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  1. Change it. 1. Jade Cocoon 2. Mega Bomberman 3. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 4. Rolling Thunder 5. Super Mario All Stars 6. Cool Spot 7. Final Fantasy X 8. Robotron 64 (icycalm) 9. Parasite Eve 1 (DNAbstract) 10. Berserk THPS 3 is by far the best skateboarding game ever, and quite possibly one of the top 5 best sports games ever...I can play the game for hours on end, and love it to pieces...It still plays well nearly 5 years on, and doesnt look in the least bit dated!
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    Shock! Horror! Someone cheated at an online game!
  3. Fanboy


    "Do you want anything from the shop? ... Cornetto...
  4. Fanboy


    I like my face... I like your face too...
  5. Watch the episode when they talk about downsizing... The Tim and Gareth characters are hilarious! Tim convinces Gareth that they are in some sort of pact, and that they have to go around trying to sabotage the office... Tim puts Gareth in a cardboard box in the warehouse, so he can spy! It sounds shit! It sounds awfully shit...but it is actually quite funny! Why are so many people bitching about the American version...Its written by Merchant and Gervais! It is different, it appeals to a different audience. Doesnt make it bad.
  6. Schuey does scare me... But I saw the word "Zwei" on the cover... Put me right off...
  7. I saw Xenosaga 1 + 2 pre owned the other day in EBGames... the German scared me, so I didnt buy.
  8. I played ISS 64 to death... Did they remove the little tactic of simply dribbling around teh whole team as long as you didnt press sprint?
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    The surely I should get at least some of the profit from the takings of the DVD, iloverage?
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    Why the fuck are you using my name to sell your DVDs? Thoughts on the episode: I really enjoyed it. Still doesnt beat the opening of EP: 2 with Robert screaming, but its fucking good! More Legend please! More Hitler please! The Alienware bit was scripted gold!
  11. Me too! I must of got to the bit just after the first apartment (where you hide in the wardrobe and watch Pyramid Head put the bodies down the sink) and you have to solve a little puzzle... I was sweating buckets!
  12. I just found it embarrassing and Hells kitchen wasnt on last night 2 episodes of Nanny 911 - Which is shit!
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    If anyone else has any trouble... I mangaged to get it working using DIV X (OS 9 edition though)
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