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  1. Man I really can't wait for this game. It's quite interesting how the psp is pwning the ds in terms of awesome games, I predict it will be exactly the same story when the 3ds and psp2 go at it.
  2. Man I love this show. Why can't we have stuff like this today, apart from The Trip and TPB. Darlene is still fuckable. And it's aged remarkably well. Heynoeheynoeheynoeheynoe.
  3. My daughter is currently sleeping lots, and I've started crumbling sleeping pills into my gf's tea so she's crashed outat around 9pm; this usually means that I can get a couple of hours a night
  4. I showed the level to a friend who used to be in the special forces. He mentioned that this sort of thing happens alot in real life, but is rarely covered by the media. If this is true, I applaude the bravery of IW for raising the profile of this unsettling issue.
  5. The bit when he kisses her breasts is up there in the top 10 erotic film scenes.
  6. Dissidia so far for me. Or that game with the big house and child.
  7. The sequel to The Witcher, which was a stunning slice of brilliance. Borderlands Fez Disgaea 2 on the psp GOW triumverate Starcraft beta Dragon Age lots of other more obvious big hitters.
  8. Apart from the racist Dawkins this is an okay game.
  9. Sorry? Compared to what exactly? Other gruesome scenes? Star Wars was a U, but had some pretty gruesome scenes, Bambi, which was also a U, had some seriously distressing scenes if you're a child. Pinnochio, Sinbad and the eye of the tiger, all super gruesome for a child. Damn, Fantasia is a U, but contains some gruesome satanic stuff.
  10. Exactly how I'm feeling, its like a more intense version of fighting game x, but in the air, and with a ton of menus, and a pseudo chess board. Never having been a FFFB, it still really appeals, and seems to be nicely deep. I read that you can actually play it as an rtsfg, real time strategy fighting game, if that makes any sense.
  11. Japanese films are far worse. I started watching Grotesque the other night, but only got as far as the first few minutes. Culturally, they're a strange bunch. Hello Kitty, watch as I feed a prisoner a bowl of puke. And then suspend a guy with hooks and torture him with boiling oil, and then play some Mario Galaxy.
  12. Which is what I was trying to say. The programmers are the translators, or scribes, for the game designers vision. And its harder to design a great game, than it is to actually make one.
  13. I know nothing about either. But surely its easier to become a programmer than it is a designer? Programming is something you can learn, like maths, and learning to drive a car. Whereas having the natural gift of design is something thats maybe inherent. Halo was maybe a case of having guys who did a bit of both, but really well ? Is it easier to become a bad programmer or a good designer? Like driving and sex I guess.
  14. So is this the first must have game of the year on PCPS360? Also I watched the giantbomb ql, and the way Brad goes 'Wow' a few times is excellent. And the look of it really reminds me of Simon Bisleys massive tits and guns art .
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