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  1. 9 hours ago, hereticboy said:

    On a headphone Dolby Atmos tip - how do you make sure all the software is doing what it needs to and game settings aren't overlapping and messing stuff up? Am I supposed to set the audio in, say, FH5 to surround or headphones?


    Please someone answer this :) I also want to know.

  2. 18 minutes ago, carlospie said:

    Never buy from the UK store. For example elden ring is 25 pounds on the Turkish store. The price discrepancies are Outrageous. 


    I always thought I had to, in that I had no way of redeeming a game bought from Turkish store and playing it on my German account. 


    I guess I'm hugely mistaken?! 😮


    Please tell me I am! 

  3. Just now, rafaqat said:


    Lulz. I just experienced this on my Xbox One S too.  As far as I'm concerned MS have delivered on the no console left behind.  Now  just need NVidia GeForce Now to support the Edge browser (as rumoured)  and I'll be as happy as a pig in shit.


    It already supports it ;)


    Was working for me a week or 2 ago via edge on Series X.

  4. First film is good - one of the only real Seagal films I can unironically enjoy.


    Also, I am sure Metal Gear Solid 2 on the tanker opening level riffs off the Under Siege soundtrack or at least uses it as inspiration - was that ever confirmed anywhere? 

  5. 2 hours ago, Pelekophoros said:


    Mine was 100% not AI. I emptied a clip I to his face and he shook his head at me :D


    Even better :lol: 


    Then surely hacker or somesuch?

  6. That's a bug, it's a teammate / AI missing the indicator - not an enemy.


    Not sure why it can kill you back but you can see in the death ticker on the left that it's not normal.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Pelekophoros said:


    The drone will be next. You just drop it above an objective and it a) carries on spotting while you just sit in a bush and b) distracts all the AI, particularly the robodogs who can't hit it.



    You and me both.


    I've found specialists that fit my groove (Angel), people are hanging around for revives, the ability to carry any weapon isn't impacting my joy, the loss of classes is less calamitous than I thought it would be when playing with 100% randoms, turning off cross play on PS5 has not left me playing in empty servers so the population is healthy and Breakthrough removes all the issues I had with map size from the beta.


    I can see all the broken bits, but they're fixable, and I can see the things that are missing and they're fixable too (mainly UI). The launch is better than BF4's at this point (the game actually works, which took about 4-6 weeks to fix back then), so it's all good!


    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  8. I'm almost feeling weird for liking this so much - can't stop playing it though. 


    Been a casual player of every Battlefield game since 1942, don't think I have missed one apart from BF2 on the XBox 360 (I think that's what it was called) and I am really enjoying myself... Dunno what to say really :lol: 


    Glad I am loving it tremendously yet feeling genuinely unsettled that no one else is.

  9. Few folk here not really remembering how bad Battlefield 4 was for a long time after launch.


    The entire game crashed pretty much every round - for weeks, if not a month or two. It was a DISASTER - at least on PS4. 

  10. On 09/11/2021 at 12:34, Loik V credern said:

    Did anyone not like this film? Every time I peek back in here the latest opinion is positive without really being overwhelmingly positive, such is the lack of anything in the film to be positive about, it just existing sort of being enough. 


    Like the Cuba action scene with Ana de Armas, her chemistry with Craig is good and the cinematography is predictably pretty but there's nothing remotely distinctive or memorable about it as an action scene, no ideas there, it's just this modern film making malaise of if we present it beautifully and it's still people firing guns at eachother that's 75% of the job done.


    See the final action scene so vague it can't even be described or the bike chase in sunny mediterranean location chased by humvees or dirt bikes we've seen dozens of times in Bond or every other action film in the last 20 years, its most notable moment being Bond making a giant leap on the bike. (boring) His car being shot at. (also boring)


    And people knock Tomorrow Never Dies! Oh yeah Bond controlling his bond vehicle on a little control pad in the backseat as he drives around a car park dodging rockets being blasted through the broken rear and front windows, one baddy in a car firing at another, that great ending shot of the car falling 80 feet into a shop front across the road. or Bond and Michelle Yeoh leaping out of a skyscraper and tearing down one of Carver's posters, or both manoeuvring on a bike while handcuffed together being chased by a helicopter that's aiming to pilot so low to decapitate them with its blades, all before they leap over it in another great stunt. And that's not even a well regarded Bond! 


