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  1. I guess it comes as no surprise but there is a new Comixology ios app out which removes the ability to buy comics through the app. They give existing customers $5 gift card. Shame, I enjoyed browsing through the app and I'll probably buy less comics now on the spur of the moment.
  2. Lucas said that the EU was like an alternate universe. Yeah I guess it sucks for those really invested in it, I've spent an fair amount myself, but it was always something that was aside from the films.
  3. My Origin ID is hebejebe if anyone wants to add me.
  4. I see XCOM is on sale again. How is it on iPad?
  5. I've played it on iPad and it works well. Only time I didn't like the controls was during the racing. Not sure what like it is on iPhone.
  6. It gets a lot better after The Gunslinger.
  7. I grabbed the bottom one in the first pic. Cheers.
  8. hebejebe

    Pearl Jam

    I've given up hope of them ever coming north of the border again
  9. hebejebe

    Pearl Jam

    New album is available for streaming on iTunes.
  10. hebejebe

    Mark Lanegan Band

    Only listened once. First impressions are it's no I'll Take Care Of You but I do like it. It's a crooner album but man do I love his voice.
  11. Yeah it will be everywhere but one lesson George did learn from Phantom Menace was to tone down the amount of marketing. Sure there was still shitloads but there was definitely less of it. Hopefully Disney realise there most certainly is such a thing as too much Star Wars. Then again we are about to get yearly Star Wars films so probably not.
  12. hebejebe

    Mark Lanegan Band

    Got the new album today. Shamefully I've not listened yet but I see that Mike Johnson is playing on it. Really pleased with that, always loved his guitar work on Lanegan's albums.
  13. I'm hopeful that we've seen the last of the fucking around with the original trilogy.
  14. Plants vs Zombies 2 is finally released tomorrow for those of us that didn't get it for the Australian store.
  15. Digital Foundry did a comparison of the pads a while back. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-next-gen-joypads-a-true-evolution
  16. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is down to 69p
  17. hebejebe

    Mark Lanegan Band

    Another new album and your dates http://marklanegan.com/
  18. And on the flip side I have been downloading Ico/SotC for around 25hrs now.
  19. WTF? That's almost, but not quite, enough to make me turn the sound back on.
  20. Both good calls. Are they worse? I'm not sure but they they definitely are in with a shout.
  21. Yeah, I had to mute the TV. Is there anyone worse than him?
  22. I really enjoyed A Stir of Echoes.
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