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  1. Can people stop complaining about the music. Watching the 1up footage the music suited the on screen action, very James bondish. It had a nice urgency to it. What would you moaners replace it with? Some Chas and Dave?
  2. Very cheesy trailer but it gave me goosebumps, looking forward to it after all the shite it's had piled on it this week.
  3. Listening to the guy on the video playing on the harder difficulty settings gives you access to different routes through the level, so i can imagine there’s the way we saw him playing i.e. all guns blazing and more stealthy options for those of us who prefer a more classy entrance.
  4. come on now, you know that's nonsense.
  5. So people have calmed down after yesterdays evenings OTT moaning. The game looks quite impressive, loving the reloading animations.
  6. You have to wonder what agenda IGN is pushing, as there the only ones hosting it. They don't give us a timeframe for the footage either.
  7. So the art style went from... to Somebody is having a laugh...
  8. The 'trailer' is that the one with her on the boat?
  9. Then no one's stopping you are they? There are plenty of games still coming out for the PS2 and GC stop being an ass.
  10. How old are those PD0 screenshots?
  11. I know all the hate is mystifying as some of you guys bitching will no doubt still buy an Xbox 360. Save your moaning over selected screenshots for after X05 when we've seen what MS has to offer, if it's all shit then you can moan to your hearts content.
  12. Is this the show where the women get men to rate how sexy there bodies are?
  13. No, but I’ll bet your testicle and anyway why don't we all wait until next week? When MS will no doubt announce how many every territory will get.
  14. There are so many places that are going to be selling 360's that your bound to get one on launch day.
  15. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=102063
  16. The game looks very intresting and there is a nice buzz about it on the net forums this morning. How far into the project are you? Also will any footage of it in action be shown at the X05 event?
  17. 1.The Wire Saw the first season a couple of months ago on DVD and it is without a doubt one of the best police dramas ever for those who haven’t seen it the wire is about a investigation of a drug empire shown from the criminals and police prospectives the writing, the characters especially Omar the gay Shotgun wielding stick up man live long in the memory and to think we have seasons 2,3,4 to come which I’ve heard are even better. 2:Law and Order: Criminal Intent It's the theme tune and of course Vincent D'Onofrio as Detective Robert Goren and Kathryn Erbe as Detective Alexandra Eames D'Onofrio does a Colomboesqe turn taking suspects apart with his needling questions and borderline madness. lovely 3.The Shield How good is this show? I remember watching the first episode and hating Mackey after he killed that undercover cop and wanting acevada to bring him down. How times change, this season Acevada is the devil incarnate roughing up call girls and wanking off to the video of a woman getting raped that was caught on CCTV. I thought that they'd never top the money train season or acevada giving a blowjob to that gang member, but adding glen close this season was a masterstroke. Oh and give Dutch a spin off show. 4.The Bill Not the 'new' Bill am talking about the Burnside days, which will never be topped when every criminal was a 'scrote' or a 'slag' and every hooker a 'tom' marvellous. 5.NYPD Blue Surprisingly consistent show even up to it's last season which channel 4 kindly kept moving around the schedules, the twats. 6.Dempsey and Makepeace For men on this forum of a certain age this will bring back memories Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon. And loads of exploding cars and shootouts. 7.Murder She Wrote Even now the music sends a tingle down my spine classic Sunday evening fodder 8.Miami Vice Still strangely stylish even now even with men with rolled up suit jackets. Great plots and characters especially James Edward Olmos as Castillo. 9.Cracker Tuned in expecting a gentle comedy instead we got a bloody great British drama. 10.CSI The original Las Vegas one intricate and quite anal but a hell of a good watch.
  18. Try and see the high res trailer it looks gorgeous. The thing with DOA is that it's a game that has always looked good, so any new version of it looks like nothing’s been changed. But watch the trailer and you'll probably change your mind...
  19. Anybody seen this yet? Is it as good as the adverts make it out to be?
  20. Tut, tut we all know that accolade goes to DRIV3R...
  21. She did look quite foxy. Though i wish Adam had said to her ''i'll stick it in your cockney gob...''
  22. Yes, but we haven't visited it in a GTA type setting yet we just saw the very grimy parts of town.
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