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  1. A club legend you say?
  2. I'm pretty sure he didn't call himself 'Salt Bae' it was a nickname given to him by someone on social media. He's got a gimmick and a sense of showmanship and people are willing to pay stupid money for it. Good for him. It's hard enough to standout in the restaurant industry. If people want to pay stupid money for a gold steak, then I respect his hustle for selling it to people. The restaurant doesn't even sell real wagyu (there are very few restaurants outside Japan that do). There will always be people with more money than sense. I don't see how this is any different to paying for women to hold up sparklers and bottles of champagne in the club for thousands of dollars.
  3. Surely the price was for the whole meal deal rather than just the Kiev. It seems to be on Ocado for £4.25 which makes a lot more sense: https://www.ocado.com/products/m-s-gastropub-chicken-kiev-516558011
  4. Is it just one breast? Seems like a hell of a lot of money. I also want to know if the fancy £2.50 garlic bread they do is any good.
  5. 20 sausages for a quid... That seems so wrong on so many levels.
  6. Lol I missed this. @schmojo explain yourself. Is smoked bacon out of the pack even safe to eat?
  7. Hmm, Varane not starting. Has anything been said about that?
  8. There was a legendary headline along the lines of: Young Boys Wankdorf erection relief EDIT: Found it http://m.espn.com/soccer/story?storyId=337901&src=desktop&wjb
  9. I really don't feel very comfortable with Matic at DM. Loose balls, very slow. I don't remember him doing anything particularly useful during the match.
  10. I'm calling it. Puskas award winner.
  11. PM me if you haven't found anything.
  12. I enjoyed the Shiny Flakes documentary. The story of a German teenager who made millions selling drugs from his bedroom. It's what How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is based on.
  13. If you honestly don't think Messi could do it on a rainy night in Stoke, watch this video: https://youtu.be/bJBUgHFQoRk
  14. Silken tofu is good. https://www.google.com/search?q=silken+tofu&rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB906GB906&sxsrf=AOaemvK_vLrT4IMpu61AJAcI0TIVBX95_g:1630931527063&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQ0MqyreryAhWMNcAKHTdjBV8Q_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1396&bih=665&dpr=1.38
  15. I just don't really understand how they're adhering to financial fair play.
  16. Can anyone explain to me why PSG rejected the bid for Mbappe? Seems like a huge sum of money to forego for just one more year.
  17. Has anyone tried Zapp's? They sound amazing. I need to get hold of some. https://www.seriouseats.com/we-taste-every-flavor-of-zapps-potato-chips
  18. This is a mental transfer window.
  19. Has anyone bought ready salted Pom Bears recently? I don't know if I got a bad batch, but the texture was really weird, as if they weren't cooked properly. I hope they haven't changed the recipe or process.
  20. In case people don't know, there's a three episode documentary about Varane on Amazon called Varane, destin de champion. Good thing to watch to get all excited about his arrival. And here's his first interview as a Man Utd player:
  21. Like Goldenballs, but you both get the top prize.
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