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  1. What flavour is that? Fizzy grape?
  2. I thought it was to do with how quickly it freezes. You want it to freeze as soon as possible so the ice crystals that form are smaller. That's why liquid nitrogen ice cream is so smooth. These guys know what they're talking about:
  3. So from your extensive first hand experience, what are the best kitchen gadgets?
  4. Lol can you please take a picture of all your unused kitchen gadgets. You seem to have everything.
  5. I tried the lime and chilli and the chipotle chicken wing flavours. Both pretty bad. Avoid.
  6. Anyone got a way to watch the City Madrid game? Ahem.
  7. Dafuq is De Gea doing there? How does he keep spilling everything?
  8. I think we might lose today...
  9. I just don't really understand what's happened to him. It seems the issue is mental. He's 29 years old which should be peak for a goalkeeper. Kinda reminds me of Djokovic becoming a bit shit for a while, but then sorting his head out and becoming no.1 again.
  10. I still can't decide if De Gea is just going through a really poor patch of form, or if his ability has permanently deteriorated. Every mistake he makes the more I think it's the latter. Sad to see. He's been such a great player for us.
  11. I don't think you'll win picking 22 twice.
  12. Yeah, not being able to fit it in the sink was really annoying.
  13. I have one of these (by Andrew James, not made by lodge). I find the size quite impractical. Great if you're cooking for loads of people, but a standard cast iron skillet is much more practical.
  14. I don't understand how it saves time? I've put chicken breast directly into things like green curry and it comes out very tender. You just need to ensue you don't overcook it. Can't see how cooking it separately provides any benefits. Happy to be proved wrong though.
  15. What's the benefit of pre-cooking the meat?
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