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  1. It'll be the same as cyberpunk i.e create / log in to gog account on both platforms and it will upload to the cloud your last manual save + auto save.
  2. Is there cross save with Xbox do you know? I've completed the main story on series X but the idea of being able to jump back in at the same point in handheld mode is worth €30 asking price on steam for me.
  3. Oof almost 2-1 just before half time.
  4. Absolutely, really enjoying this.
  5. Gone from being completely uninterested in this World Cup until about 30 minutes ago to putting the game on and now buzzing at the thought of international football for the next month
  6. It's absolutely possible but it can absolutely become a chore to do the stuff to make enough in one month. Anyone telling you otherwise isn't really being honest with how much work goes in to making enough to redeem €12 worth. "It just takes a few minutes a day" doesn't tell the whole story.
  7. You folks are forgetting that any rise in price for GPU will probably bump up the amount of points needed to redeem for one month too. GPU and rewards are at such a sweet point right now which is doing to end very very soon.
  8. €120 for the 3 years is excellent value for me to pay and "forget" about. At €12 / month or more I'd probably cancel to be honest. It's great on paper but like Netflix and all the other subscription stuff I'm not interested in paying more than I need to for them, if at all
  9. Fallout 4 from a non- steam store right? I only ask because I installed Fallout 4 from Steam and seem to recall it running smooth 60 with higher settings than medium in handheld mode. If I've misunderstood then safely ignore.
  10. Ah right. I think I haven't heard of Aaron then, he was famous over here? I just looked him up but don't recognise his songs. I'm so out of the loop on this stuff though
  11. Thanks, I don't think so - it's €9,99 for me currently in the store. There's also the Anniversary upgrade which is €19,99 - I'm confused what the difference is between the two if any? Sorry if it's obvious, I just can't really decipher from the descriptions.
  12. Speaking of Skyrim - I've got release Skyrim on PC. I know there's been a string of releases since then and I'm wondering - do they add anything over the original Skyrim release? Is it worth upgrading? Cheers!
  13. Well at least that confirms it. But that whole "giant bomb is bigger than one person" stuff is shady as fuck looking back on now. https://m.twitch.tv/clip/FurtiveTangibleBeanDansGame-cSsXPEXYahhdnECz
  14. Anyone tried Rez on the steam deck? Playable? It's cheap and it's been a while since I've played it
  15. He's got that Jimmy Fallon fake knee slap n crack-up down to a T.
  16. Maybe a bit obscure but what's the best way to get me set up on the Deck so I can potentially talk to others whilst gaming? Discord app installed in desktop running in the background? Secondly, best solution then for headset? I've the steel series 7x but that means I can't charge due to the dongle taking up the USB c slot in handheld mode so I guess wired would be preferable? Anyone managed to find a working solution? Cheers!
  17. Absolutely. The pre mission scene up in the big plane with Graves lip movements were... Kinda ridiculous. It's great. Playing this makes me kinda sad at the state of Battlefield these days. Back in the day this was the bombastic shit I expected from a Battlefield campaign. But yeh as it is now, this is the best Hollywood shooter I've played in years. It's a nice contrast to Doom 2016 which I'm re-running though on the Deck too at the moment - both doing their own thing and great at it.
  18. I know these campaigns are looked down upon but this is the most entertaining thing I've played in ages. There's issues, sure - and it's the same gameplay you've come to expect from call of duty but the gulf in quality between this and the last two entries is just insane. This is proper A-tier stuff.
  19. It's very very good. The campaign is a hell of a ride, really enjoying it so far.
  20. 10 minutes in, production quality on this is fucking insane. Good to be back.
  21. Is there any benefit to doing that as opposed to direct from Steam? I'm not familiar with the humble thing.
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