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  1. this guy yeah? https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/-nintendo-switch-power-adapter-000000000002510646.html
  2. Are you using the official PSU to power the dock?
  3. geldra


    you’d think that it has to happen, what with it seeing a release on that Astro City mini V. S’what I’m clinging to anyway, only way I’ll ever own a copy (after stupidly selling my Saturn copy for pennies).
  4. geldra


    Yoinked the Same! Same! Same! collection (as much for Wardner as anything else (odd that there’s no MD version on there despite there being the NES ver, anyway never mind)). There HAS to be a Tatsujin/Tatsujin Oh/Batsugun collection inbound!? HAS to be!!
  5. OMFG Thank you! I haven’t watched an Ep of Terrahawks since it was originally broadcast. Loved it bitd. I remember the toys being pretty great. Also noughts and crosses in the outro. edit: nice bit of casual racism with the portrayal of Hiro and his accent… Also, the head Terrahawk guy is the spits of Jeffrey Epstein. Makes you think…
  6. I didn’t get any shipping notifications but mine arrived today, ordered Apr 5th.
  7. geldra


    That Z-Warp is good if you liked Void Gore (I did). Obvs it’s very similar in terms aesthetic like. 20% off on Switch at the min (3p over a fiver). Shout out to the chooooons in it too. Big fan.
  8. Don’t think so. There’s no spec boost in the OLED model. Don’t think anyone is bothered by a spec bumped version…
  9. Ever thought of becoming a baby sitter?
  10. Is it a roulette ticket, guaranteed prize of 5000Cr minimum…? you might get a million.
  11. tbf it is scheduled maintenance (that highlights the bullshit DRM that they need to backpedal on too).
  12. Eh? Why not? Surely they’ll just be deposited into your profile/save? Big changes to the economy in that list.
  13. It must have as the DF review of it complimented the dynamic camera coping with two players on screen at the same time. edit: Co-op (and copy abilities so spoilers I guess) specific trailer:
  14. There’s no such thing as “staying up late to do some gaming” on any day when you have a bio alarm clock who wakes up at 6am no matter what. Have recently gone to bed at like 7:30pm for the first time since I was about 5 years old, just to cope with the sleep sitch. On the flip, I have managed to recently complete DaS but I think that’s thanks to wfh and playing on my “lunch break”…
  15. geldra

    Edge 370

    Nice to see Stun Runner in there. Man I was OBSESSED by that game back in the day. Only ever saw it once in the arcades (until Arc Club Bury..) but was desperate for a home conversion. Needless to say I was massively disappointed, obviously. But waiting for screenshots in mags was like a religion. Takes me back.
  16. Finally a console with a controller that will do Tempest justice…
  17. I had a race earlier where I rounded a corner and one of the AI cars had clearly lost it and was at a right angle to the track, loads of tire smoke etc. Pretty cool I thought, never seen an AI stack it in many other games like this.
  18. Had to heartily chortle at the GT7 advert that just interrupted a YT vid I was just watching. “Available Now” Hoho.
  19. there is an offline mode but I don’t see why a game with a 100+GB footprint cant have the save held locally. (Guessing the MTs have something to do with it.) Will the (full) game be unplayable when they inevitably turn off the servers?
  20. I’d like to join in the Monday night stuff at some point but I’m literally the noobiest of them all so it’ll take a while to get up to speed to even be close to bringing up the rear. I did try one of the track tutorials in the Radical (?)… that went well* *terribly. Ridic fast.
  21. I’m in if CE has cross plat leaderboards. Also, it’s the good (none PSP) version of Pacman Arrange. (Thanks to @roberthazelbyfor bringing the pcb of that to a Bath meet ages and ages ago.)
  22. I do love how clean this looks. Just done the first Championship on Tokyo Expressway where it starts in the dark and brightens as you race. S’beautiful in a way that you don’t kind of appreciate at first. It’s almost like a natural future progression of Tokyo from Ridge Racer V.
  23. Man what is going on with the downloads for this?! Over an hour for an 18Gb file (on an 80+Mbps connection)?
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