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  1. strawdonkey

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    This was the second game I ever played on my Megadrive - my brother hired it from the local petrol station/video hire place and I wasn't allowed to play until I'd done my homework :\ Have one-credited the Megadrive version countless times, but am off to Arcade Club next week so will give the arcade version some hammer while I'm there.
  2. This looks pretty grim. Hopefully it's not just gore, but like you I'll be going dark on this and going in blind on day one.
  3. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2

    Sloshers are usually a two hit kill, so if you get the jump on someone you can usually have them half dead before they've even had chance to get at you. The regular Tri-Slosher also has burst bombs, which you can get a slightly faster kill with (one slosh and then a bomb). Rollers can also be a one-hit kill, and also reward you getting the jump on someone. If you prefer something a bit more like a gun, the Sploosh-o-matic regular loadout is good for close range combat, inks really well and has the splashdown as an emergency get out of trouble card too. Special Charge Up and Main/Sub Ink Saver are good abilities to have on your gear, as well as Ninja Squid and/or Object Shredder. Main thing is try to avoid firefights if you're coming in at parity or at a disadvantage until you're more comfortable with your weapon range.
  4. That's delightful. I especially love when you use the Critical Art he mangles the voice line so badly it sounds like "POWER TO THE ARSE".
  5. strawdonkey

    Night in the Woods - Emo 'em up

    Finally got around to this after receiving it in the Steam Secret Santa last year. It's wonderful - Mae's internal monologue turns the game into a psychological horror in places when it hits close to home, but mostly it's unraveling the world and its inhabitants, who are equal parts wholesome and shitbag. Especially loved the bass sections, in which no matter how well you play it still sounds absolutely dreadful, which is a lovely touch.
  6. strawdonkey

    WhatsApp Music Group

    I'm up for that - sign me up
  7. strawdonkey

    Math Rock / Emo

    New American Football today: https://americanfootball.bandcamp.com/album/american-football-lp3
  8. strawdonkey

    Cadence of Hyrule

    This looks utterly wonderful and the way the trailer progressively dropped the Zelda hints was excellent. Can't wait for this even though I am utterly dreadful at the original.
  9. I believe this is Amemiya from the amazing Puyo Tetris swap video: Go to about 20 mins from the end to see him play other members of the top 8 1v3.
  10. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2

    Hope everyone is enjoying Wizards vs Wizards splatfest! I say this after every event but I really should play this more frequently. It's still so good, even after 350+ hours.
  11. Had an absolute disaster of a few games but capped it off with my third win out of 286. Not quite ready to go pro just yet
  12. I WIN AGAIN More competent this time too, actually made progress on my stack when heads-up rather than falling to pieces immediately.
  13. Whee! First victory. The end of it was a complete shambles - I did five or six catastrophic mis-drops but my opponent still died, so I basically out-awfulled them. Will take what I can get though!
  14. Apparently the Dpad is crap, but otherwise no.
  15. Gghhjjj 2nd place. Strangely I've had a lot of luck when pissing around trying to learn to four-wide, rather than going for Tetrises. I've yet to come remotely close to pulling off the four-wide start for what it's worth. People weren't joking when they said it wasn't simple!

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