or will you still say ‘‘Were still not ready for next gen''
  20. Yep i'll be getting the HD bundle there's not much too complain about from my POV, MS have got both markets covered the casual market and the 'Hardcore' gamer. Back of the net
  21. Am going to have to set the video for the first two episodes as am off on my hols. But the early episodes are always comedy gold you would think by now that people would have cottoned on and saved themselves the humiliation, but no they still come for there 1 min of 'fame'.
  22. But if you think about it most actors love TV work where else would they get top range scripts like The Wire,The Sopranos,Six Feet Under, The Shield etc Most film stars would kill to have scripts so good.
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