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  1. Ohhhhh yes!! I remember it now! Yeah, it was used in the trailer I think too and it looks so off.
  2. I'm so sure they are. There's something off about them. Uncanny valley ish.
  3. Called it early. Those talking heads are cgi I'm sure of it. Check out the piece to camera before Gran Turismo.
  4. Will they show off the console itself tonight? Has that been hinted at?
  5. Was there any reasoning as to why they didn't add multiplayer to the Switch? It's the only thing stopping me from picking it up. It just seems like such an oversight.
  6. Anyone tried Ion Fury on the switch? Decent fun?
  7. End of an era There's effectively nothing to bring me back to Giant Bomb now. Damn, that's a sad realisation
  8. I haven't subbed in about a year but always tune in to the GOTY stuff - really not enjoying it at all this year. Gosh I used to watch Giant Bomb stuff religiously but this is rough
  9. No issues with lag on my side, but my NAT is open if that makes a difference.
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