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  1. Very, VERY sad to hear about the tragedy.

  2. Just got hold of a nice modded saturn and looking for some good shoot em ups. Already have radiant silvergun. What else is worth a play? Thanks in advance!
  3. 1. In Utero - Nirvana 2. White album - The Beatles 3. Diorama - Silverchair 4. Holy Bible - Manics 5. Word Gets Around - Sterophonics 6. Ok Computer - Radiohead 7. Nevermind - Nirvana 8. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd 9. Pixies - Doolittle 10.Green Album - Weezer
  4. This sounds great! Me and the gf will be having a go at this one
  5. I think its pretty gud tbh. Nothing amazing and nothing really new, but hey its manics! Some catchy stuff on there, favs at the mo are - imperial bodybags you love alone is not enough autumn song Anyone going see them live this year?
  6. nlunch


    That album is quite simply stunning. All tracks on it (apart from breed) better the originals imo. Love the 'Drain You' on it, how raw does the vocal sound
  7. nlunch


    Heres that teen spirit i mentioned, its taken from the roma'94 concert bootleg. Defo a download for the fans - http://www.mediafire.com/?8dyzmjuknyd
  8. nlunch


    I acually have that concert on dvd, its the hollywood rock one. Yeah its very good
  9. nlunch


    WOW! Where and when did you see them?
  10. nlunch


    I have yet to hear a better live band, espeically in the vocals. He was an amazing live singer. The reason they got smear is because they were playing massive venues on the in utero tour and needed a bigger sound. The best version of teen spirit is on the 94' roma concert bootleg imo. The solo is amazing with the second guitar.
  11. nlunch


    Yeah, it had dave on bass, kurt on drums and krist on guitar
  12. nlunch


    Imo Unplugged showed a complete different side to the band and thought the songs sounded really well especially 'all apologies' and 'about a girl' They also did some pretty amazing covers on that album, 'man who sold the world' imo is betters bowies original. For people who havnt seen it - http://youtube.com/watch?v=209ArurxVG4
  13. nlunch


    Pretty much the same here in regards to playing them to death, although i find myself getting 'back into' this band more than any other. really liked the demo song 'Do re mi' shame it was never recorded as a band
  14. nlunch


    I never really liked frogstomp, johns sounded way too much like eddie vedder for my liking. Thought Freakshow had a couple of gud tunes on it but as a whole wasnt that great. Imo neon ballroom is where the 'true' silverchair started and stopped trying to be this nirvana type band. Anyone here watched the live dvd 'live from faraway stables' ? Its really good to pick up if you are into this band
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