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  1. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Haha playing devils advocate here but... What else could that picture be referring to, other than Rainbow Six: Siege?
  2. I saw the Abby leaving vid - yikes. I haven't watched or listened to Giant Bomb at all really since Dan left and it was on a rapidly declining slope after the Abby GOTY debacle but... Oof, that "I'm leaving" clip seemed awkward. Paraphrased - "I've been thinking of leaving for a while and redundancy was a good opportunity. If anyone knows of any jobs going hit me up" is a bit... I dunno... Not so great. Felt sorry for the folk in the call who've been there from Day 1. Anyway - tempt Drew back and rope in Dan somehow and I'll buy a lifetime membership. As things stand I
  3. Simmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Online multiplayer?
  4. Simmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Is Civ recommended? I'm so tempted but lack of multiplayer is holding me back... I don't understand why it's not there
  5. Simmy


    Anyone giving this a go now that it's out of early access?
  6. This is fine you know? I mean - I had fun, but it feels like the game that should have been released before Modern Warfare was - there's just little things, and I can't really even put my finger on them, but it feels like a step backwards somehow. It really feels like this should have been the last CoD game with MW being the full "reboot". I keep looking for doors to close / open, I am double clicking the stick to sprint, looking for a spawn point on ground war - just little things like that whilst not big, just combined feels all wrong.
  7. This rewards system has totally passed me by until now. Are you guys receiving a consistent number to say be able to afford Game Pass or something similar with points only month to month?
  8. I have a real bad attitude to Bloodborne because I'm so fucking shit at it. It's the worst game I've played this generation on account of not playing previous types of the genre, getting caught up in the hype a few days before release, pre-ordering it and FUCKING HATING IT. I HATE Bloodborne (I wish I didn't).
  9. Ah I don't care about that to be honest. I'll get the new Xbox and I have and will have Game Pass so this is great for me.
  10. Absolutely. Or not enabled on that HDMI port on your television settings. Run the HDMI cable directly to your TV first. If that doesn't work, check your TV settings (whilst running it directly to your TV) to see if that helps. What telly you using?
  11. Folks I signed up for the 1 pound "hack" a while ago but I have just seen that it runs out on 24th December i.e after that date I have no XBox Live nor Game Pass Ultimate. What can I do right now to get Game Pass Ultimate for as cheap as possible for the longest time possible? Are there options, still?
  12. This is really weird to play after MW. I'd dipped out of cod for years but decided to give the MW demo (let's please stop calling these fucking things alphas and betas it's a month and a half from release) a go and it was so refreshing after blops 4. This.... Ugh. This feels like a huge step back. MW was so polished, so refined. This feels clunky and there's something off about it. I just hope MW is supported after this comes out.
  13. Hey just wondering - while docked, should galaxy be played with a joycon in each hand? I've a pro controller too.
  14. I'm in Germany but region set to UK... Has it unlocked already or is it UK midnight time?
  15. Distinct lack of mouthwash guzzling in this video @Capwn
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