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    As you can probably see from the link above, the Megaman 2 video has been age-restricted for reasons that are difficult to understand: https://youtube.com/watch?v=qs_7crdHpbo
  2. Haven't played a shmup in anger for a little while for various reasons and have some unfinished business. It is officially close enough to Halloween for it to be Time For Deathsmiles. I'll be putting in a bit of time to Deathsmiles Black Label to try and pick up the 1cc I never quite managed when I first started playing it, and would invite anyone else in the same situation (or who just fancies a bit of score-chasing) to join in. The goal is to have at least achieved the 1cc by Halloween 2022 and as a sidenote am gunning for having that second score-based extend reliably in the bag too. Current status is that I can get to the final boss about 50% of the time, I'm avoiding all the extra stages for now, and always forget to use bombs. Join me in being Bad At Shmups!
  3. The tricolour match issue was probably exacerbated by only 21% of the players being on the leading team, along with Nintendo making a change to the matchmaking to reduce the number of tricolour matches. Between those two factors it feels like you were always going to have a lack of those matches as Team Gear.
  4. How is Pro less miserable than Open?
  5. What did you get from a set of six shells?
  6. I've not had a single X10/100/333 battle, but have had to defend a couple tricolour battles so far. Still only played about 15 matches though so pretty small sample size.
  7. I'm Profreshional+2 at the moment, played for hours, and still can't afford anything. The scales payout is either dreadful or I'm missing something important.
  8. I think for me, it will be unplayable because I am old
  9. This looks incredible and almost impossible to keep track of.. FYI: Video contains a lot of flashing lights. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1743850/HYPER_DEMON/
  10. 46. Hexcells (100%) Imagine Picross mixed with Minesweeper and then make it hexagons rather than squares. That's it. Delightful no-guess puzzle game for about 80p. https://store.steampowered.com/app/265890/Hexcells/
  11. Just a reminder that this exists and nobody has used it yet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ef51fPvmpglEvPKqjeCXnAlDWWzxJ8g5m-rtlSZaYjQ/edit?usp=sharing Hopefully it'll help track people down for Muk sessions
  12. It is pretty funny looking back at how inconsistent Machine Head have been, they have some genuine metal classics (and The Burning Red which I adore, though a lot of this is down to nostalgia) and then some absolute stinkers too. You could curate a hell of a live set from their catalogue though. On an unrelated note, a couple of things recently released/soon come:
  13. An observation on Salmon Run - you can get the night time stages outside of Profreshional now, which is definitely good to ease people in to it but I will miss the absolute terror of the very first time you see one of those stages combined with it being the highest difficulty.
  14. I find it interesting that the play time data doesn't transfer between Switches - I only played 4 hours on my OLED (and 350 on my original Switch). Having fun with this so far! Looks and sounds great.
  15. Splatoon 3 releases today! Anyone who ordered from the Currys link earlier in the thread should receive theirs via DPD today. As per request I put together a sheet for anyone looking for people to play Splatoon 3 with; I'm not sure how important the Splat Tags are at this point but have left a space for them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ef51fPvmpglEvPKqjeCXnAlDWWzxJ8g5m-rtlSZaYjQ/edit?usp=sharing [edit] The Nintendo Online app has been updated with a Splatoon 3 section; it looks like you'll be able to view a Friend List through this too, along with returning functionality from Spaltoon 2 like battle log and ordering gear. There's also a section about "helping Crusty Sean on his quest" with the reward of special items, and a photo album - looking forward to seeing if this is an instance of Nintendo improving their online functionality.
  16. Go! Go! Mile Smile: You play as a weird egg-centipede and have to clear the maze of all the pellets without getting caught, by extending yourself from the entrance points on the edge of the maze. The more pellets you catch in one go, the more points you get, but if an enemy touches any part of your disgusting egg body then you lose a life and feel shame. Seriously though I played a ton of this and loved it and very rarely see people talking about it. Great push-your-luck score chasing mechanics and is a really nice mix of Pac-Man and Qix. MILE and YARD are pursuing their dream.
