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  1. Ahhhh, I see Anyway, here's me: http://minecraft.net/skin/skin.jsp?user=Strawp And someone needs to make this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1ASj4D1zWU
  2. Last night was the first time I logged in. I set my new skin this lunchtime I don't quite understand how the skin file does elevated parts like the rim of Joyrex's hat etc.
  3. Or maybe recreating the Cadbury's Dairy Milk logo, but with lava instead of milk
  4. That was hilarious guys, cheers I'll come back with a player skin...
  5. You WILL be on your arse for the first week or two of boarding. Get properly decent breathable waterproof gloves. Cheaper ones will get soggy and cold from the constant picking yourself up. If you have spare cash consider impact shorts unless previous experience of sports provided you with the instinctive ability to fall backwards hard and avoid your own arse. Also consider wrist guards and knee pads (skate ones should be OK, some gloves have built in wrist guards, make sure you can fit gloves over the top if not). If you can make it past that point then it's awesomeness and coolness all the w
  6. Ace, that's what I like They might not have built the park when you were there maybe? We generally don't bother with night boarding anyway - too knackered/drunk
  7. Alpe d'Huez for me this year. Not been before, anyone else? We very nearly had a forum meet with Kerraig a couple of years back in the 3 valleys, but I'd already been to the three valleys that year and so did a cheapo trip to Bansko instead (which was a forumite's flat we borrowed, incidentally!)
  8. Given that the courts are actually proactively going after the evidence of fraud suggests there's going to be a US vs Langdell suit coming up. EA don't have to lift a finger. They could probably just forward on a link to http://chaosedge.wordpress.com/ and let matters take their course
  9. I actually read all of that document. Despite being 23 pages I actually think the judge had to summarise it quite a bit. What a cathartic read
  10. Well, not really. DICE are doing the multiplayer component of MoH, so it's a pretty obvious title to give beta access.
  11. Good times. Entering that ladder was the death of our clan though I'm on 360 these days. as a medic, the M60 isn't as ridiculous as it was. All the changes are on the official site.
  12. I've been moving house so between that and Red Dead I haven't been on in weeks. Will jump in again if there are still you guys playing it (once I have internet again)
  13. when Crackdown came out it was my GOTY even though it all felt a bit meh when I first played it. I think this is one of those games where they beauty will be having sat down to have a quick go and take down a base and then emerging hours later having leveled up and unlocked knew weapons, taken down 5 sub-bosses and played corpse keepy-uppy with one of your Live friends. It was all the wandering around rooftops that I enjoyed most in Crackdown. I don't think the demo is ever going to do it justice.
  14. This is all a bit samey. Will probably get it for some nice chilled wandering around and destruction though. The music in the cars is fucking awesome though. OST please!
  15. I noticed the "Your country has abandoned you, GI" (or however it goes) tannoy sound from the original BF:V. I reckon it will be a re-imagining in the FROST2 engine in much the same way 1943 was.
  16. It is a bit ridiculous in that respect. The guns are fine, but the perks thing is just painful. Europe got this several days after the US and it was very noticeable even then. You should start off with everything and have it take away your favourite gun when you hit 100 kills with it until you're left with a knife Played CS Gun Mod? Like the opposite of that.
  17. I know, right? I might actually play it now.
  18. Updates! http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battlefiel...60-updates.aspx Never did work out where that bit of fence was
  19. Pretty sure not. The official twitter feed would have said something http://twitter.com/officialbfbc2 I'm taking time out too - I'm working through Arkham Asylum instead for the moment.
  20. It's like those structures where the weight of the structure itself is central to the integrity of the thing.
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