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  1. I downloaded Picture Cross last night and really enjoyed it but I lost all my progress when I went to play it after work
  2. Please do recommend. Without Audible I'd hardly get any 'reading' done as I end up falling asleep very quickly.
  3. Sturridge limped off. Hope it's not bad
  4. He could look a little bit happier
  5. What a goal that would have been
  6. This has stopped working for my kids sub accounts when logging in to EA servers it says they need PS Plus. Was working yesterday and no other games say this. Something up with the PS4 or have EA changed something? PS4 is activated as primary console and ps plus is still active.
  7. hebejebe

    Frank Zappa!

    I liked this bit in a documentary where George Duke is talking about Frank breaking his musical barriers.
  8. Lol, sorry. The forum is usually quick to point out spelling mistakes.
  9. Fat fingers, I corrected my typing three times and somehow still managed to hit i again
  10. That would have been some goal from Markivic.
  11. They told me another team will contact me about it so hopefully will get some joy. Would taking them to the Small Claims Court cost me?
  12. Got the standard one year warranty response from them
  13. Cheers. I took the one on the bottom left.
  14. Mine won't accept discs at all. Few 'fixes' online that seem to have worked for folk, database rebuild, system update, tightening the eject screw but none worked for me Has anyone else had this problem? It's a launch PS4 so out of warranty. Any idea how much Sony will charge to fix it? Also can I get Amazon to replace it due to that EU 2 years guarantee thing?
  15. hebejebe

    Mass Effect 3

    I don't remember too much about the story for Halo 4 but he's got more to work with in the Mass Effect universe maybe he'll deliver the goods.
  16. hebejebe

    Mark Lanegan Band

    Anyone listened to Phantom Radio yet? I picked up the edition with the No Bells on Sunday EP. I've only listened to each once, first impressions are I like the album and the EP is alright but I really need to listen to both again.
  17. Nice of Dunne to show Balotelli how it's done.
  18. I really liked the trilogy and can't say I had any issues with his writing though it's been a while since I have read something by him. If you didn't like the first one I don't think the next two will do much to win you over.
  19. 2nd one used. Thank you.
  20. Me too. Was hoping to get some time with it before the football starts again.Saw some people saying that they quit Destiny launched another game then quit it and relaunched Destiny and it worked. I tried it and it worked too.
  21. 56% but I'm going to have to turn in for the night so will be tomorrow before I get a shot. I take it this isn't linked to your PSN account and other accounts on the PS4 can play it too?
  22. I need to spend my whopping $5 credit for Comixology. Any recommendations?
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