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  1. I was a bit worried as mine and I imagine tons more from MS were flying in from LA. But it's safely in Canada now and is apparently out for delivery in the hands of UPS. Will be with the building concierge when I get in this evening. All my updates are done so should be a easy process swapping the machines out and playing.
  2. Nice all three of those games are enhanced. For anyone who just got an XB1X Homefront is worth picking up for that price. It also just got a pretty substantial update for the Xbox One X launch.
  3. It's as hard or easy as you want. And it has an unlimited money mode so kids can build crazy cities if they wish. The only thing that may be a bit much is some of the stuff like getting your city population takes a while so it can be a ,lot of waiting round although they added a fast forward option recently. That and making sure you have electricity running so people come to your city, but I think they've also added a lot more helping hands stuff when you start the game now.
  4. Because wherever you buy these games you'll be paying them. Windows 10 or Xbox. It's all MS. I also suspect that this is in prep for Scorpio next year. If all these games are forwards compatible, I'll bet they'll 'upgrade' themselves to the PC version visuals or higher. When you start playing on the Scorpio.
  5. It's 9.29am over here in Vancouver, feels weird watching E3 in the morning.
  6. They feel very satisfying. A lot more slicker than I was expecting. The time powers obviously add to it, as you can zoom around. You even get the kill cam like in Max Payne. When you kill the last enemy in an area. I'm only fighting the grunts at the moment, I'm looking forward to seeing those guys that can also control time.
  7. I've only watched 1 episode of the show so far and it was pretty good. Adds a lot of background and motivation to certain characters. I'm hoping to be able to shoot a particular weaselly character later on in the game. As his such a little shit. It feels very much like Fringe. Maybe because Lance Reddick is in both shows. Certainly for a show within a game it's very well acted. I choose 'Hardline' so all my decisions are going along that timeline. Will be interested in another play through to see the other choices. A word on the combat. Yes playing this as a cover shooter will get you punished very quickly, even in act 1. I was watching a twitch stream and the guy playing kept doing it and getting fucked up. You get nearly all your powers in Act 1. Then it's risk and reward play as they have to charge when you use them, but you obviously get defensive and offensive powers. that you can then upgrade through the game. I like that approach as it gives you more options.
  8. Been playing for 20 mins and already I'm pretty impressed. And the game is utterly gorgeous. I've got the surround on and it's sublime. Haven't seen that evil looking owl yet though.
  9. Tbh after this weekends capers it wouldn't surprise me to see MS try to extend or get full exclusivity. Console wise.
  10. When the controls click the game becomes even more of a joy to play. I didn't realise you could do wall running so early so I've become pretty use to how well it works to string your traversal together. Also the game world is so fucking gorgeous. Love the little details so far like i was running up a street when I saw someone peeping out their front door who swiftly closed it as I ran past.
  11. Gawd,this is lovely. I spent a silly amount of time making my character last night, she looks very good. Feels and looks great. Won't have much time to dump into until Friday but I can see I'm going to have an amazing time with this. Blue Skies gaming
  12. I had someone on my FL streaming the game over the weekend. I watched 5 mins of it on Twitch then had to close it down as he was in an area I hadn't seen in any of the videos. Seems IG has held a lot of things back. Which I like.
  13. Sunset Overdrive is getting some lovely review scores. Can't wait until Thursday when my version unlocks.
  14. No negatives I've seen. It's all through MS. I brought the deluxe edition yesterday switched back to the UK store and it downloaded as normal. Checked my online banking account this morning and they've taken out the correct amount. That and it's easy as piss to switch back and forth to the webstores on the console and the website.
  15. Yeah that price is ridiculous. Keep an eye on this site and when it gets added see if you can DL it for cheaper from one of the other Xbox stores. HK,India and Japan are usually much cheaper. I brought the Sunset Overdrive Deluxe edition from the HK store yesterday and it was £37.32 on there vs £60.99 on the UK store I see Halo is currently £34.21 on the Japanese store.
  16. Very impressed with this. And it's about 24 quid I noticed that Amazon are doing the tuner and a remote for £40 may get that next month. It hasn't gone unnoticed by me how much more positive this thread is now. Not saying criticism was unwelcome but some of it was plain silliness.
  17. I've just pre ordered the digital Deluxe version for 37 squid can't wait. I've been on nearly complete media blackout but I'm loving some of the early review impressions, that the game is challenging, it's been a while since a game has had me this excited. Can't wait to explore the world.
  18. Mate your drivatar has been challenging me all day while I've been trying to complete my damm races.
  19. India was cheaper but I've just looked at the price and it works out at 46 quid. Now before I press go on this can someone tell me if I just use my debit card and buy off the US store will it charge me tax?
  20. Pretty slick demo and that was Sean MaGuire right? I prefer these sort of racers to serious sims like Forza and GT. Graphics are gorgeous. That first cross rally race through the fields,hills and roads. Then the race against the planes as well was crazy. And they throw in online freeroam in the demo as well.
  21. Updated my system earlier and have the media player preview. It doesn't play MKV's yet, though I would imagine that is coming very soon though.
  22. For me the TR reboot was a lot better than the cinematic wankery known as UC3 which seemed to have abandoned any pretence about being an actual exploration game. And focused on it's uninteresting main storyline and overplayed setpieces. TR had better exploration,better weapons,enemy encounters. And a much more tense and interesting atmosphere and island. Certain things needed to be thought out like better like the tomb puzzles which were a bit too easy, but that's something they say will be much improved in the sequel, but overall it was a great game for me. Looking forward to the new game next year.
  23. So Sony's PR reaction to this makes me think we won't be seeing EA Access on PS4 Very catty. It makes this sentence from the press release from Xbox very interesting.
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