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  1. Please someone answer this I also want to know.
  2. I always thought I had to, in that I had no way of redeeming a game bought from Turkish store and playing it on my German account. I guess I'm hugely mistaken?! Please tell me I am!
  3. It already supports it Was working for me a week or 2 ago via edge on Series X.
  4. Is there an easy way to find the best price of something from those stores?
  5. First film is good - one of the only real Seagal films I can unironically enjoy. Also, I am sure Metal Gear Solid 2 on the tanker opening level riffs off the Under Siege soundtrack or at least uses it as inspiration - was that ever confirmed anywhere?
  6. Even better Then surely hacker or somesuch?
  7. That's a bug, it's a teammate / AI missing the indicator - not an enemy. Not sure why it can kill you back but you can see in the death ticker on the left that it's not normal.
  8. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  9. I'm almost feeling weird for liking this so much - can't stop playing it though. Been a casual player of every Battlefield game since 1942, don't think I have missed one apart from BF2 on the XBox 360 (I think that's what it was called) and I am really enjoying myself... Dunno what to say really Glad I am loving it tremendously yet feeling genuinely unsettled that no one else is.
  10. Does progression cross over between previous gen and current gen? Tempted to install it so I can play with my brother.
  11. Few folk here not really remembering how bad Battlefield 4 was for a long time after launch. The entire game crashed pretty much every round - for weeks, if not a month or two. It was a DISASTER - at least on PS4.
  12. Fuck sake I know this is all marketing shite but I've found myself feeling a tinge of emotion at this stream. Nostalgia has hit me damn hard tonight.
  13. Genuine lols at watching the reveal again with the Rock. Brilliant.
  14. Thanks for saying that better than I ever could. Totally with you on this.
  15. I genuinely can't tell if these graphics comments are jokes or not To me it looks amazing
  16. I think I'm playing a different game - I'm really impressed with how this looks on Series X. The city, with the sandstorm and then the lights coming on on the skyscrapers looks really good to me. Maybe I'm just easily impressed
  17. Genuinely more tempted to give San Andreas another go after watching that video. That looks fucking brilliant!
  18. Sorry was typing out of frustration - I meant the lack of voice chat doesn't make sense. Sorry.
  19. FFS noooooo that doesn't make any sense to me Just spent a while on the phone with a mate looking for his EA ID and getting him added etc only to find out there is no in game voice chat. That really.... Is disappointing.
  20. How do I add my friends from another platform? Anyone managed successfully?
  21. Hey folks, Crossplay - how? My friend tried to add my EA ID and he said he got an error but he's not so technically literate so I can't really confirm. Is crossplay live right now?
  22. Graphically? I've been wowed several times this evening - I got actual goosebumps first time I loaded in to the shipping container level and it was just mayhem. I love it!
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