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  1. Nine-year bump! Unreleased/Unreleasable Vol. 4 arrives:
  2. Never mind the Switch performance, who thought it was a good idea to make perpetual Scooby Doo noises with the HD Rumble when you're low on health?
  3. The two Bleed games are supposedly very good. I enjoyed what little of the first I've played. Chet Roivas was a big fan back in the Chet and Jon days.
  4. I'm so bad at this now. Taking the opportunity to try and wean myself off automatically building a right-side Tetris stack every single game. It's not pretty
  5. Ascension runs then. Are they considered cleared if you finish all three floors, or do you need to kill the heart too?
  6. I haven't heard the new Baroness, but have heard a few people suggesting that the new Conjurer/Pijn collaboration is the best thing Baroness never released: https://conjureruk.bandcamp.com/album/curse-these-metal-hands
  7. I found out what was behind the door.
  8. Dead Branch and Corruption IS completely broken, who'd have thought. In the final battle I was given so many Limit Breaks in one turn I ended up at 160 Attack. That's a win with all three then - time for Ascension runs and to figure out what that thing at the end is for...
  9. This is happening right now. It is utterly ridiculous.
  10. Yeah it does that. Never ending unfinished business.
  11. You need the discard package in place before picking them up, but yeah - draw/discard/gain an energy feels incredibly unfair. Today's daily was fun - can't Smith? Buy Apotheosis instead, and just upgrade your entire deck at once! Stack + Body Slam = wheeeee
  12. Just had a double Immolate run. I'd hesitate at "exceptionally" powerful as it's a little ropey and expensive against a single enemy at the end of act 3, but I got one at the very start of the game from a relic and it single-handedly massacred most of the first act. Definitely an easy pick whenever you get it. Here's my wins so far:
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