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  1. Ken Macleod is speaking on bbc news just now. He sounds very upset and shocked
  2. Not read much of his either but A Stir of Echoes is great.
  3. Fucking typical.
  4. I buy pretty much all my music on CD but listen mostly to MP3s or spotify.
  5. Yeah l like it too although I think we could do without yet another visit to Tatooine.
  6. I think he went far too long without making a film himself. When I listened to his commentary on the THX DVD I felt like he still knew how to make a film but the prequel trilogy suggest otherwise.
  7. Plus he a writer on Brave not THE writer so he gets a pass
  8. Doesn't mean there won't be a gap of twenty or thirty years.
  9. It's OK Michael Arndt is writing it.
  10. I'm happy with him. Could have been a lot worse. Good writer and a good director so far so good. I loved Super 8 but absolutely hated Cloverfield but he was only producer on that. There is so much that could go wrong but so far I think they've made good decisions. Long way to go yet.
  11. I've only skimmed through this thread but the general opinion is the film is brilliant. Am I the only one that didn't really like it all that much?
  12. I hope they stay well clear of the expanded universe.
  13. I knew I recognised her from somewhere. The joop homme adverts on FX get on my tits.
  14. Does anyone here play Simpsons tapped out? I'm a friend short for one of the tasks. Origin ID is hebejebe if anyone can be bothered to add me.
  15. hebejebe


    He looked to me like he was fighting to keep the tears in.
  16. hebejebe

    Mass Effect 3

    I thought ME3 was good, it was disappointing how little bearing your previous choices made and the ending wasn't what I wanted but I had a good time playing it.
  17. I think unlike Under The Dome this was just an idea he had back in the 70s.
  18. What does Buffon have on his neck?
  19. hebejebe

    Mass Effect 3

    I was thinking the same thing. I really enjoyed playing the game but the ending put me on a downer. I expected to go straight into another playthrough abut I've barely played anything since finishing it.
  20. I got an email from Amazon telling me they've cancelled the order. Not a surprise but still
  21. That was far too easy for them.
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