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  1. Yeah, just jump on and try and join their squad. If you can't join their squad and they don't already know you then I would assume they're already teamed with their mates and just don't have room. Still worth following them around in-game like a lost puppy though. I just had probably my third sitting at the single player and finished it. It's worth a go although it probably accounts for about 5% of the time I've spent on the game. I'm now just going through (YES WITH A GUIDE) to get all the single player m-com stations so I can 100% the achievements. Still don't have 3 of the online ones tho
  2. 128K version eh? Ooh lah-de-dah!
  3. Pff! I've had a full time job the entire time!
  4. So I'm guessing this has sort of finished its online life on the 360 as far as this group is concerned. It's no where near as fun without decent team mates to play with. Time for Read Dead Redemption I think...
  5. My kdr, kill rate, average life are going up, my win/lose ratio is going down. Snipers suck
  6. Such fun Need to do a few more of those so I can get my Et Tu Brute achievement 8) Loving my VSS sniper class so much this week. Absolutely racking up my missing insignia points.
  7. Ah right, might not bother then. I just about managed to cram the game onto my default size (what is it, like 8GB? Small even 10 years ago!) HDD which at least took away the very common issue of disc read errors that I'd get every few hours and means I tend to spawn a lot earlier - very good for my rush tactics
  8. Oh was that what that was? I thought it was a rocket. I was scanning the clifftops for engineers and popping heads that weren't kept down as you could probably have finished that mcom with a frag grenade. Or a sneeze. Oh, sorry I ended up quitting after that one - my xbox just shat itself. The network dropped and then the whole thing just froze. Elite purchase incoming...
  9. Anyone noticing there appears to be fewer decent people online at the moment? I think a price break resulted in a lot of quite useless people starting. Had to play in a game against a load of you guys last night on Laguna Presa. First point: Not fun at all, raped. Second point: Carnage, unbelievably close. Third point: I felt a bit mean there, even Picked up some of your dogtags in that
  10. The BF2 choppers were a bit ace like that - you could pirouette them on their tails. The BF1943:DC mod ones were even twitchier. When I see people stacking into cliffs with the BFBC2 ones I think to myself that these are surely the people that explode on the helipad trying to take off in earlier games of the franchise.
  11. It's great for covering a planted mcom station. You can be there ages before anyone twigs where you are and if there are several people defusing you can tap-tap-tap across the top of that box and take them all down instead of one at a time with those infuriatingly dull bolt-action ones. I've been doing Saiga + sabot + magnum until then (which has a magazine which only takes 6), so having 20 similarly powered rounds is absolutely masses of ammo. I'm going to be a useless sniper whore this evening. I'm going to get my ex insignia and my marksman headshot insignia. According to BFBC2S.com there
  12. Are you one of these people that in the oil fields map of BF2, did that tactic where right at the start you get into a chopper and flip it onto its side (without taking off) so you can then switch to the TV gun and launch a missile across the map, taking out the chopper on the other pad? Are you that person? Were you also the one constantly trying to fly through the 3 gaps in the semi-constructed dam level? Attempting to cap the flag by hovering inside the middle one? Is that you? I hate you Oh man, and getting taken out by a chopper TV cam'ing you from outside your redraw distance because
  13. You wouldn't think it from these pages! BTW, you were so right about the VSS. I had been using it like an SMG basically, with a red dot on, but with the default sight, extra ammo, magnum mod and single tapping for the head I am absolutely tearing up the other team. The T-88 was my favourite sniper before but the sneakiness of the VSS totally wins it for me. I don't dread having to get the marksman insignia now
  14. The global stats are quite interesting: http://www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/en-gb/globalstats It seems there are WAY more snipers on 360 than on PS3. The PC stats were on there for a while but I think they were broken as they said the sum of all PC gameplay accounted for about 50,000 hours, which would only be around 500 people playing it. I know it's not as popular on PC, but that can't be right...
  15. Got the last of my pins today - the car one. On Laguna Presa some helpful attacker drove it up the left of the bridge and then got out so I could shoot him and then spend the rest of the round sat in the gunner seat mowing down anyone that attempted to cross the river. Ended up getting the pin twice in one sitting First platinum badge: Tanks Attempting to get the shotgun long service insignia and the mortar one now. The mortar one is taking ages. Tips?
  16. Absolutely, which is why it's so annoying when you're attacking and your own team does this. On Laguna Presa when I'm defending I just sit there destroying all the scenery. Makes it much easier to zap people.
  17. It's the commo rose from BF2, distilled into a single button press. I have nostalgia for people spotting boats in the middle of the woods tho The commo rose was a distillation of a slightly unwieldy menu system for commands in 1942. "F2 F2" -> Roger that!
  18. The having to wait for a round to start in order to quit out issue is something that all battlefield games have seemed to have. I don't get why DICE do it. On the PC there was a very small window of opportunity between a round finishing and the load screen starting where you could quickly pull down the command console and type "/quit" before it locked you out and forced a 2 minute load screen on you. At least these days the wait isn't too long. Has anyone spotted complete fucking twats playing this evening? I think I had 3 or 4 consecutive rounds where there were a loads of utter cretins on
  19. Update today makes the SpecACT achievements work: http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battlefiel...e-released.aspx I wonder if that also fixes the M1 star unlocks bug...
  20. You're still playing CS?! 8) That's over 10 years old! I got my 5th day insignia yesterday. That's 120 hours of gameplay and I'm still itching to get home and play it when I'm at work. I rarely get that past about 40 hours. OK, pretty much all the other BF games I've had that with, but still... For me it's the fact that there's a whole bunch of guys constantly playing this that rock that I can team up with. Just never had that with the PC titles. Also it's a part of attacking in Rush that if you're good at it you can carry a crap team and take down the points single handed if you have to (an
  21. As opposed to what on the PC? WoW?
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