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  1. Being about £2 short of buying a £20 copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga back in the day, long before having any kind of credit. Other than that, my mum threw away all the boxes for my 16/32-bit Sega stuff which was annoying - the MK1 Mega Drive and Saturn Memory Card boxes are surprisingly valuable these days. I also sold Moho on Dreamcast just before the price of it went through the roof. Not too angry about it though because it was terrible. I do miss all my Dreamcast and Saturn stuff but I wound up getting into the position where all the games I was buying for a collection's sake were rubbish.
  2. Yeah when you create your character it asks for a referral code. If you put one in, we both get a Wonderful Item! As yet I still have no idea what it could be.
  3. Gameguard also seems to have a problem with Citrix Workspace, as it crashed twice during the tutorial last night and that means you have to resume it from the start each time. This was fun last night but complete hell once the US was completely online - all three ships completely full, and absolutely no hope of logging on and being able to get to the same block as your friends. Not to mention that in the lobby you were often able to count the framerate in seconds per frame. Also the menus. Oh god so many menus.
  4. Have you seen any of the Classic Tetris World Championship stuff? They're starting at level 18 on NES Tetris and the best players are hitting over a million points:
  5. Video's dead, and removing the extra forward slash isn't working either Who streamed it?
  6. I don't know if they do sales of this specifically, but you could do worse than hitting up joebleeps on Instagram - he did the Neon Advance things that were made out of DS Lites and looked pretty cool.
  7. I have a recipe for a Pot. Don't get too excited! Let me know if you think of anything else, but otherwise I'll join the queue after 8 and leave a tip on the way out, thank you
  8. Are you staying open past 8pm? I would like to nip over but won't be available before then. Is there anything you're looking for that I might be able to bring over (assuming you're still around etc etc)
  9. strawdonkey


    This is pretty wild - Guinness World Records issuing copyright claims on Super Mario Bros speed runs:
  10. We made it to the top Splatfest rank after a few hours, 28 matches total. This game is still utterly magnificent and ridiculous, and playing last night was a non-stop blast. Definitely threw my rainmaker off the map a couple of times though, and am very rusty in general, but who cares when you're engaging in squid warfare with a specially-adapted bucket.
  11. Alright, we're on - anyone for Mayo, we have a space. Give us a shout if you want in!
  12. Steam version is a bit crap - I've found that if you play for about an hour (which is enough to make you go Eurobeat-crazy to be fair) then the video and audio start to desync and you get marked down for hits that are definitely on. Also it takes about two minutes to launch and has very few of the features that the Switch version seems to have. That said it's a really solid rhythm game when it works and I've had a lot of fun learning the ridiculous music. Little bit less keen on the ad-lib system - I don't like a system that requires me to have to either fuck up my run trying to find invisible notes, or refer to outside material just to be able to hit all the notes in the song. You're not penalised for missing them but it still seems like a really weird mechanic. Good chance I'll pick the Switch version up at some point, but it'll have to be on sale, and it'll have to be a fair way in the future because I don't think I could maintain two rhythm games on the go long-term! [edit] I've just come back for another go and have no-missed something on Medium, combo of nearly 2,000, and can feel the call on my credit card for the Switch version already. Stupid fucking rhythm games.
  13. Does anyone have the following fossils spare? Dimetrodon Tail Plesio Neck
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