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  1. geldra


    @Marlew Missile Dancer: Caravan - 217390 Edit: 314520. Oh yeah, this is good!
  2. geldra


    Anyone picked up Missile Dancer (switch)?
  3. It runs without the disc. I bought mine through MM.
  4. geldra


    Noticed that Missile Dancer is due for a Euro release (Switch) on Jan 21st.
  5. Thanks for that. Waiting for my copy from nin-nin-game. Really looking forward to seeing how this works in VR.
  6. is there some kind of NAC conversion kit that comes with it? I did see some kind of miniature stools and marquee header kit somewhere but just noticed there are New Astros in that vid.
  7. (Shamelessly lifted from AO)
  8. I’ve been trying to defeat TK for a farcical amount of time now, but tonight that motherfucker fell. Thats the end boss right?! (I know!)
  9. Don’t lick those cartridges kids!
  10. Just tested this. No impact to my phone over wifi. Tested by running a speed test on fast.com.
  11. Oooooh nice! Only started playing the Remaster the other day. This is great news.
  12. Think that went to the Last of Us 2. Edit: balls, I see that gag had already been cracked. Can we ignore this and go back to ripping Geoff’s shoes please? edit 2: I fell asleep at the critical moment, have the trailers for Wave Race and FZero next gen been taken down?!?!
  13. Mute City Space Jazz played by the London Philharmonic coming up!
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