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  1. Sorry to be clear it's moving over in phases and at different stages in different regions too - I've only heard of series x backend via the browser so far, not the apps yet.
  2. Ah yeah it's a beta at the moment sadly. There was no rhyme or reason as to why I got in - just got an email one day. I maybe signed up for it? Can't be sure though.
  3. One thing I have noticed - on loading, the stream takes a few moments to settle. So if it appears blocky at the start, it seems to just be checking what you can achieve and sorts itself out. I am sure if I was playing this on my huge telly I would be less impressed but I am now throwing my controller in to my bag when I bring my laptop to the office so we can play some xbox on the fly with colleagues during the break. Really, really cool stuff.
  4. I think that list is pretty accurate but I also think the backend on most / all games is slowly getting updated. I tried GTA 5 last week and it was really, really bad. Sub-30fps, stuttery etc. Just booted it up now and if you'd told me I was playing it via the console I wouldn't have doubted it. Really, really impressive shit. I almost cannot believe the turnaround - I have been browsing forums for weeks trying to work out what was wrong with my Surface and why the screen flashed black when trying xcloud, why it was blocky, stuttery etc etc. They've just hit it out the park in comparison to last week. Genuinely impressed.
  5. Which game? I loaded up Gears 5 on wireless on a Surface via Edge browser and it was smooth as hell. In comparison to last week where I thought it was horrendous, too. It IS really impressive - I can attest to it, I can't cope with any feeling of lag at all. Bear in mind only SOME games are over on the new backend - gears 5 being one of them. I dunno what else to say really except it seems to be an issue your end?
  6. I'm in the beta and just loaded up Gears 5. It's definitely on the upgraded back-end - the performance is night and day compared to last week. It is actually genuinely quite impressive now. Nice one!!
  7. YES!!!! I was just thinking recently that I wanted to buy Super Monkey Ball again at full price!
  8. Is Worms running at about 12fps at points in that video?!
  9. I do love me some emotional, supernatural tales.
  10. This is going to be a huge disappointment isn't it.
  11. I'm out of the loop so forgive me - is this where the Switch Pro is potentially announced?
  12. Here we go, lads. See you on the other side.
  13. Was there anything about moving the cloud servers to series X? I missed the 1st hour sadly
  14. Anything released right now? I kinda expected something to be released straight after the show
  15. Omg that "donggggg"... You know it's top gun immediately.
  16. Guys has there been anything released for game pass right now from the show? I'm late to the party.
  17. Let's get back on topic - what we thinking, we got a chance against the Czechs on Monday?
  18. What?! I've no idea who you are and I've zero idea what you're talking about. I said your journalist friend has, in hindsight, taken an iconic photograph. I've no idea how you believe I've edited the photo, I was with my mates in the pub. Again, I've zero idea who you are. Finally, I've WPW syndrome, not disease - get it right. I'd appreciate it if you don't write to me again. Thank you.
  19. I've NO idea who you are. None of what I wrote was written in jest. I mean it, thank your journalist mate for taking that photo. It's now iconic in a good way, thank god.
  20. Ugh, sounds similar to my childhood. Had to take fledanide daily and be convinced that I needed multiple ablations. Jesus, horrible Thought I was invincible. There's nothing quite like an expert telling you when you're 14 that you'll die of you dont get another ablation
  21. What IS adult death syndrome? Just a term for early death or something specific?
  22. I've got no idea why this would happen to Eriksen however I have WPW syndrome and can relate to just fucking dropping.
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