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  1. Alright, I found my CD of Quake 2 mods. Don't know what they all are, but this is the directory listing for that folder: IAIN:D>dir /ad /b 3DStudioMdx Class Eraser Gladiator NSTv09b3 Wyrm2000 action awaken battle bball blaster ctf dday default docs gunslinger leper matrix mdl oak q22p quick3d rogue save shift src sword ultra xatrix zs Let me know if you want one. I'll drop matrix into this folder in a mo. It'll be 12 megs when it's finished uploading.
  2. Yes, it can, basically. Sorry, I'm complicating matters. You can download AQ2 as a standalone: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/120000/120408.shtml
  3. Strawp

    Top Gear

    That's actually quite disturbing.
  4. Thanks to the "it's about half way through" heads up on here, I caught the boobs bit just in time. I thought it was quite a fun film. Better than The Net, anyway.
  5. I may actually still have that somewhere backed up on CD. I'll have a dig. Insin: You only get the game engine, I think. Game content you have to pay for.
  6. On the flip side, I think in Battlefield 1942 I'd rather hear English with a comedy accent than the native tongue of whatever side I'm on. It's a bit of a pain having to read the comms text to know what's going on.
  7. Anyone up for Action Quake 2? It's freeware now (as Q2 source went Open... Source). It was way ahead of its time when it came out all those years ago, and is probably the first fps (ever) to feature realistically modelled weapons. It's a brilliant cat-and-mouse style shooter for just 2 people, or a brilliant all-out firefight for loads of people. This is the game that Counter Strike copied to get where it is today.
  8. At Blitz, or further back than that?
  9. That's 50 Pence - In Da Pub G... g... g... g... g... g... go on luv, it's ma birfday You look tarty luv, it's ma birfday etc.
  10. I need this track! Got a link or anything?
  11. Absolutely. I acquired the entire series of MCoG a few years ago and spent a week watching all the episodes. It's still ace. U31 doesn't stick in my mind as much although his watch/shield and sword/gun was my favourite fantasy weapon combo for years I remember the episode with the boulders and the guy eating scorpions. Was that the eternal machine?
  12. Strawp

    Tribes 2

    Excellent. I can't remember where I used to play, however. Anyone got a favourite server?
  13. Strawp

    Tribes 2

    Tribes 2 was launched for free download this week on Fileplanet. Who's up for a game some time?
  14. Looks like a gert big tra'or to me. Arr.
  15. The stage consisted of one stage block. It's bright on there because I was using a flash and I was about arms length away from the stage The lighting was actually fine.
  16. Sugar in Leamington Spa I know you know it Just got back, I took pics. The sound quality was marginally better than the gig at Leeds Uni last year, but by not much. And Sugar is fucking tiny.
  17. Yep, this Saturday. Glad I don't have to hike all the way to Leeds to see them this time around.
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