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  1. Sadly a lot of the stuff I had saved on YouTube has been deleted, and I didn't write down what it was so I've probably forgotten forever. The internet is weird. Anyway this is really good: And: There is another J-Music thread in case you want to have a dig through that:
  2. Khans is a brilliant set, but you may struggle to find it affordably. Theros: Beyond Death is receiving a lot of good press, and War of the Spark is also highly thought of, but WotS is quite a complex set and the Planeswalker static abilities can be a bit of a pain to keep track of if you're not all experienced players.
  3. Slay The Spire in the current Humble Bundle, at the $10 tier: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/digital-tabletop-2
  4. Just had the pleasure of Nightmare + Catalyst + Well-Laid Plans. Deck was a bit ropey against things that weren't bosses, but bosses or things with large health pools suddenly became trivial - I'd got Well-Laid Plans Innate through a Bottled Tornado, so it was simply a case of stacking a little bit of poison, holding on to the combo pieces as they came out of the deck, and then - oops, 1,000 poison.
  5. The demo for Project Diva Mega39's is out on the Japanese eShop right now - you can play Romeo and Cinderella for the 294932874982732th time (not complaining!) and also one other tune that I don't recognise. It seems like every other Project Diva game so far which is fine by me. Only problem - and it's a big one - is that it's going to take a hell of a lot of reprogramming in my brain to not press the B button on Switch when I see an X. Two games worth of X being at the bottom on PlayStation will be difficult to unlearn! Can't wait for the Western release.
  6. Oh awesome, didn't realise they had something new out. Can't seem to buy it from anywhere other than Japanese online stores at the moment so am hoping they get a western distribution sorted soon. Partly because its £15+currency exchange fees from the Japanese stores too! Will give it a listen via YouTube later.
  7. Yeah but I like to be able to read stuff. Not that the Hatsune Miku games are known for their storyline...
  8. Ultra Despair Girls is a very average "action" spin-off. It felt more like fan service than a useful addition to the story, and unless you are desperate for any and all Danganronpa content I would suggest giving it a swerve. It's not awful but that's not exactly a recommendation. [edit] to echo the creepy comment above - it gets very uncomfortable in places, not in a good way.
  9. 08. Pokémon Sword Kinda cheating a bit because I played a lot of this before 2020. Haven't played a Pokémon since Ruby on GBA, and since my kids are starting to take an interest in the franchise I picked this one up and became very addicted to it quite quickly. It feels streamlined, looks lovely, and is genuinely funny in a few places too. Your whole party levelling up after every fight/catch is a lovely grind-reducing tweak, and being able to send your Pokémon off on jobs when they're not active members of your party is also really helpful - I've been trying to catch one of everything I come across and I've got about five boxes of neglected Pokémon, so giving them a way to level up without endless grind is great. I have every intention of going back and completing the Pokédex, as I didn't do that on the two other Pokemon games I've played (Red and Ruby) - but at only ~140 entries there's a long way to go and I reserve the right to get bored before I get it done. As for the kids? They've played it once and spent the entire time arguing. [edit] oh wait that isn't the end [edit2] ok actually done now
  10. 07. Glass Masquerade I found this while searching Steam by review score and then picking stuff that was really cheap. I think this was about a quid. Glass Masquerade is basically a jigsaw, but every jigsaw is a clock face for reasons I am yet to understand. Instead of having the regular jigsaw piece shapes, pieces take the form of chunks of stained glass, so while you'll spend a while finding most of the outside pieces first, picking a piece up and evaluating its context is often as important as whether it goes around the edge or not. And that's about it! I absolutely loved this though - it's very chilled out, the music is great, and it has a really lovely early Windows 95 shareware vibe, but in high resolution. It feels like a PC game from the past, like I'm playing an HD remaster of some forgotten gem out of the back of the Apogee catalogue. There's some DLC and a sequel that I will definitely go for next time they are on sale, but this has been really lovely and non-demanding to play whilst still being really satisfying, in a way that not a lot else is. [edit] it's on Switch! For something like eleven fucking quid, compared to about £3.50 on Steam. Madness.
  11. I went through all the digital games I own and noted down all the ones I would definitely like to play but haven't got round to yet. There must be ten years worth of gaming in that list and I've still got physical stuff to add as well. So... No I will definitely die before getting round to many of these, which is a far cry from the days of having a Megadrive and only three games to play on it. [edit] 179 games.
  12. Deleting nested quotes on mobile is hell 06. Untitled Goose Game I hate being a dick in games. Even though I'm not being a dick to anyone real I still feel like it's an inappropriate way to behave. At least, that's what I keep telling myself but all it takes is turning my avatar in to a goose and I'm immediately channeling my inner shithead, no questions asked. I also don't really like stealth games, but making it impossible to truly fail an objective really helped me with this game, not to mention that every objective completed rewards you with something funny. Basically everything that happens with this game makes me smile - running off with a spade, getting chased out the garden, spreading your wings defiantly. Even just reading some of the to-do lists had me grinning at the extent of the reign of terror this goose could get up to. The ending is absolutely glorious and I am just endlessly delighted to be existing and pissing about as a naughty goose.
  13. Nah actually that's really useful, and I agree it sounds wonderful.
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