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  1. They showed so much Smash I feel like it has been out for 6 months already.
  2. Guys, just tuned in, did I miss any Smash Bros stuff?
  3. If so, that’s a sweet musical representation of her character as she’s a massive ryu fan aye?
  4. Think its Sakura’s theme tune.
  5. I think that's why the Japanese version is considered the best version of Super Turbo (SSF2X) as the AI isn't utterly brutal even on 1 star (or I'm rubbish).
  6. geldra

    WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    This is utterly astounding in every way. Unreal that it’s a freebie.
  7. geldra


    I’m playing Blazing Star too. Thinking of nabbing Pulstar too, never played it before.
  8. geldra

    Nintendo eShop

    Cool write up, thank you. To be fair, i’m not writing the game off at all, and i’m just basing my feelings off of a 30 minute play through. I’m playing Gunbird a lot at the minute which is obvs a totally different style of game, so that is probably skewing my perspective somewhat. I’m also not doubting the game’s mechanics at all, I think a part of my disconnection is maybe to do with the sonic/visual feedback of the shooting, if that makes any sense? Like it’s almost in the background, behind the music and bullet patterns? I’m probably not explaining myself very well, apologies.
  9. Heh, ok, ok, any news on whether everything that isn’t a Sony console cross platform? Would be ridic if it wasn’t, and would hopefully ensure a decent pool of players for years to come.
  10. Any news on whether online is cross platform?
  11. geldra

    Nintendo eShop

    Yeah I dunno what it is. Maybe I just haven’t got my head around the type of game it is. I’m struggling to articulate it but it almost doesn’t feel like a “shooter” as such, as it feels like something else. Like, it wouldn’t make a difference if the ship automatically fired or if I just held the button down.
  12. geldra

    Nintendo eShop

    Finding Danmaku Unlimited 3 a really dissatisfying shooter to play. I feel oddly detached from the game in a way that I never have with other shooters that it takes it’s inspiration from.
  13. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    Wooooooo! Super Hydorah is Switch bound! (And Ghosts n’ Goblins alike Cursed Castilla) http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/03/super_hydorah_and_cursed_castilla_ex_are_both_headed_to_switch_thanks_to_gamemaker_studio_2

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