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  1. noob

    mr - we miss you. come back soon eh?


  2. R0b

    Return, please.

  3. Just played the demo... Skate FTW.
  4. BEHOLD! The PlayStation phone. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/cellphones/sony...tmas-294296.php
  5. IDGI. I did a stint at Blockbuster years back. It wasn't exactly the height of excitement in my string of various retail jobs I've done in the past, yes the pay was crap, and yes, I had to do joyless chores like "blocking" - making sure the DVD cases were all perfectly lined up to within millimeters each night so the shop looked good, spending 3-4 hours alphabetizing the entire store library and sometimes just pricing packets of popcorn for hours on end. If you got any one of those jobs you were lucky - fuck emptying the drop box or walking around putting hundreds of video cases back for a laugh. My managers absolutely loved to fire staff for the most whimsical of reasons - mainly because they have such a high dropout rate during the first three months, and there's always a tonne of people waiting to take your job if you're not up it. Every day there was something new, another reason to hate my job and spend 8 hours in a bad mood. However, during my stint there - was I ever moody, or a cunt to a customer, even once? Even on the shittest of weeks, when being able to pay the rent and eat seemed like a luxury? No. It was all smiles and happy happy joy joy. Why? Because customer service is part of the job, and they're paying you to do your job. Would you be happy as an employer knowing that the attitude of your staff is losing you sales? If there's one thing that truly pisses me off having worked in retail, is walking into a shop and being treated like a dickhead by employees who make you feel like they're somehow doing you a fucking favour by serving you. I've waited patiently at the counter for them to finish their little banter so I could actually buy something. As soon as your shift starts, you're there to do your job. You chose to work there, you agreed to however little it is that they're paying you, and no matter how hard they're shafting you, you always know where the door is. If you think somehow that the fact that you don't enjoy it grants you the automatic right to be an asshole to everyone, then frankly it's time to stop being such a pussy and man up to the responsibilities that you accepted when you signed the contract - or get the fuck out. Why should you be given a break? This lax attitude toward work ethic never ceases to amaze me... Little bit of self-respect, please.
  6. alex

    Skate 2 by EA

    I want this game. NOW.
  7. Good point. I'll try reading the thread next time. ™/10
  8. alex

    Skate 2 by EA

    Wish the fucking video upload thing worked properly. Isn't it meant to send an email to the gamertag you've got linked to your account? I've tried about 20 times and received nothing. The control system really clicked when I had a quick go on this last night, stringing together some immensely satisfying lines - it's just so much fun to play. Unless EA somehow manage to fuck it up (free skate mode please), the THPS series is well and truly dead for me.
  9. 20 votes for 1/10! Dead. Inside. I should have some lunch.
  10. alex

    Skate 2 by EA

    I think it's an interesting choice on EA's part (for the sake of discussion, let's assume for a minute you won't be able to change it in the final release). I mean, the way you control a game should be intuitive, right? Logically it should be mapped to the bumper, so you're not forced to move your hand. But at the same time... something just feels 'right' to me about tapping A or X, then having to switch to the stick. Weird one.
  11. I've been completely tied down with client work recently, hence the lack of updates. I've been working on it in my free time, the site has been completely rebuilt in CSS and restructured from the top down to provide a more comprehensive look at the artists involved and some nice new features that'll be revealed when it launches properly. The biggest issue I'm facing at the moment is a way of displaying the entire wallpaper without the site taking an age to load (as you can imagine, 140 x 1024x768 images could take a while, and I don't want to run into massive problems later on in the project). I'm looking into some way of streaming the data in depending on which part of the project you're viewing, I'd also like the viewers to have the option to click on an artist's name and jump to their piece. I'm hesitant to start uploading new work until this is completely figured out... but rest assured Wallpaper is very much alive, and based on the astounding quality of the work I've already received, the project should evolve into a great showcase of extremely talented artists collaborating together. A big thankyou to everyone on the forum who is contributing... Until this is all sorted and ready to go, I'm going to say no more.
  12. alex

    Skate 2 by EA

    I really, really like the fact they've mapped it to the face buttons, and I agree with Monkichi - thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. Say you were skating up to a rail, you'd take your foot off the ground after you'd got up to speed and put it on the board, then crouch and get ready to pop the deck. Might be my fucked up sense of logic, but moving your thumb from the A button to the stick reminds me of that, however counterintuitive it might be for a control mechanism. Evidently you're going to have to work hard at this game to get good at it, and I like that. Personally I won't be bothered if they don't include the option to change it - but the controls should still be configurable by default. Have EA said anything about whether they will be or not yet?
  13. alex

    Skate 2 by EA

    Just discovered if you hold down the left bumper and press down on the dpad during play you can set a session marker, say at the beginning of a set of steps - LB + up after you bail and you'll teleport back to the spot again, so no need to skate back around again every time. AWESOME.
  14. alex


    Might be a delorean, but Racer_s has a working widescreen fix for this over at the widescreen gaming forums. http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum...p=108586#108586
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