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  1. Roast chicken, roast potatoes, buttered carrots.
  2. Ok so I've read this thread, some of you are pretty damn good. I need to learn t spinning if I'm going to win more. Not sure if my brain can process it. I'm so used to building nice big flat rectangles with a space for an l. Amazed I won at all with my lack of knowledge or tactics.
  3. Second 1st place on my 66th game When I got to the final ten I could feel my heart beating really quickly, but a brief mental pep talk made me concentrate and play solid Tetris and I managed to outlast the rest of them. I even managed to get some t spins. Here's a video I took of a solid run (didn't win, but I did get an all clear which was cool). I play terribly at the start, but get a lot better as time goes on.
  4. So my friend lent me his switch and I decided to download this yesterday. Thought I'd put into practice all my hours of Tetris DS and see how I compared against everyone else. Managed to get a second place on my 21st game. Pretty pleased with that because realistically I should have come about 20th, but did some very good digging. On my 31st game I came first! Wooooooo! Had a massive spree of Tetrises (think I got 16 in total) and was playing fairly fast. Not as fast as I know I can play at my peak, but not bad for not having played in years. Don't really understand strategy on who to target and when and have no idea how the combo system works. So if anyone could point me towards a guide or a video that would be great.
  5. So Liverpool fans, do you even want Coutinho back? Would he affect the dressing room negatively, or would people just be happy to take back a potentially world class player?
  6. Are you microwaving the pasta to reheat? If so, I've never worked out how to reheat pasta so it tastes right. Any ideas?
  7. If anyone hasn't already, give the That Peter Crouch podcast a listen to. He's got some great stories and he just comes across as a thoroughly likeable and honest bloke. The two guys he does it with are funny too.
  8. What dizogg said. I was just wondering if there ever was a weird situation where a club paid the release clause, then a bit later another team decided they really wanted the player then paid the new, higher, release clause. Seems unlikely, but weirder things have happened in football, like the time Barbados scored an own goal to give them a chance of progressing out of the group stage of the 1994 Caribbean Cup. Having scored the own goal, it was then in the interest of their opponents, Granada, to score either an own goal themselves or a normal goal, this led to the even crazier situation of Barbados splitting their team and defending both goals at once. https://youtu.be/TbuD-6BbnQw
  9. Griezmann signs for Barcelona for £107m. His buyout clause is an eye watering £717m. It would be hilarious if someone just went and paid it instantly. I wonder if that has ever happened.
  10. stephen129


    If by the time they've all retired Nadal has won the most grand slams, will he be considered the GOAT? If not, how many more grand slams than Fed (or Djo) would he have to win?
  11. I was thinking the same thing. I didn't understand why Hopper was so sceptical when Joyce was telling him about the magnets failing.
  12. This is why I've never bought one. I just use my trusty large stainless steel (I think) pot to cook everything in.
  13. Sweet chilli chicken thighs, tenderstem broccoli (both cooked on the cast iron), Kewpie mayo, furikake, jasmine rice. Very quick 10 minute dinner (rice was leftover from yesterday):
  14. One thing I keep thinking is, surely someone can get Sanchez playing well again. You don't go from being one of the best attackers in the league, to completely useless in two seasons. He's still a top class footballer, someone just needs to coax it out of him.
  15. Good example of ugly delicious. Malaysian peanut curry with lamb shoulder, aubergine and potatoes:
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