    I recently watched The Living Daylights, a Bond film I'd seen nothing of (I mean nothing, never caught one second of it on tv) and it had an assassin killing a milk man to infiltrate a big house, having a fight in a kitchen with all the pan whacking and face burning you'd want then throwing milk bottles that explode! (my favourite part) Then kidnapping a man by putting him on a stretcher and wheeling him on to a helicopter. sorry spoilers. what a scene! what fun. 


    It often seems like modern action films are petrified of trying any ideas out that might seem goofy. The opening was goofy I guess though, no ideas just goofy, mainly the mask and its 2nd rate cheap horror vibe about it, or it feeling like a deleted scene from The Snowman. 


    Like I would have preferred a Bond opening where he's just on a specific mission, he's killing baddies and nearly dieing and you think he's going to die about five times and when you think 'no way he's getting out of this!' he somehow does. Not one moment in No Time To Die do you think for one second Bond is in an impossible situation that he can't get out of and yet 


      Hide contents

    this is the one where he dies. 


    This Bond is terrible. It's boring, the villain is not in it much and also shit and can't act, the plot is some of the most nonsensical shit in a film while also not being fun at the same time, there's nothing distinctive or memorable about any of the action scenes, of which there are too few of anyway. It's plagued by melodrama that's not remotely convincing or engaging. And yet it seems there's just a shrug, like this is how formulas work, you just sort of approximately do everything but never in an inspired or smart way, and you plough through it and the actors and cinematography will be enough. 


    Or recently I watched a completely forgotten action film from the early 90s called Blown Away starring Tommy Lee Jones with a bad Irish accent, Jeff Bridges and Forest Whitacker. Most interesting first off because Jeff plays a bomb disposal expert and this film was before Arlington Road. I love that film and it was interesting to me. Cleanly shot, extreme brevity, and sure Jeff is married but it keeps its relationship moments to below 60 minutes of running time. And it's sort of believable too as they look similar ages and a good fit.


    Tommy Lee Jones breaking out of an Irish prison on an island then coming for Jeff Bridges for revenge, concocting bomb traps with humour and laughter along the way. He's a villain that enjoys himself. Also has one of the best explosions I've seen in a film. An action film of its time but one that can be watched now as it is, very watchable and fun that doesn't waste a second (never mind 40 minutes). If Bond has been that warped by the deep drama on tv I'm not even sure where it goes from here. 


    Thanks for saying that better than I ever could. Totally with you on this.

  11. I think I'm playing a different game - I'm really impressed with how this looks on Series X.


    The city, with the sandstorm and then the lights coming on on the skyscrapers looks really good to me.


    Maybe I'm just easily impressed :)

  12. 1 minute ago, Pelekophoros said:


    It's the player count limitations. Xbone and PS4 are limited to 64 player servers.

    Sorry was typing out of frustration - I meant the lack of voice chat doesn't make sense. Sorry.

  13. FFS noooooo that doesn't make any sense to me :(


    Just spent a while on the phone with a mate looking for his EA ID and getting him added etc only to find out there is no in game voice chat.


    That really.... Is disappointing.

  14. Hey folks,


    Crossplay - how? 


    My friend tried to add my EA ID and he said he got an error but he's not so technically literate so I can't really confirm.


    Is crossplay live right now? 

  15. 29 minutes ago, Harrisown said:

    Doesn’t look amazing but it looks good and is high res. Server seem to hold up well.


    Graphically? I've been wowed several times this evening - I got actual goosebumps first time I loaded in to the shipping container level and it was just mayhem.


    I love it!

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