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  1. Simmy

    Disco Elysium

    Oh it's totally fair - sorry maybe wrote it wrong - I would have felt absolutely cheated if it was purchasable at full price only to appear on Game Pass moments later (as was being hinted at) but all fine.
  2. Is there anywhere I can get this a bit cheaper, folks? It is €30 on the switch and "free" on Xbox with game pass so there is a pretty mental gap - any tips?
  3. Simmy

    Disco Elysium

    It's fine I think? I really have nothing to compare it to, to be honest. I was gonna get it for the Switch but realised I could get a chunk off on the Xbox. But all jokes aside - fucking hell. This game is something, isn't it?? I have been playing Metroid Dread thinking it's the nicest thing I have played all year and then Disco Elysium comes along and changes that within the first 10 minutes. Mental. Also, that soundtrack what the fuck?! Is that British Sea Power? I remember one song from them - Carrion - from an obscure Jools Holland episide and it's always stuck with me. That same band made this wonderful, incredible soundtrack?? Amazing. I am almost tempted to write off my anger if it comes to Game Pass cause this game is so, so, SO fucking good.
  4. Simmy

    Disco Elysium

    Wait what?! Oh fuck, no no no that's actually unfair if so. I've just spent €35 rewards points towards the game. Been playing it all night but as someone who bought THREE YEARS of gamepass I obviously would have put the towards something else if I'd known. Is it confirmed it comes to Game Pass? If so, can I get a refund?? Fuck I LOVE the game I've burst out laughing multiple times at the dialogue but this will sour it if I've spent money when I didn't need to
  5. Hey, is there a way I can play this officially? I am totally interested now after giving Dread a try. I have a Switch and a Nintendo 3ds if it ever came out on those?
  6. Running it on the C1 so we've pretty much identical hardware - just a question, are you using any sharpening mode or that "super resolution" thing? I think they are meant for the switch pretty much but never really worked out if it's rubbish or not.
  7. Shit I am really quite liking this now. Thanks for the push to get it. I have hit the first boss though and I am shit at these things - needed a break, gonna try again this morning. Also - how are most of you playing this? I always love the idea of sitting playing this handheld and want to really get in to it but struggle with the controls for some reason in that mode - just find it easier with the pro controller and the telly. But I mean that in general btw - not just this one game. How do you folks manage it? Any tips?
  8. I take back the praise from a few days ago - I've gone from pure joy and elation to not being arsed to even start up the "beta". I just can't be arsed, it's so boring! The graphics initially wowed me but it now actually feels like Ace Combat graphically - up high it looks really impressive but when you get too close to the ground you can see it's all just the same building over and over. It's really weird and looks cheap. Will not be pre ordering.
  9. Who can be arsed going back to either 3 of these outside of a ROM loaded in to an emulator? Genuine question by the way - anyone here wanting to pay again for these games?
  10. That's totally not accurate. Sure if you want to organise a physical copy but digital? This is absolutely equal. By the way, to be clear here, I'm not trolling - I've spent the 60 quid based on the exceptional praise here - but the prices on the Switch in general are fucking atrocious, excuse the language. An absolute disgrace. The "handheld" tax is horrid. Sorry, off topic but I really get wound up by the prices on switch - so much so that I really should just unlock it and download the stuff.
  11. Thanks I've read but.... I'm being chased by a robot and I've died like 15 times and I'm struggling to understand what I'm meant to be doing Am I missing something obvious, as in I meant to know where to go? Or is it just try different things on repeat until eventually you find the right path? I'm not being a troll btw to be clear... I'm genuinely not getting this yet.
  12. This is embarrassing but maybe someone can help me. At the start, I could press the left shoulder button and it went in to like a 3d aiming view where I could shoot the thing that was chasing me. Anyway that same thing is chasing me and I think I'm pressing the same button combo to get the sort of 2.5D view but it just ain't happening. I'm dying over and over and can't work out what the eff I'm pressing wrong. Can anyone help please?
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