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  1. The stories surrounding his gambling addiction are fascinating too. I recall a story of him throwing a briefcase filled with something like hundreds of thousands of dollars of winnings in to the sea because he knew he was going to gamble it away and lose more in the process and this was his way of trying to put a stop to it.
  2. I checked YouTube to see if there were any decent send offs from his peers and top of the pile was James fucking Corden Norm was too good for this world.
  3. I really recommend watching this video for anyone not familiar with Norm. 25 minutes of gold. "All the stars are here!"
  4. Norm is one of the funniest comedians ever. That's really a shame RIP
  5. The trailer isn't bad but it's so weird to me that the CGI seems worse / more obvious than the first film. Looks like there's very few practical effects tidied up with CGI, and more like just full frames of CGI. I know it's been the way for a while now but it's still disappointing.
  6. What's the excitement for? Maybe I'm confused but what is everyone so excited about? That first film is so perfect... What are we waiting for here? Surely the brilliant thing about the Matrix was that unknown quality? How are you all coming to terms with those dickheads dancing barefoot in the sequel?
  7. Is this meant to be a sequel? Prequel? I only ask because it looks nothing like the godawful sequels.
  8. I recall watching The Matrix on a VHS rental with my dad and school mates - we knew nothing about it, stuck it on and we were HOOKED. It's the only time in my life I can remember my dad coming in at the right time, asking what we're watching (had just started) and he stayed for the whole thing. We LOVED that film. Every twist and turn was a surprise. Great, great memory. Cut to watching Matrix Reloaded with him on DVD and the utter, utter disappointment we both felt it actually gets me a bit emotional just thinking about it. My dad fell asleep about 40 minutes in and I soldiered on through to the end and just... I dunno, it really gets me down how rubbish that second one was. The third I caught once and looking back I needn't have bothered. Would be nice if this was somehow good but it's got no real right to be imo.
  9. Simmy

    PS5 Pro

    Do we reckon it will output at native 4k or will it use some form of DLSS? EDIT: Sorry, thought I was in that other baseless rumour thread.
  10. With it being remote this year, I'm missing the European-ness of previous years - feels very Americanised, too... Polished? I like the presenter on right now though to be fair.
  11. Hey did I miss it? I've tuned in late but there's a history channel thing on right now?
  12. Do we reckon they've used the delays to touch up the silly CGI in the trailer?
  13. Awww that's a blow, but only because I thought there was a new Quake coming in the same vein / engine as the new Wolfenstein games. Dunno why I got confused with that!
  14. Nice surprise!! Am I wrong in thinking there's a modern Quake in development too? Was that confirmed? Or was this it?
  15. God, I unironically love this film. As a kid I always used to drop everything I was doing when it was on telly. Wasn't until years later though that I saw the uncut necklace explosion - they used to always trim that with a weird cut in the music too, Arnie looking immediately gutted.
  16. Haha it's brilliant isn't it. I'll need to double check but in the big reveal broadcast is it not just the exact same footage from the intro i.e shots outside the helicopter and even Arnie's first person point of view? "I don't do requests"
  17. I think Faltermeyer re-used a lot of the Running Man assets in later films. The heist music in Beverly Hills Cop 2 is verrrrrrrry similar for instance
  18. Also the medical checkup is a cracker too
  19. One of the best soundtracks to any film ever made. I think it's actually incredible! "It's showtime..."
  20. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but after having bought the Series X, my One X is collecting dust. I hook it up if a mate comes over and we want to play something together but otherwise it's doing nothing. So anyway - is there anything I dunno... "Cool" I can do with it? Is it a capable retroarch machine like I saw with the Series S videos or not worth that?
  21. I really miss Gamescom - went the last few years and loved it. Hope it opens up again next year.
  22. Is Fenyx Rising worth getting? I'd be playing it handheld mostly probably but not sure yet - does it run fine on the Switch?
  23. I wouldn't want to go back to having to charge the controller. AA eneloops are a godsend and I've 6 of them lying around, 4 with full charge. I really genuinely prefer it to having to charge the actual controller itself. The Switch Pro controller is a good one but it holds noticeablely less charge now than when I first bought it which is annoying.
  24. Decent, never played Prey. Will download that tonight.
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