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  1. geldra


    Super Hydorah is out on the Switch on the 15th Nov.
  2. geldra


    Ooooooh the remaster of Psyvariar is very nice indeed. Lovely and clean looking. Still plays super well n’ all.
  3. geldra


    It’s a compilation I believe.
  4. geldra

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Oh good, glad I accidentally killed him. Poor Yulia.
  5. geldra

    PlayStation VR

    @ben-k think there are two packs of demos that you can download (though the second one may be on the US store only, maybe). So I’d start there. Has loads of stuff like Rez, Moss etc which are really great samplers.
  6. geldra

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Just adding to the love. Every time I get back into VR it blows me away like no other videogame experience.
  7. geldra


    That’s ace.
  8. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought the Switch has the Tegra X1 Inside and that there’s a Tegra X2 already released? I mean, I have literally no idea, probs just what I read on gaf.
  9. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    Fuckin’ A. I finished Doom on the Switch over the weekend despite having it available here on the PS4 and it was utterly class all the way through. When Eternal drops, i’m just gonna pick up the Switch version. Originally bought it as a curio to see how the Switch handled it. Having said that, I would definitely buy a Switch Pro if such a thing came out if it meant an auto buff to the textures and fps in stuff like Doom.
  10. geldra

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Towerfall is fucking majestic in local MP. Perfect for Switch, obvs. Most peeps probably know this already but if you haven’t, and you have a few peeps to play with, give it a shot. Made by the Celeste* guy. *who turns up as a playable character.
  11. geldra

    Dragonball Fighterz

    I’m down for playing a bit of this. Shame it’s not cross plat.
  12. geldra

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    Is anyone picking up Dragon Ball Fighterzzz on the Switch? If you are, will you be my friend please? Tried the beta and not sure I knew what the flip was going on but it was colourful and noisy which is good enough for me. Guessing it wont have crossplay?
  13. geldra


    I see what you did there. Glad you're liking it. Its getting a UK/Euro release at some point right?
  14. geldra


    I think you’d be making a mistake swerving Psyvariar if you like shooters. The hook is all about the risk of grazing close to clumps of bullets so you can “level up” which then grants you a moment of invincibility which in turn you can use to graze more bullets, which powers up (and visually transforms) your ship. It’s class and well addictive once you get it. It’s a really good score attack game. There’s a reason why it was the forum darling once upon a time. You don’t have to constantly waggle to get the ship rolling too, just a couple of quick left rights iirc. Kind of adds to the appeal as it’s an added layer of skill required.
  15. geldra

    Forgotten bangers

    Forever lurking lad. Utter banger:

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