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  1. strawdonkey

    Nintendo Switch

    Not compatible with all software! That's ominous.
  2. Peaked early.
  3. Beauty and Daigo the Beast Finding Nemo2DGod
  4. Case 1 is a rollercoaster! Definitely starting on a high. And yeah the Monokubs are growing on me, just a little. When Monokuma shows up they stop being quite so irritating. Back in the swing of it now, looking forward to getting stuck in some more.
  5. Was that P3P's Female Main Character at the end of the video?
  6. The series is on sale on PSN at the moment. I've finally taken the plunge on V3 at twelve quid (Vita) and Trigger Happy Havoc is a bargain at £6.49. (Also Odin Sphere for seven quid) So far the Monokubs are really creepy and I hate all the characters, but am looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. I don't think anything in the series will come close to the impact the first game had, though.
  7. strawdonkey

    Favorite Gig?

    Yeah! That's definitely on my list too - everything about it was just slightly off. An Icelandic girls choir had been flown in as vocal accompaniment, giant wood pillars stood at each corner of the stage with rotating pieces on that would play different notes depending on the angle, one of the musicians was playing what looked like an upturned steel drum and the David Attenborough intermissions made it feel like you were somewhere you didn't expect you'd be that evening. Absolutely glorious. Others for me: A Perfect Circle, Rock City (Nottingham), 2004 - one of the tightest sets I've ever seen, it was as much a theatrical performance as it was a gig. Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas, Damnation Festival (Leeds), 2016 - I still maintain that The Beyond is Cult of Luna's finest work, and missing out on the opportunity to see them in 2004-ish on that tour still haunts me, the same as missing out on Sigur Ros supporting Radiohead in a church somewhere in the early 2000s. Mariner (the album they did with Julie Christmas) is another high point of their discography though, and the added vocal is just completely furious at all times. Seeing it live was intense - it was the fourth time I'd seen Cult of Luna and by far the best one, though the time when they brought all the old band members back and played a bunch of classics would probably be untouchable were it not for the fact the venue sounded like ass. Ghost and Gojira - Sheffield O2 - about 2015 maybe - who could argue with that lineup? The heaviest matter of the universe vs pantomime metal. I've never bothered much with Ghost but live they were captivating and stupid and ridiculous and brilliant. Amenra, Damnation Festival, 2015 - nervous breakdown-inducing despair. Have seen them twice since but this one was in a tiny, packed room, with them crammed onto a tiny stage, and the vocalist spends his entire time kneeling with his back to the crowd, and they sound like they will end the earth. Iron Maiden, NIA, 2000-ish - my first large gig! Supported by Rob Halford who spent the entire time looking like he was about to eat his microphone. I wish I'd kept a record of bands I've seen over the years.
  8. strawdonkey

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    Blade Strangers! The cross-over fighting game that probably nobody was asking for, but I'm really looking forward to this after watching the WNF above. It's a crossover fighter featuring characters from: Code of Princess Cave Story Shovel Knight Binding of Isaac Also, some girl riding a cat! It seems to be pretty slow and accessible (specials are all direction+button) and despite the aesthetic there's no air block, so jumping is a commitment and combos are short. I was considering the SNK Heroines game as a switch fighter before the character reveal videos started getting released revealing the game to be high on the fanservice, but this looks wicked and I'm really looking forward to being utterly dreadful at it. There's some good matches towards the end of that video - the start is a lot of people fumbling around not knowing how to play.
  9. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    It's definitely tricky but achievable. The main thing I found tricky was the change in pace - Splatoon multiplayer is 3-5 minutes of breakneck relentless action, whereas you can usually take your time with Octo Expansion levels.
  10. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    This is definitely not a game to play inebriated. I'm crap at the best of times but after a few I am functionally useless and couldn't hit a barn door.
  11. strawdonkey

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    Yeah that happened once or twice too. Have done my Vostok time anyway; I just tipped over the threshold into basically infinite money after I lost a 110%+ bonus thanks to a nonsense instant death. Wound up with a nodecillion and all of Sol fully upgraded, and that was enough for me. Horribly addictive and moreish game - the unavoidable deaths were really frustrating and But I did have a lot of fun with this on the whole. Even if it wound up with me changing my Switch power settings and leaving it on all the time to rack up money!
  12. strawdonkey

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    Did anyone else have issues with enemies getting stuck on your ship? I've lost 10+ managers several times after an enemy ship just gets stuck to mine and destroys my ship in less than a couple of seconds.
  13. strawdonkey

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    I bought this game and rate it "why can't I be this diligent in real life/10"
  14. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Yeah I really enjoyed it - was interesting to have a Turf War map with a clear choke point to defend at the start of the game. Best one so far I think though there have been some interesting ones of late.
  15. strawdonkey

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    That was probably @matt! - he's been a huge fan of Guru Logi Champ for a while. I'm partial to a bit of Kurushi Final - finding out it was available on the PS3 store was one of the things that sold the console to me, albeit long after launch! Another vote too for Catherine - it gets bastard hard towards the end too, I never was able to finish it. Droplitz was also lovely, is it BC on XBox One? [Edit] Money Puzzle Exchanger is available on Switch now and is an underrated classic. Similar to Magical Drop but with money denominations.

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