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  1. I remember getting this back when it launched and being pretty underwhelmed. I liked the music iirc but probably didn’t make it off the first proper level before going back to Super Tennis. Always wanted to revisit, and have gone back as part of this month’s RGC. I’m probs in a similar place as @Camel and i’m enjoying it a lot. The music on L2 was great! i do (and did at the time) find the “hold the whip button down to waggle” mechanic utterly ridiculous like. Deffo using save states on the CV Collection on Switch to ease progress.
  2. His art was definitely like a hallmark of quality before you’d even played the actual game. Edit: maybe that’s why C64 Chase Hq hurts so much (still). So much love for these covers.
  3. geldra


    Holy fuck! That’s massive shmup news!
  4. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    The colour flash when you dock a joy con has been patched back in. Woo! http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/12/nintendo_switch_system_update_9_1_0_is_now_live
  5. geldra

    Alien: Isolation

    Switch version running better than PS4/XB1 shocker:
  6. One thing occurred to me that I don’t think was covered:
  7. And finished. Have to say, my patience and interest ran out about just before the last level and I dropped the difficulty down to “Story” just to push through to see the end. Overall, there’s a very high quality Star Wars game lying in there, it just needed that bit more time in development. Too many bugs and blips (loved seeing enemies slide statically into a room though, always made me chuckle), and a little bit too long. I know peeps had a problem with the main dude and ol’ bug eyes but I thought the cast and actual delivery of the story was really really well done. Also thought the combat was decent and a nice blend of styles from the prequels and the originals. Not the Remedy (jokes!) classic I was hoping for but still a decent blast.
  8. I wonder what the likelihood is of an updated Switch being capable of doing “Pro” versions of current games? Like boosting fps, improving textures, resolution etc thinking specifically of stuff like Witcher 3, Doom, Overwatch etc. Obvs the Witcher port had the secret menu that allowed for higher fps and Mortal Kombat 11 runs the current switch overclocked a little.
  9. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    Personally I felt a lot of reviews were a bit sensationalised for whatever reason (fair Blizzard bashing, 30fps aaaargh!!). Granted it doesn’t look anywhere near as sharp compared to Pc/PS4/XB and it runs at 30fps but it looks like Overwatch, plays like Overwatch and is fully featured. Looks cracking in handheld but I only play it docked. I love it, put about 30+ hours in since Switch ver launch and I put 30 hours into nothing. I can appreciate that it’d not look great if you’re used to playing it elsewhere but once you’re tuned into it it’s totally fine imo.
  10. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    Then I wouldn’t hesitate. Bargain at that price.
  11. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    Seems really well populated, always get a game and it’s a really good port (if you can get on with 30fps). Ask @Strafe, he has sunk 115+ hours into it.
  12. I’ve heard it’s not actually a remake it’s a new Street Fighter with fully hand drawn sprites.
  13. I really liked DriveClub VR. It’s gfx are pretty pap compared to the non VR version but they still do the job and the game still plays brilliantly. Odd that you can’t buy it digitally any more but it got a physical release if you’re desperate.
  14. Did anyone bother with Sirlin’s Fantasy Strike? Was kinda put off cos the visuals/character designs are pretty bland, but I like the idea of it being cross platform. And it’s on sale on Switch at the min.
  15. The dialogue is pretty ace! I had a scoutrooper land a couple of hits last night and he was like “uh oh please don’t hurt me!!!”.
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