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  1. geldra

    Demon's Tilt

    Been trying on and off for the past year trying to beat this pathetic score. Haven’t come close. UNTIL NOW! Normal: 192,154,625 Piece of cake...
  2. I didn’t boost, think I just scooted up near the other Tie and it locked me in. Presumably a tractor beam...
  3. No black borders here, on a standard PS4 also.
  4. Oh what the!? Why won’t amazon.co.jp ship to the UK?!
  5. geldra


    Just read on the AO Twitter that Crimson Clover is Switch bound.
  6. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    The T-shirt!
  7. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    It 100% works with the retrobit (wireless) megadrive controller. It needs a specific button press though (not the Konami code). Pretty sure Camel posted it in this thread. Edit, it was Revival.
  8. Jambo was Naomi I believe. No idea about Let’s Go. Ringedge perhaps?
  9. Ah yes. Back compat. Forgot about that. Fingers crossed, yeah. Edit: guess we’ll know by Oct 2nd what the state of bc is.
  10. Is it releasing on PS5? PS4 currently no? (Sure you’ll be able to pick up a relatively cheap PS4 in the coming months with people ditching them in prep for PS5)
  11. Wonder if it’s possible (or at all likely) that they might patch PS4 VR games (similarly to Xbox’s bumped res and frame rates on 360 titles) to take advantage of PS5? Like, more than 1 car on track in GT Sport? (Bit of a pie in the sky example given how quick Polyphony are and the probable wholesale rewrites of the game versus roi etc).
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