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  1. Deffo skippable on Switch. Which is great because the (assumedly deliberate) spelling/grammar gets on my wick.
  2. geldra


    Has this been removed from the UK store?! Says it’s unavailable to purchase by the looks of it. Also, I see Psyvariar sneaked out onto the EU store recently too.
  3. This is great. From watching the trailers it kind of looked Snes-ish but @Klatrymadon nails it with the Nazca influence.
  4. Anyone mentioned Phantom Breaker (think that’s what it’s called)? I remember enjoying it on the 360. Though it was more like Guardian Heroes iirc.
  5. Check out Night Slashers. Badass Data East scroller with zombie tinge. I think it has been withdrawn on the UK store for some reason but is still up on the US store.
  6. Anywhere in the Last Guardian. Though without having to do any of the climbing. Deffo evokes that sense of human abandonment, but still “alive”. A bit like the castle in Laputa (would visit that place in a heartbeat too).
  7. geldra


    They did have two months ago. Assuming it’s still there.
  8. Same here. It was on TyneTees (ITV) one Sunday afternoon when i was 13 or something and fell utterly in love with it. I didn't see it again until the advent of the internet and eBay, where i managed to buy a vCD (a vCD!!!!!) of it. There was also a plastic model flapter in Forbidden Planet for ages but it was always too expensive. Anyway yeah, Laputa is the best, though i do love Spirited Away a fair amount. Also, the TV dub i watched, i don't think i've ever heard that dub ever again.
  9. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    I’m assuming it’ll be the same size as it’s original release? edit: Mr Heli better be included.
  10. It’s available in the States if you’re desperate.
  11. Does anyone know what's going on with various releases from the "Arcade Archives"? Image Fight, which has only been out two weeks at most is now unavailable, along with stuff like Night Slashers, Star Force. They're available in the States still, just not Europe. Seems odd.
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