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  1. I see words in that tweet but I can't make head nor tail of what it's trying to convey.
  2. That's one of the greatest gaming teasers I've ever seen. It's masterful. That fucking sound design. Jesus Christ it's incredibly well put together!
  3. You're right and as far as I know that works for DX11 games but not DX12 games like Cyberpunk.
  4. Anyone have tips on getting non steam games (gog for instance) to run as well as their steam counterparts? Without the shader cache, which steam utilises, it seems a lost cause. It's a shame cause I don't really want to have to double dip on things like Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk just to have them run from Steam with shader cache
  5. About a week and a half maximum away from getting your email to pay. I'd estimate you get the email next Thursday evening.
  6. Thanks guys! One other thing - my WiFi is cutting out an alarming number of times - everything else on my network is flawless but the steam deck is losing connection (shows the "!" symbol). Anyone else has this happen? I read something about power saving but that was months ago.
  7. Sorry if this is obvious but can anyone point me in the direction of "best settings" specifically for Steam Deck games? There's so many options that it can be overwhelming a bit knowing what works best on a per game basis specifically for the Deck. Thanks in advance!
  8. Oh come on. It was meant to be delivered today Not readable sounds not great, but then again they know it's my parcel to have updated the tracking like this so.... Who knows.
  9. GLS, Parcel Force and / or Evri - fucking hell, the trifecta of evil!
  10. Are GLS estimates accurate? It was only handed over to GLS last night but it says it'll get delivered to my place in Germany tomorrow which seems kinda quick.
  11. Mine should arrive tomorrow. And I'm saving the rest of Monkey Island for the Steam Deck. I'm so excited, not felt this excited about something in years!
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