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  1. geldra


    Just read on the AO Twitter that Crimson Clover is Switch bound.
  2. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    The T-shirt!
  3. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    It 100% works with the retrobit (wireless) megadrive controller. It needs a specific button press though (not the Konami code). Pretty sure Camel posted it in this thread. Edit, it was Revival.
  4. Jambo was Naomi I believe. No idea about Let’s Go. Ringedge perhaps?
  5. Ah yes. Back compat. Forgot about that. Fingers crossed, yeah. Edit: guess we’ll know by Oct 2nd what the state of bc is.
  6. Is it releasing on PS5? PS4 currently no? (Sure you’ll be able to pick up a relatively cheap PS4 in the coming months with people ditching them in prep for PS5)
  7. Wonder if it’s possible (or at all likely) that they might patch PS4 VR games (similarly to Xbox’s bumped res and frame rates on 360 titles) to take advantage of PS5? Like, more than 1 car on track in GT Sport? (Bit of a pie in the sky example given how quick Polyphony are and the probable wholesale rewrites of the game versus roi etc).
  8. Have Sony spoke much about PSVR on PS5? I noticed they showed off a new camera at the presentation the other week. I wonder if that will potentially improve headset tracking? Would there be any potential to somehow use the extra PS5 power to improve visuals in PS4 VR games? I know you’d obviously be limited by the headset display but wondered if the slight bump in gfx that you got from running VR on the Pro could be boosted by the increased capability of the PS5? Also, I wonder if we could finally see something like Elite Dangerous/Alien Isolation become compatible? Though I appreciate you’re getting into cross generation tangled webs there.
  9. I mean, ask in the PSVR thread but I'm fairly sure the gains from using a PS4 Pro with VR are fairly negligible. The biggest improvement is more usb ports round the back of the machine.
  10. PSVR for sub £150 thesedays is an utter utter bargain. I paid full whack when it first came out and don’t regret it for a second. Sure, you may see pixels or whatever when you first give it a go but once you get a game going you forget about all that. I cant wait for this, looks ace. I wonder if they could take inspiration from Battlefield’s Rush mode and do the DeathStar assault, each stage/phase could be like “Approach”, “surface”, “trench”, with the main aim being to blow the DS up/defend it. Probably done already but I haven’t really played Battlefront.
  11. geldra


    hmmmmm, not in the resogun style i dont think. Theres Defender-a-likes like Fantasy Zone, Black Bird, Aqua Kitty DX but i cant think of anything a bit more sci-fi.
  12. Few vids surfacing now. Looks pretty sweet. Hoped it would have online leaderboards but they look like they’re just local.
  13. You’d have to be nuts!!! Anyone bought Namco Classic Collection vol 1 yet? I need to know whether I should quadruple dip (360, iPhone, 3DS I think) on the demaster of the 13 year old remaster of Pacman (CE)....
  14. geldra

    Windjammers 2

    Are they actually adding anything to the formula? The footage i've seen so far just looks like an "HD remix" of the original. Almost doesnt warrant the "2". edit, ahah! Some new characters and moves. I'll shut my face.
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