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  1. I had a similar moment of shock when I discovered he could do that. I was sitting up there, looking down at him, with him looking up at me. I was just trying to gather some courage to do a diving attack like the tutorial taught me, when he leapt up and smashed my face in. If you want to try upgrading a weapon, go have a look around underneath the first bonfire.
  2. Yeah, Firelink Shrine is where the crow drops you off. It does come up with the names of areas as you move between them, but it took me many hours before I started paying attention to them. That little nest with the talking eggs is an advanced secret thing. Don't worry about it for now.
  3. Yes, this was my experience too. There's confusion, but generally a good kind of confusion. It didn't stop me from enjoying the game. Using miracles: - Buy a miracle from the cleric dude near firelink shrine. - 'Equip' the miracle into an attunement slot at a bonfire. Some miracles require you to have a certain amount of faith points. - Get a talisman and equip it in your hand. Use the regular attack button to cast. I can't remember where exactly I got my talisman from, but I think I found it somewhere around undead burg or firelink shrine.
  4. But there's a cat behind the sofa as well.
  5. As I saw pointed out elsewhere, the baby at 0:40 knocks three blocks off their tower. Half-life 3 confirmed cancelled!
  6. I had heard that you can access the video files by finding the install folder. I'm interested to know if that means you can stream it to other devices or copy it.
  7. I didn't enjoy that episode at all. It felt like they just needed to set up the plot point of them being expelled for a future episode. But even this setup episode needed setting up beforehand with Chang getting his child army and coming up with the dean replacement plan, which dragged down another episode as well. I'd hope they have something really good to justify all this time preparing the scene. But I suspect they just wanted to experiment with adding more continuity, and it just hasn't worked out very well.
  8. I use Painterly, customised to keep the same style as the classic textures as much as possible.
  9. The bit in the citadel in Episode 1 where you have to shoot falling stuff with the gravity gun before it smashes the glass elevator you're standing on. That was frustrating trial and error. But generally, it feels like Valve know that dying and replaying in a linear game sucks, but feeling like you only just made it is good. That's why you can't avoid taking damage, but more health packs appear when your hurt, and health packs heal you more when you're hurt. They want you to be constantly fearing you're about to fail, but ideally rarely actually die.
  10. Have you been hanging around near them, or leaving and going far away? Trees can only grow if you're nearby.
  11. That's a very old video, and the multiple ubers thing is outdated. It used to be that switching uber targets constantly just gave you two invulnerable teammates for the price of one. But they changed it early on so that your uber meter got drained faster by switching targets mid-uber. You should be ready to switch your uber target if someone's about to die and you can save them. But generally, you want to stick to one person to keep the momentum going longer. Soldiers aren't good uber targets because they spend at least half their life reloading. Heavies and pyros are the easiest classes to make use of an uber because they don't need to reload and their main difficulty dealing damage is just surviving getting close. A skilled demo is arguably the most potentially devastating with an uber, but they need to know it's coming, be fully reloaded, and have a plan.
  12. I did most of my medicing when I used to play on private servers, so that wasn't much of a problem. I do mostly hit the "Play now" button now, but I'm trying to balance out my extremely lopsided playtime stats by spending time with other classes. If you don't have any team members you can rely on, I guess you'd have to just concentrate on keeping everyone you can topped up, not following any single unreliable teammate to anywhere you'd be in trouble if they died, and just popping your uber whenever there seems to be an opportunity. Or use voice comms and try to get them organised. I used to really enjoy doing that, back when I played nothing but medic. Or you could switch class, and try to be a good medic buddy for someone else. Show them how it's done, kinda thing.
  13. Oh! The important uber technique that isn't easy to figure out by yourself: Heavies need to get close to sentries to kill them. All damage dealt by players falls off at range, so if a sentry is being looked after by an engineer you need to get right up close to overcome the repair rate and destroy it. The problem is that sentry bullets deal considerable knockback. A heavy is so slow that he can't actually advance towards a sentry while being shot by it, even if he's ubered. The solution is for the medic to uber the heavy, and then run towards the sentry himself. The sentry targets the invincible medic, allowing the heavy to waddle up to point blank unmolested. It helps when ubering pyros too, though not quite as essential. Uber build rate is actually constant during setup time now. You always build uber at the maximum rate. It was changed because it was silly that optimum play involved soldiers shooting themselves just so they couldbe healed. You do still sometimes encounter a soldier who hasn't got that memo, though. During normal play time you do build uber faster while healing people who are hurt or applying an overheal, than when just maintaining an already maxed out overheal.
  14. When you're playing Medic to win, you need to treat your own survival as the highest priority. If you're healing someone and they rush towards the enemy in what you think is an unwise move, DON'T follow them. You are the one in command, not the guy you're healing. If you take damage, retreat and find health immediately. It's ok to leave them all to die. When you've charged into the middle of the enemy with an uber, but it's now about to run out, run away. Even if your uber buddy is staying where they are. They can sacrifice themselves for the chance of taking out a couple more guys. You can't. You are much more valuable than that. The reason you want to keep yourself alive over any of your teammates is because you want that uber, and you want as many of them as you can get. Any time not spent healing and building uber is time lost. Use voice comms. You may be the only person talking on the server, but communication is an essential tool for a medic. Announce who you're going to uber. Tell them where you'd like them to go. Explain where the sentries are that need to be taken out during this uber. Warn your heavy about targets outside his field of vision. If you see a spy heading for your heavy's back, you can try to warn them, but there often isn't time. Break out the bonesaw and take them out yourself. Block the spy with your body if you can - when you're both facing each other, your knife is bigger than his. That's all if you want to be most effective and efficient. But I play medic mostly because I love the syringe gun so much, so I don't pass up opportunities to use it. The syringe gun is actually very powerful. It's just difficult to hit with. But you can quite easily turn the slowness of the projectiles and their downward arc into advantages. Pyros and scouts that run straight at you as you run away will die very quickly if you run backwards and keep firing at the corner you just rounded. Get the right amount of distance and enough corners to run around, and you can do this to tougher classes, too, all without them getting the chance to fire back. You can also kill slow or stationary enemies like snipers and heavies from safety by arcing your syringes over an obstacle.
  15. Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Part 2.
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