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  1. stephen129

    Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me

    So thanks to the following track, I've rediscovered Joanna Newsom. I can't believe I never listened to In California properly. It's absolutely beautiful.
  2. stephen129

    Anthony Bourdain has passed away.

    I'm still shocked by the news. I was under the impression that he was exorcising his demons. He'd given up drugs, smoking, alcohol and taken up martial arts. I remember him writing about fantasising about committing suicide in his book Medium Raw, but that was years ago now. I owe my love of travel to Anthony Bourdain. I think it was the Singapore episode of No Reservations that I knew I had to visit one day. I've been to many of the same restaurants and places he's recommended in his shows. He taught me to be curious of other places and cultures. I hope he's up there exploring and eating his way through heaven. “If you’re 22, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel; as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them; wherever you go.” - Anthony Bourdain
  3. stephen129

    Good crisp bad crisp

    I've not had this particular flavour, but their chilli and lime ones are really good. Very heavily seasoned. Like a cross between Walkers and McCoys, but then boosted with even more salt and MSG.
  4. stephen129

    Take A Pic Of Your Dinner!

    https://therecipecritic.com/2016/04/slow-cooker-barbacoa-beef/ Had to get a lot of stuff from mexgrocer as it's not easy to find proper corn tacos, chiles in adobo etc in normal shops.
  5. stephen129

    Good crisp bad crisp

    I've just got both multipacks from Tesco. I like the flavours of Walker's but the actual crisp is a bit 'meh'. They'd be much better if they were on McCoy's style ridge cut crisps (and with some MSG thrown in for good measure). My favourite Walkers are ketchup, but they seem really hard to find, along with Branston Pickle flavoured Mini Cheddars which are amazing. EDIT: Damnit, Tesco online substituted my 6 pack special editions for 12 pack standard crisps.
  6. stephen129

    Take A Pic Of Your Dinner!

    Excuse the low quality phone photos. Made pork tacos el pastor with pineaple and beef barbecoa tacos. Both with coriander, onions, radish (finally got to use my mandolin), homemade guacamole and El Yucateca chipotle hot sauce.
  7. stephen129

    Does adding salt make dishes tastier or just saltier?

    I've been on a low salt diet for quite a few years now. Salt is most definitely a flavour enhancer. I've eaten a million low salt products and they just don't taste the same. The best example I can think of is Green Giant Sweetcorn. The salt free version just doesn't taste right, it tastes bland and strangely not as sweet. The moment you add a bit of salt, the flavour becomes much fuller and more rounded, and it even tastes sweeter. If you salt food correctly, it shouldn't taste 'salty'. However people have different tolerances to salt. Someone who smokes 30 a day and blindly salts all their food without even tasting it will need more salt in their food to taste correctly. My palate has changed over years of a low salt diet to not need as much salt as a normal person.
  8. stephen129

    Any good recipes for spam?

    Fried spam and egg sandwich Add it to fried rice Omelette with spam Think of it like a particularly salty ham basically
  9. stephen129

    PS4 Pro

    What do people think are the chances of Sony bringing out a PS4 Pro with a UHD Blu Ray player?
  10. stephen129

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Yeah I was pleasantly surprised. Also from looking at comparison videos between PS4 and PS4 Pro, I can't see a huge difference to justify spending the extra money on a brand new console. Kinda tempted by an Xbox One X though...
  11. stephen129

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    So I've just bought a 49inch Sony XE90. I have an old school PS4. Am I right in thinking I need a new HDMI cable to be able to take advantage of HDR? Can someone recommend one on amazon please?
  12. stephen129

    Good crisp bad crisp

    I just got back from Hong Kong and bought these. I think in general everything Calbee make is delicious. I shall report back as and when I eat them.
  13. stephen129

    Sous Vide

    To be fair, I just did some googling and Chef Steps (surprise, surprise), have a recipe for sous vide pomme puree: https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/pomme-puree
  14. stephen129

    Sous Vide

    Personally I like to just put baking potatoes into the oven. Cook them for 1hr 30m. Scoop out all the flesh into a pot. Add other ingredients: butter, milk, cream, cheese, herbs, roasted garlic (whatever you want really). Then with the leftover skins, grate a bit of cheese onto them and stick them under the grill for a bit and have potato skins. If you do want to make them the more traditional way (boiling potatoes in water), then the Heston technique of putting the skins in cheese cloth with the boiling water that you use to cook the potatoes in sounds like a good idea. Apparently there is a lot of flavour in the skins. I've also heard of people cooking the potatoes in milk instead of water.
  15. stephen129

    Sous Vide

    Out of interest, what are the benefits of sous vide mash?

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