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  1. All of these descriptions apply equally well to the PC crowd, from all my play online. One good squad can still often tear through an entire Rush map, as 12 snipers up on the hill watch them plant at each MCOM and a few guys forlornly try to defend properly.

    But it's all worth it for those occasional finely balanced, intense games that last forever because there are tons of medics doing their job properly until eventually the attack just wins through with a few lives left.


    I don't often play on Sunday afternoons, but I noticed today that Sunday afternoon crowd are way better than 5.30pm weekday crowd. Had some cracking games today :)

  2. Thoughts? Do the 360 online crowd just not get it or did I just have one night of coming up against idiots? I feel that I only happened upon one guy in about 5 games who seemed to understand how to play battlefield.

    It's pretty well established that console gamers are a bit dumb. You can kind of see why though - PC gamers don't have the potential of having to time-share the TV, they're locked in a separate room not disturbing anyone and there's a certain obsessiveness required to bother to upgrade a PC to gaming spec rather than just having a console because you fancied playing some games and the guy in the shop said this one was good. Battlefield players on PC probably upgraded their machines specifically for the game (I know I used to).

  3. Still wouldn't resolve the issue where you go to arm the mcom and wind up picking up an empty SMG and the ever handy tracer dart sidearm.


    Yeah, I've lost mcoms because of that. Makes for a cunning defense strategy - quick everyone, crowd around the mcoms so that our dropped weapons and bodies might avert their plant/defuse efforts!

  4. You can hold B and still pull the left hand trigger with your left hand with a little hand acrobatics. The other option is to use your right pointer to hold B and then ring finger for the trigger.

    I'm currently hitting B with my right thumb, then attempting to aim by moving my left thumb over. Must try the index finger on B, other finger on trigger trick.

  5. I never use C4, but I bet that'd be a great opportunity for it. Chuck a few into likely cover points around flag, grab said flag, then fuck off and hide after a few seconds.

    They "grey out" is an old BF1942 diversion tactic in Conquest mode. You neutralise a flag and then skirt around the enemy to a flag behind their lines while they're getting it back.

  6. I really haven't had a very gamey year...

    Game of the Year

    1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    2. Red Dead Redemption
    3. Minecraft

    Hall of Shame

    1. Ruffian Games APB: poorly executed, over budget, studio-killing disappointment. Crackdown 2: Perfunctory texture pack of the legendary first game. Am cry.

    Best Technical Achievement

    1. Kinect
    2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Best Online Experience

    1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Best Mobile Game

    1. Angry Birds
    2. Fruit Ninja

    Best Xbox 360 Game

    1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    2. Red Dead Redemption

    Best Download-only Game

    1. Minecraft

  7. Have DICE said anything about what they are going to do to stop the PBR exploit? At the moment it is literally every single game and it is utter, utter bullshit. Until it gets patched this game is broken and unplayable.

    Had to look that up to find out what it was as I've never seen it. I think if it ever became a problem I'd switch to Hardcore as it's impossible in that.

  8. Can't wait.

    So, this means we no have 1942, Modern Combat and Vietnam all covered in modern console updates via a boxable product and download services. What are the chances of 2142? I loved that game, me.

    The only BF game I've never played. I think that came out at around about the point I switched from being a PC gamer to a console gamer.

  9. Interesting enough. No iPhone here though :/

    Does anyone have any tips for the M95? It is by far my least favourite gun and levelling it for those stupid SPECACT achievements is becoming a real drag. I'm even considering using a red dot on it and just using it like a sniper shotgun. The chances of me getting the efficiency or excellence pins on it so far is pretty much zero. If I can hit a single person with it in a round it's a minor victory. Maybe I just don't know where the good camping spots are.

  10. It's a known bug that hasn't been fixed yet. :(

    I read that it might have to do with when you registered as a battlefield veteran. I only did that recently and I have all the insignias.

    Classic DICE. A bug that only affects the fans that have been with them for years :/

  11. OK, this is my profile: http://bfbc2.statsverse.com/stats-insignias/360/Strawp

    Why the bloody hell don't I have the "all bronze" insignia? The numbers on the official stats page differ from the game. They said I didn't have bronze for a couple of the pistols because they have the bronze kill level at 25 instead of 10. I finished that today (so now have at least silver on all pistols) and I still don't have that God damned insignia!

  12. Got back from my first ever week of boarding in Val Thorens yesterday :) Man my arse/ tailbone is sore.

    Week started well with altitude sickness on the first night, and not being able to fit into any of the helmets at the hire place. It took me a full day of lesson + my own time before I realised I was probably goofy footed (which came to bite me later, as we spent a lot of that lesson practicing sliding with only one foot bound, as you do coming off a lift- so when I started using lifts, with a different foot bound, I was awful at it). Then it was most of the way through the next day before I realised that the boards aren't symmetrical and switching feet required changing the bindings :facepalm:

    Got some sort of flu/ cough thing (temperature, headache, dizziness etc.) a couple of days in, so was limited to half days for most of the rest of the week. Unfortunately had a bit of a hard fall onto my tailbone on the last day, when I was feeling better, which put the wind up me, lost a fair amount of confidence and everything which should have been hurting for the rest of the week started to at that point (previous leg injuries, pulled muscles, shoulder I'd landed on a couple of times).

    Main issue- not leaning down the slope. I dunno, it just seems pretty hard? Meant I ended up side sliding pretty much every time I tried to heel turn, and switching between turns took ages.

    In spite of all this, I had a great time (probably would have had a much better one if the gf had been in a better mood for the week, and if I'd stayed healthy), and really want to do it again! Not sure what I'd do about lessons next time though; not sure if I'd qualify for intermediate as I could only just make it down a baby slope without falling over, and the above leaning issues, but doing beginner again would be lame.

    Favourite thing about boarding: stopping makes you feel badass.


    As Chewylegs said, the leaning thing is normal. I'm kind of having to relearn that as I neglected my switch stance for years and I'm having to build up confidence riding switch. It's like turning 180 and suddenly being a beginner again.

    You will so love carving and riding deep powder. One of the best feelings in the world.

  13. I guess I picked the wrong time to get this game, the frustration of having servers just empty is really getting to me.

    Also getting stuck playing against organised squads of rank 50 players while my team of noobs gets butchered over and over again is wearing a bit thin lol.

    Not the BF experience I was hoping for really.

    Yeah, you really just have to look at the scoreboard and make an informed decision based on what levels everyone is on and quit and find a new game if it's obviously going to be a meat grinder.

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