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  1. ...there were only about 23 participants Good fun though and the PuyoGB community seem to be a good bunch at first glance. Jonster got a win and a few other top finishes, and the overall standard of play was quite high.
  2. @MikeBeaver Have you signed up for the T99 event? They're looking for someone with your name in the Discord.
  3. Are you playing handheld or on the TV? I find the default calibration is perfect for handheld but you'll likely need to tweak it for TV usage. You can customise the sound it makes when you hit a button - pick a track, hit X to customise and then there's an option for Button FX. Regarding yesterday's discussion on Like The Wind, I've probably done it a disservice as I can't stop humming the fucking chorus now. Also I probably don't have any more reasons to put off moving on to Extreme now: Don't think Perfects are worth the time unless it's the only challenge remaining - you have to be good enough to Perfect a track to get an Excellent on Hard and Extreme, the Perfect is just reflective of you being able to put a run together. Given enough time I could Perfect every track on Hard, but life is already miserable enough at present.
  4. DLC then. There's seven new tracks which are the usual fare, nothing leaps out as being a huge highlight but they're all fine. [Edit] Bless Your Breath is pretty good in fairness The SEGA pack is something else. Three tracks that truly capture the essence of SEGA's arcade heritage and exceptional music back catalogue. First off - the Quartet theme! Which is OK I guess maybe it is really popular in Japan Second - the Afterburner II one that MW_Jimmy liked! This is pretty good, when placed on the ranking of Instrumentals From Old Videogames With Lyrics Plastered On Top. Finally, from SEGA's classic racing series, known for its timeless music and exceptional sense of style - uh, Power Drift. This could have been blue skies and classic Outrun music instead, or cool like Ridge Racer 4, but instead Rin is Reiko Nagase's irritating little sister, begins with "Welcome to exciting world" and things don't get any better. There are plenty of other great SEGA tracks that could have been chosen in place of these but here we are, they are delightfully stupid like everything else in this game so I guess it all fits. Worse things have happened in 2020. There's a few great songs across the 151 (!) currently available that weren't in the Vita/DS games: Just Be Friends - I could totally see this one at Eurovision Funny time signatures all over the place on this one.
  5. First set of DLC for Megamix is out today. Seems very soon, I'm 40+ hours in and still haven't scratched the surface of what's in the base game - still working through Hard and preparing for Extreme. Anyway of course I'm buying the season pass why do you ask
  6. I'm in! And also quickly out in the first round.
  7. I don't really want wish.com in my games...
  8. strawdonkey


    Unrelated, but from VTF-INO's Twitter: What the fuck
  9. strawdonkey


    This is happening: https://horaro.org/twitchstgrelay/schedule-en It's a string of very talented Shmup players being excellent. Live now!
  10. Other than the menu lag it's ok. I've not seen any major slowdown but the frame rate can be a little choppy in places. I've got used to it but it'd be nice if it was a little more slick, though it's not caused me any noticeable problems that I can't blame on lack of skill yet
  11. I mentioned this in the eShop thread, but this game is really susceptible to Joycon drift. It's not the game's fault per se but does make it difficult to use the shield (which requires you to be standing still or not aiming), and if you try to use melee while you're aiming it doesn't work. Which is fine, until your joycon decides that you are constantly aiming down. Slightly bigger deadzones would fix this but it doesn't appear to be possible to customise them. Hopefully in a future patch. Other than that I'm really enjoying it. Refreshing to have even the most basic enemies that you have to take seriously.
  12. Enjoying CrossCode so far, the menu lag is real but only a bit annoying. Could do with some deadzone tweaking for the analogue sticks though, it's almost unplayable with my original ones due to analogue stick drift. Just constantly aiming in whatever direction the joycon is drifting. Appreciate this isn't CrossCode's fault explicitly but this is the hardware we're living with.
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