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  1. I'm really thinking about starting BOTW fresh - never did complete it on the Switch.


    I own both the game itself and a Switch and a Steam Deck - just wondering, for those also with both who might know - would playing it on Steam Deck be the better experience? Or best to just stick with the original at 30fps?


    I read that the Steam Deck runs it very well at 40fps which is sooo tempting but equally I'm worried that it might break stuff and I'll be 40+ hours in to a game before finding out or something.


    Anyone tried both and can say one way or the other?


    Thanks a lot!

  2. 8 hours ago, Mallet said:

    I was playing a game and it suddenly stopped and asked me to insert a game disc, is that a sign I lost my internet connection for a minute or something?


    Most likely. Is the Xbox you are using set as your primary Xbox?


    If it isn't and you lose connection then I believe you can't play game pass until you reconnect.


    Changing it to your primary Xbox should sort that (if you haven't already).

  3. 1 minute ago, Zico said:

    I've had my Deck since the beginning of September now and I can honestly say it is the best gaming hardware purchase I've made since the release of the first Xbox one. I've definitely had way more fun with it than any of the series x, ps5 or switch consoles I own. What a fantastic machine!


    It's very VERY good isn't it.


    And to think I had that buyers remorse on day 1. It is just superb.

  4. Got a few questions!


    1. Anyone have the official dock? How you finding it? I know it is pricey but thinking of grabbing it - I have a Thinkpad one from work that works fine but I don't like that it doesn't have a stand and, well - I just want the official one.


    2. Is there any controllers that work with a dongle? I know the xbox controller has bluetooth connectivity but I have felt the input delay at times - wondering if anyone has had success with the official dongle for it or another controller with dongle?


    3. Is it looking like Valve will implement any official way to dual boot Windows any time soon? I would try the SD Card method but would much prefer it on the internal SSD.


    4. I have quite a lot of games on Epic - I know I can install them via Heroic launcher but are they still shit without the shader cache from Steam or is there a way to smooth that out, somehow?


    This machine is fucking brilliant btw - I absolutely LOVE it. Just started Divinity: Original Sin 2 (never played it before never knew anything about it really) and I am only an hour in but it is so cool playing it handheld - similarly it is so cool to be playing Among Us and chatting on Discord at the same time on a handheld.


    I am in love with this thing.

  5. It's a really nice touch I thought to have The Witcher 3 running great pre-patch on Steam Deck to now running like dogshit with seemingly no way to go back. Good stuff!


    The new intrusive launcher is cool too and DX12 crashing the entire game as it loads in is a super nice addition.


    Overall, really impressed with this 👍

  6. 4 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

    I assume details about how to use cross-console saves haven't been released yet as I can't find any information about it anywhere... 🤔 

    It'll be the same as cyberpunk i.e create / log in to gog account on both platforms and it will upload to the cloud your last manual save + auto save.

  7. 36 minutes ago, Siri said:

    I started Cyberpunk on the deck, threw in some settings from this guide, only to have a really unstable 30fps.


    Tromped through the Street Kid bit in a huff, only to think "hang on, is there a frame limiter in game?"


    There was, it was on 30fps, and I forgot to turn it off. It's much better now!


    And then I went to bed near midnight, lol


    Is there cross save with Xbox do you know?


    I've completed the main story on series X but the idea of being able to jump back in at the same point in handheld mode is worth €30 asking price on steam for me.

  8. 1 minute ago, Nick R said:



    I know we have a dedicated thread for MS Rewards, but how much effort do you put into earning those points in order to get enough to repeatedly extend it?


    I ask because I've had GP for about 10 months now, and I've only racked up about 3000 pts - and IIRC the minimum GamePass subscription reward costs 14,000 pts for a 3 month subscription. But I admit I haven't put a lot of effort towards chasing rewards points: although I do the occasional set of ten Edge/Bing searches (30pts, woo hoo!) , I don't chase Achievements in games I'm not already playing, and I don't pay enough attention to the daily/weekly rewards sets and quests to consistently complete them.


    Is it really possible to earn them at a rate of more than 14,000pts every three months, without turning it into a full time job? :blink2:


    It's absolutely possible but it can absolutely become a chore to do the stuff to make enough in one month. Anyone telling you otherwise isn't really being honest with how much work goes in to making enough to redeem €12 worth.


    "It just takes a few minutes a day" doesn't tell the whole story.

  9. €120 for the 3 years is excellent value for me to pay and "forget" about.


    At €12 / month or more I'd probably cancel to be honest. It's great on paper but like Netflix and all the other subscription stuff I'm not interested in paying more than I need to for them, if at all

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