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  1. Haven't seen any fucking Rappies yet though.
  2. I just plugged a 360 pad in, chose Option 2 for the layout, and it feels pretty close to the 360 version. Clementine feels a bit like a PSU beta - synthing doesn't work, drop tables are all over the place and the leveling/balance doesn't feel quite right, but have to admit I'm having loads of fun playing it again. I think I like the way PSU looks and sounds more than how it plays - booting the game for the first time and hearing the title music brought back a lot of good memories, and it's amazing how much of the maps you remember even this long after playing. I had forgotten just how bad Protranser is at level 1 though, was pretty funny suddenly being unable to equip (or hit) anything. Leveling up and gradually being able to use B/A rank gear has been really satisfying even if any other class is putting my damage output to shame. Downsides are that the community has centered around a couple of missions, much like the old White Beast days - so if you want a group with randoms it's there or don't bother. But when it all comes together, it's glorious. We had a group of six for a session recently with a Protranser, an Acrotecher and some DPS classes and it felt absolutely brilliant. Well worth a crack if you have the itch.
  3. HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT Might have started playing on the Clementine server. Might be level 60. Protranser might still be an absolute garbage fire at low levels.
  4. If you can get to Beeston, Chimera are second to none - brilliant store. If it's central only you should probably look at The Dice Cup. As for PTCGO, I'm "strawdonkey".
  5. I've not played for ages but if you want a game, give me a shout
  6. You can totally do it, but be aware that a lot of "my kid lost interest" collections are actually "I am a professional card vendor, here is a few thousand cards I can't sell individually because they are cack". A mountain of cards is always brilliant and there are no issues with compatibility with old/new cards - just be aware that old cards are usually way less powerful/efficient than newer ones.
  7. Theme decks are a little crappy because they're quite different to the ideal way to play - they contain lots of Pokémon and lots of energy, whereas a "real" deck will contain not a lot of either and lots of cards that do cool stuff instead. The VS decks are usually pretty good for the money - they are a step ahead of the starter decks, balanced against each other a bit and they look like a nice gift too. There are formats like in other TCGs - but for just playing for fun it literally doesn't matter. Just be prepared for a sudden financial hit if she decides she wants to start playing at a local shop/etc.
  8. Good luck! I've not played a Pokémon one but TCG prereleases are some of my favourite events because everyone is so excited to open the new stuff!
  9. But when I try to pre-order for collection in store it won't let me. Based on this I'm presuming that you have to place the pre-order in store too?
  10. Where did you get it for that price? I can only find it for £43.
  11. strawdonkey


    Crunchyroll 48-hour guest pass up for grabs. PM me if you want it. [edit] Didn't realise they were still given away for just having a premium account. I've got four available.
  12. Can't confirm either way, but it definitely feels like that sometimes. I had a great Shiv deck last night and got absolutely hammered by the Clock Sucker (so maybe it wasn't that brilliant after all).
  13. Forgot to scrub my shirt. Oops. Made the top rank on every Splatfest except one when there was that run of three on consecutive weekends. Bought a Switch mainly because this was in development. It's been a wicked couple of years, approaching 400 hours, and I still haven't got round to playing the League mode nor really giving Ranked a serious go. What a brilliant game.
  14. You get a team name only when you have something in common with your teammates - for instance a piece of clothing, hairstyle, special weapon, etc. The more you synchronise, the more ridiculous the name gets.
  15. 10× and 100× battles only happen during a Splatfest - they give you the appropriate multiplier to your Clout score if you win. If you have team synergy, you also get that multiplier on top - so the one I won last night gave us 100× and then multiplied that by 1.5× on top because we all had the same haircut and hat. You'll get the battles occasionally - I believe there's one 10× battle a minute during a Splatfest, and one 100× battle every ten minutes.
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