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  1. Still struggling to break through the Ascension 1 barrier with the Silent. I say this, but really I mean, I've had Clock Sucker's head on a plate three times now and fucked it up with bad/unsafe play each time.
  2. Taking bets on how long I'll keep this up for. I reckon we're not making it out of January. 01. Shovel Knight The one thing that makes this tolerable is that the penalty for death is minor. This is important because you will die a lot. Enjoyed this enough to start Spectre of Torment immediately after, which is similar in a lot of ways but feels like a different game, and has clearly been designed with Specter Knight's toolset in mind.
  3. Necronomicon + Bludgeon is amazing. Putting Bludgeon in your opening hand with Bottled Flame is even better. Finally got there with the Body Slam deck, by far my favourite Ironclad archetype.
  4. What's the benefit of them being shiny? I've only found one so far and am unsure if it's worth continuing hunting for them because I've literally no idea what it means
  5. I still massively disagree re: Kamiko - it's a great little time-trial experience. It feels a little basic to begin with, but once you get motoring and trying to improve your times it really comes into its own.
  6. Great - thanks for confirming. Shan't worry about it for now
  7. I've not played a Pokémon game since... Ruby on GBA? Bit worried this one has peaked early. In the first hour I've fist-bumped a bunny and cooked a curry that my Yamper went apeshit for. Anyway. Something to squirrel away for later - how do you determine the IV of a Pokémon? I can't find any details on the status page so am wondering if I'm missing something.
  8. First game in a couple of months. Picked up a relic that gives 1 Vulnerable to all enemies at the start of a battle, and the shuriken that gives 1 Strength for each three attacks you play in a turn. I've never turn-1 killed so many Elites before. Died to Clock Sucker by playing very poorly. Really fun run though. Did a good job of reminding me how amazing this game is.
  9. I remember playing a bit of this and really enjoying it, but today I found out that "a bit" is actually sixty hours. I'm up to something like Ascension 2. Not even remotely close to being done. Seeing so many of the old SF heads coming to this is making me want to ignore all the stuff I've just bought and play this instead... PS is this the de facto puns thread now?
  10. Streets of Rage 2 - Mega Drive, Xbox 360, PC (Mega Drive Collection), Vita (same), 3DS
  11. One Finger Death Punch 2 is exceptional. I loved the original but found the fact that it was just an endless mess of levels a bit too much. This game is similar in layout but it's easier to understand where the main path of levels is, so progress makes a bit more sense. I still have no idea why my character suddenly powers up and starts obliterating everything, but the core gameplay loop is somehow even better than the first gameand I can't wait to play it more at a time when I don't have the kids constantly asking for stuff!
  12. Forgive the unclipped nature of this, I have run out of storage and cannot be bothered to fix it right now. The trick is using the power up immediately after jumping - in your video you've got a good 0.5sec in between the jump and the usage, which means you lose a lot of the boost.
  13. Ah fair enough. If I get a moment's peace (!) I'll have a look on the Switch later.
  14. You are in for a treat. I received this as a gift a couple of years ago and it is absolutely magnificent. Enough challenge that you can't just waltz through it first time, but plenty of room for optimisation and score chasing.
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