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  1. I think QT wanted to direct the film which would have been pretty cool.
  2. Does anyone know how many levels there are in the SP game?
  3. I think we should return to the topic now.
  4. Yes i'am feeling quite happy this afternoon.how are you?
  5. Yes, but this is a prequel youthful indiscretions and all...
  6. Most journalists are basing their whole impression of the game off of 2 levels that they’ve played, which seem to be action levels for obvious purposes...
  7. Am loving this season of Spooks they seem to be quite timely in their episodes even though they were filmed months ago and as usual they had their cool scene. When those S09 guys were shooting through the door in slow motion after last week’s slow mo in the dark gunfight I didn’t think it could get any better
  8. But that arrows thing has been discussed numerous times before, you would think GC would do their research.
  9. If you read Gamecentral (Teletext page 376) it reads like the writing of men who are tired and cynical. Games no longer bring any excitement for them occasionally a bright spark will appear briefly but then fade away, Gamecentral have lost all enthusiasm for games and the contempt shows. Their news is peppered with barbed asides, while quite funny sometimes it does become boring when they always have an air of trying too hard to wind up their readers and get a response.
  10. I was reading that Gamecentral article this morning and they were overly critical for no apparent reason despite only playing two levels the Roof top one and the underground garage one, it seemed that they had made their mind up about it the game already.
  11. As the thread title says how many of us on here are definitely going to buy or have already put their pre order down on a 360? Also can we try and keep this thread civil please, this isn't the place to argue go to Disciple’s thread if that sort of thing excites you. Am definitely getting one. The launch line up looks very good am going to get about three games at launch PDO, Oblivion and GUN (Only Joking...) possibly Kameo it looks very intriguing.
  12. The funny thing is all the people complaining are still going to buy one.
  13. In 1983, a fledging Channel 4 aired a kids' TV series and sparked a national scandal. Minipops featured children in heavy make up, imitating their favourite pop stars on screen. Minipops provoked an unprecedented media backlash amid accusations of sexualising the participating children. 'Whatever Happened to the Minipops?' looks back at the show and the impact its notoriety had on the kids caught in the centre of the storm. Well dodgy
  14. 3.Not doing any new versions of the 'Strike' Series 'desert strike' oh the memories...
  15. You know it was only a matter of time until all hell broke loose. It’s been too civil on here lately
  16. But the thing with Chicho is even with training he'll still be a bit rubbish he has no 'range'. His only good at big shouty numbers and has a rather worrying thing of opening his shirt when his running out of breath to raise a cheap scream from the girls.
  17. It's permanently in my CD player. I love it as a whole as the songs do kind of connect.
  18. I think that was to scare the criminal shitless and it did it's job. And try watching Tim burtons Batman now it just feels cheap and tacky.
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