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  1. Battlefield games have never been about the single player (nor have they ever been about deathmatch)
  2. It does feel like that to start with. MW2 is full on gun porn and it does have that certain factor that I can't put my finger on about the controls. You'll forget about it after a while and the guns will have that full on meaty feeling.
  3. How'd you get the Airkill one? I managed to get the boat pin and a bronze boat star today in a match and it totally cost us the game with my faffing around and expending countless tickets in the process. I got two easy kills on the first island on the shoreline, "road" killed someone way out at sea on the next bit and then spent a good 10 boats trying to hit just one person on the shore before getting picked off. That 20mm gun is fucking useless. Why don't they put a machine gun on them like on actual patrol boats? So, don't have to try that again. Still don't have the roadkill or car effic
  4. Oh cripes, you missed a nuts marathon defence on Africa Harbour that started at 2am and only just finished. I finished with a score of around 6,200. Each point we managed to get them sub 20 tickets and then our defence turned to crap and they planted and got it. Well frustrating! We ended up winning on the very last mcom.
  5. How many gold stars do you get before they start turning platinum? I'm on 6 on a few guns.
  6. My KDR is only 1.1 and it's steadily falling. My preferred tactic when attacking it to get to the mcom as soon as possible without anyone seeing me, plant C4 and the timer and if necessary suicide myself with the C4 to make sure it goes off. This then puts the health of the mcom at about a third which makes it very hittable by the CG rocket if the defense gets too ingrained. I will also happily run through a hail of bullets to get the mcom when everyone else is sat back being a wuss as it's surprising how often you can get away with it and it feels awesome when it works. So the result of thi
  7. +1 So frustrating last night - I was trying to get into a game with Kerraig and people and I couldn't join their party or game. At one point I managed to actually get into the squad but got disconnected before I had even spawned Very much looking forward to these changes. I'm about to hit platinum on the M416A2 so it sounds like a good time to pick up the AN94 again.
  8. When defending maybe - spawns don't really matter too much. The major benefit of having as squad attacking is spawns though. You really need someone staying alive near the mcom to keep fire on it and attack. Once you all get wiped out it's a long walk.
  9. There is team chat for people who aren't in squads, but generally this game doesn't have the same mouthy bitches that are in MW2. Either way I usually leave the headset plugged in and not worn just in case.
  10. Cool, I've always wanted to enter a vagina
  11. Recon is my least favourite too, and I levelled most of it with the G3 too, but try the T-88 with a red dot attached and magnum ammo on. It's a 3 hit kill anywhere on the body and it's deadly accurate. It's like a better version of the M14. I used it just to level up a bit but ended up with a few gold stars under it. I just have the M24 and M95 to get bronze stars on. After last night I actually quite like using the GOL and SV98 (basically identical). Just seems to have a good fire rates for bolt actions, very satisfying fire sounds and there's something about it which makes me get headshots
  12. Was I in that one? I think it was a nicked heli, so I was expecting it to get nailed pretty quickly
  13. Only just realised that the medals for the vehicles are not per-vehicle, they're per-vehicle class. So I don't have to try and get 10 kills on the jet ski somehow (although I do have 1 "road kill" for it). I almost have the awards for getting all medals
  14. Overhead maps for download: http://www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/downloads
  15. 'tis one of my top load outs Hit the m-com for 2/3rds health in one hit (also taking out anyone defusing if you're lucky) and then go back for the last third after reappearing from wherever you were arming up from. Also, it's quite bad in some respects but a teamkill is only -15 whereas as standard enemy kill, even without bonuses added on is 50. This means if you take down a building and it had 3 of your guys in and one of theirs you still come out on top. If you do this on your own m-com building though, you're officially a prick.
  16. *sigh* Someone mentions this might have been patched as it's easier on PC. Or something...
  17. I'm having REAL trouble getting what should be a pin that I have tens of - the Flag Defense pin. OK, so I don't play conquest that much, but I was on it 2 hours yesterday specifically trying to get the fucking thing and I was consistently camping flags and still only getting 3 flag defense kills per round. It's driving me nuts. Any tips?
  18. Wait, what?! DICE's next game is called "Medal Of Honor"? http://www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/moh What?
  19. Yeah, same place, don't know what score I got though. I've been pestered by attackers behind trees and rocks behind the attacker spawn (i.e. they went further away to snipe) and headshot some guy with the GOL from the pylon by the first base. By far my favourite recon gun so far is the T-88 with magnum ammo and a red dot sight on it. It's suddenly a fricken amazing assault rifle.
  20. I was using it for the first time yesterday. Started off not liking it at all, but with a red dot I really like it as a sneaky bastard flanking weapon. I've gotten medals for all the weapons except the bolt action snipers now. Not sure if I'm going to enjoy that. Don't like sitting back and letting the numpties do the attacking.
  21. Also sneaky on that stage - planting on the mcom from underneath, stilling cv all over the underside and then retreating, taking out anyone that rushed in, taking about half the energy off the mcom and destroying any cover that the defenders had for defusing (and opening it to the rockets of course).
  22. Probably helps to have the explosive damage perk on, but I think they do roughly the same amount of damage as a C4 brick, so that's about 9 hits I think.
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