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  1. Right, I'm bloody annoyed. I went and got the SPECACT stuff just so I can get the stupid "all weapon bronze" and "all bronze" insignia and I've levelled them to bronze and I still don't have them. Apparently it's some bug where I'd already gotten all the bronze stars before they fixed the issue with the M1. MY OCD IS ENRAGED!
  2. Good point. I don't really like optics anyway. I can't get on with the ACOG, I prefer to just sit closer to the telly
  3. Oh shit, that is going to make those guns even more badass Nooooooooooooooo! Actually it was kind of getting ridiculous. The other day I was on a team with someone who had the exact same loadout I'd use - Assault, G3, both explosive perks and we'd take an mcom down in one go within seconds of the round starting without even raising the alarm. Must have been incredibly irritating! It's going to make my emergency round-saving long range hits with the CG a lot harder.
  4. Exactly, on some weapons you'll start of dreading having to use them and end up feeling regret you've got the achievement already. For me it was the VSS and the T-88 sniper rifles. The VSS is an amazing long or close range stealth weapon and the T-88 with red dot makes a fantastic assault weapon. I've just queued up the SPECACT bundle. I feel dirty.
  5. Love it. Used to do that a lot in the earlier BF games, don't spend long enough in the air to try it these days though.
  6. Bah, thought that might be it I'm basically paying extra in order to complete the game that I bought new at full price. I have a similar app on Android which I use.
  7. Do you have the SPECACT weapons?
  8. Bugger, I was hoping you'd be on this later Does anyone have the "All Bronze" insignia? I have bronze in everything. Is this another one that's broken?
  9. That is such a good deal it's almost irritating
  10. I'd have thought you'd hit 50 by now! I've managed to get a few games in of this this week. My God, I don't love it any less than I used to. I notice the stats for the M1 have reset. I assume the award is now fixed. I do enjoy zapping people with that.
  11. It is full of pros, but there are plenty of easy pistes too between there and Tignes, especially up the top on the glacier/snow bowl thing. The only thing about that is that the route back from Tignes goes down the olympic run called La Face which is fucking mental. It just looks like a cliff face from the village, so I'd probably avoid that if you're on week 3. You can just take the cable car down instead. It does have some of the best pistes in the whole Alps though - a deservingly high price tag. Val D'Isere itself is very nice, not cheap though. Decent night life but full of cunts. At som
  12. Yeah, me and one of my mates went and it was a nice little cheeky low budget trip. The apartment's fine for 2-3 and it's dead cheap over there. Bansko has a load of long sweeping pistes that, if it was as empty as it was when we went, you can just point your board downhill and clock up some crazy speeds on.
  13. I always wear knee pads. I screwed my right knee up properly when I had a disagreement skating into a staircase but even before that I wore pads. It's not so much for the impact (I don't think I've ever landed on my knees) but it just makes kneeling down in the snow much more comfortable. I have knee and elbow pads, gloves with wrist support an a helmet. If I had to the order I would get rid of them would be: Knees Wrists (just learn not to stop yourself falling) Elbows (also screwed my elbows up on concrete. It's something about the way I fall I think) Helmet I didn't use a helmet for t
  14. I did an experiment and it wasn't entirely successful. I was going to make a greyhound track near the football stadium, except with pigs. I notice you can't use red dust in MP, which pretty much put my idea of simultaneously opening traps out the window, but I did two tracks worth anyway: (I had to remove the mob spawner as the pigs were just jumping around on each other. Must find out what motivates pigs. and in a nod to The Prestige, you have to do something with the spawned piggies...
  15. I'm going to attempt to build something low impact and experimental near the stadium. It will fit in with that area (if it works). That is very cool. What other communities are they we could be neighbours to?
  16. That must have taken you ages! I've just been trying to get to the football pitch and it's already taken two sittings to find my way there.
  17. I apologise for my absence of the last 3 months. Lots of real life going on. I'm determined to get a game in at some point though.
  18. Can someone with a computer capable of decent redraw distance take me a screenshot during the day cycle of some cool landscape from the rllmuk server in the same style as my avatar?
  19. EA strikes me more as the kind of company that would steamroller right over someone and not even look in the rear view mirror. If this were Valve on the other hand, they would probably find some hilarious NPC cameo for him in their next game.
  20. Cool. I assumed someone was going to make it, glad to hear it's a forumite
  21. It's all the same jar file isn't it? I play in Ubuntu at home.
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