  17. 45. Dicey Dungeons Gone from finishing nothing for ages, to everything that I'm currently picking at coming to a conclusion at once. Dicey Dungeons is an absolute masterpiece - it's a roguelite dungeon crawler boardgameish thing, where you have to tackle a dungeon populated with enemies by rolling dice and then assigning those dice to abilities that deal damage or have other effects. It all sounds pretty straightforward and tedious but the main couple of things that elevate it are that the balance is absolutely superb - it's difficult but you feel like with some improvement and thought you'll be able to conquer it - and also the enormous amount of variety contained within. There's 36 individual stages across six characters, each of whom have their own major mechanic (the Warrior is very straightforward, the Robot can roll as many dice as it wants but if they go over a specific total vaue then you "bust" and lose access to all your equipment, the Inventor discards a piece of equipment each turn and turns it into a gadget that is free to use... and then each character has six individual stages where the rules are different, including one each where all the status effects that can be applied, and all the player and enemy loadouts, are completely different. There's also incredible attention to detail in the game; the enemies talk to you and are generally really amusing, there's snippets of backstory as you progress through the game which are largely a bunch of light jokes, but perhaps the best example of this is (minor spoiler) Still a couple of episodes I've not yet cracked (currently at 33/36), but have beaten the final boss and there's a couple of small pieces of DLC I'll be continuing to poke at until I've got the lot. Either way this is delightfully inventive and remains so right up until the end of the game, it's absolutely superb.
  18. This one also very good, but I need to try it with a pad as I'm constantly running in to bullets using the regular shot and it's ever-so-slightly-too-twitchy move speed. Got about 28k on Storm Vulcan mode which is probably the more enjoyable mode of the two I've tried so far.
  19. 2,904. This is a lot of fun though, does not mess around at all and instantly goes in to some pretty mean bullet patterns from the off.
  20. 44. Higurashi When They Cry - Ch. 8 Matsuribayashi The final chapter in the Higurashi games and I still smile at how ridiculous the title images are, with their random repetition of WHEN THEY CRY... at the end of all of them. Couple of things before spoilers: this one actually contains some interactive elements! You can't get a bad ending from them, but you're tasked with what is functionally refreshing your memory of the previous seven games by connecting different story bits together which all funnel into the final story segment. This does make the game a significant chunk longer than any of the previous chapters - took me about 16 hours for this one, compared to 5hrs for chapter 4 and 12 hours for chapter 3 (the longest one prior to this, and also probably the bleakest). Also, I really, really enjoyed this series in the end despite the fact that it contained just a little bit too much stuff I would have been quite happy to do without. One of the characters is obsessed with maids, which really doesn't go anywhere other than the obsession coming out of nowhere once every game or two, several of the male schoolmates are overtly perverts at times and neither of those things really added much to the plot. But the actual important bits were frequently riveting, and you often didn't know whether you were getting a psychological horror, a thriller or a mystery until you were already invested. Kind of a shame I had to patch the game to get it to Not Crash All The Time though, used the 4GB patcher as described at the bottom of the first page of this thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1243670/discussions/0/4594180031250444950/ . There's been complaints about it since its Steam release in 2020 and no fix has been provided which is really disappointing.
  21. You can't put your online progress into the cloud on Splatoon 2.
  22. It's really good, been there a few years, and the only shame is that a fair few cabs were broken in some way. They do have what is believed to be Europe's only 8-player Daytona though There's a good selection of rhythm games, a few shmups, a lot of fighters and then a smattering of other random stuff. It's not nearly as expansive as Arcade Club but I still ran out of time and wanted to spend about an extra three hours there. Can't wait to go back. https://www.heartofgaming.co.uk/
  23. That's kind of heartbreaking if it's been that way for months. I don't know why the SFIV was even powered up given that it's completely unplayable, and for things like Daytona 2 you may as well not bother as you couldn't rev high enough to change gear so it was just like going for a quiet Sunday drive. Ketsui was working at least, the only issue I had with that game is how dreadful I am at it. Going to drop them a message but that is a real shame to hear.
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