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  1. https://tmblr.co/ZP7VLs2mVlVE7 Janelle Shane did a brilliant writeup of this too. Unfortunately it's down at the moment due to high costs; looks like the creator is working on it though. https://twitter.com/nickwalton00
  2. I was there about ten years ago and again earlier this year. Sad to report that it's just like every other arcade now. There's a Mario Kart and... Lots of coin pushers
  3. I played that on the 3DS, it's lovely.
  4. The best Halloween gaming was the year Deltarune was stealth released.
  5. My favourite blog trains a neural network on datasets and then asks it to do tasks it is definitely not prepared for. The latest installment asks it to generate new tasks for the goose: https://aiweirdness.com/post/188214106227/theres-a-game-called-untitled-goose-game-in My favourite is
  6. KUSO and its prequel, LOVE, are on sale at present for a couple of quid. They're both very minimalist, stylish difficult-instant-restart platformers that are short and designed to be run multiple times. KUSO contains the levels from LOVE so is definitely the right place to start. Excellent soundtracks too.
  7. Unfortunate shortening of the title.
  8. This sounds brilliant! Skyroads was great.
  9. I watched the trailers for this several times, and the goose is always very slick and sneaky. By comparison, when I play, the goose is clumsy and noisy and the closest I got to stealth was waiting for the gardener to look away for a moment before attempting to leg it out of the garden with a pumpkin. I love this so much. So delightfully stupid.
  10. I am playing it in handheld mode! Hopefully I'm just having a moment.
  11. This looks and sounds brilliant, but six levels in and... Your actions aren't at all in time to the music. I'm finding it really difficult to land anything because what happens on screen bears no resemblance to the soundtrack. Still having a lot of fun mind.
  12. Plot twist: I've had to spend the evening sorting some cupboards out instead. Curses!
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