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  1. Still playing a fair amount of this, I suspect its relentless positivity in the face of the current real world challenges we're all going through have something to do with that. Finally broken through the 9 barrier on Extreme - have bullied my way through three of them now (Disappearance, Teo, Romeo and Cinderella) and also Grumpy Waltz at 9.5. Have definitely reached the part of the game where the scales have tipped from "I could perfect this on a good run" to "I will never be able to achieve this".
  2. 21. A Kishoutenketsu in the Countryside From the giant itch.io bundle. This is a lovely, minimal puzzle game that tells you nothing and expects you to figure it out. There's four distinct regions that feature familiar puzzle game mechanics and a gorgeous, super low-res four-colour palette. I felt a lot like an idiot when I couldn't find the fourth area but it turns out I just hadn't been paying enough attention. https://remi-tootata.itch.io/a-kishoutenketsu-in-the-countryside
  3. FOUR new DLC packs out today. "BRING IT ON" is brilliant. The Nyan Cat music is not.
  4. 20. What The Golf? (100% + Sporty Sports) Two months since I completed a game eh? Turns out that playing things that have no discernable end (PSO2! Project Diva Mega Mix!) will do that to you. Anyway: Now that World's End Club is finally out I've jumped on the Apple Arcade free trial for that and What The Golf. World's End Club has been given an hour or two but I've been utterly hooked on this instead - it's funny, charming, inventive and even though many of the stages are nothing more than an excuse for a gag I was laughing at it throughout (though having to try and explain to
  5. Are the LEDs working? I had similar very recently (SL, SR and LEDs stopped working on one Joycon) and repaired it with a £5 part. There's a ribbon cable that connects the SL/SR/LED panel to the rest of the controller, and that had folded and snapped. Just needed to replace that part (they're available on eBay and Amazon) and it's working a charm again.
  6. Another "yeah pretty good" for The Great Pretender here - it's fun but needs those little shreds of backstory.
  7. Just started a trial of this for World End Club and What The Golf. What else is considered essential on the service? I have Sayonara Wild Hearts on Switch already.
  8. I need to fix the drift on two of my Joycons and don't want to be without them for the time it takes to wait for Nintendo to do it. Can anyone recommend a seller for the kits? There's tons of them on eBay and it's difficult to know where to start. I also need an SL/SR button thing because one of those has stopped working too.
  9. Wow, what the fuck is going on with some of these prices. Retro stuff has gone through the roof, again.
  10. strawdonkey


    Yeah I hear you. I'm never going to be good enough to challenge the best and most dedicated runners, but had fun earlier in the year speedrunning, of all things, a clicker. The hardest part is capturing console gameplay for obtaining proof, that restricts me to PC only without significant investment.
  11. I've put a few hours into this after it was reduced to about nine quid. I'm getting somewhere with it - halfway through the third set of dungeons - and I like the combo system, which encourages you to slow down a little rather than barrel into every encounter at top speed. As far as getting better gear, using the NPCs, etc, not a fucking clue what I'm doing!
  12. Hi do you want to play Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars Xtend?
  13. Aggretsuko S3 is out and it's really good. Delightfully stupid as always.
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