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  1. I moved on to comment about the AI.
  2. It would prove that your enemies don't just stand still waiting to get shot like on the roof video
  3. I think the RRP is £45 but they'll probably be £35 in the shops.
  4. For X360 games!? that can't be right...
  5. Fantastic scene. This season of Spooks is just getting better and better Adam is a great lead.
  6. Wow. What a turaround from tuesday, now there's nothing but praise. Us gamers are a funny lot
  7. Because the picture has been captured from a video.
  8. I thought you weren’t ready for the next gen kamrantaz?
  9. The top picture is from the version that people are playing at X05. The two bottom ones seem to be a near finalised version of what Joanna will look like in the finshed game. Check out the textures in the pics.
  10. Got it on monday and am loving it. On first listen i knew it was a good album but it's even better when you know what's coming up.
  11. It's from another level, which looks like an underground car park. Click Here Go to Gameplay Footage 1
  12. What build are they playing at XO5 Spot the differences
  13. Crackdown Trailer Loving the cel shading effect. Click Here
  14. Well for me it is the 6 min vid seems to have calmed people down a bit. Everything looks nice and solid. Can't wait to see a high res video of it.
  15. Apart from the ADD edited fight scenes no other summer blockbuster came close.
  16. The other one wasn't a trailer is was the beginning of a level of what looked a fairly old build of the game with the beginning of another level tacked on at the end. IGN put it up and it spread round the net pretty quickly.
  17. I hope you stay out of the casino's
  18. No one's disputing that. We don't know what Rare have planned for the other levels. I would imagine the more techno/classical music would be used during the quieter sections of the game.
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