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  1. Replace it with an induction hob. I love mine. In fact, Lovelyman's might actually be an induction hob.
  2. I got some of these and the scampi fries in Wilkinson. Two of the best crisps imo. The slightly odd cheese one is impossible to find these days. Don't think I've had them in about a decade.
  3. Simple chicken soup, Asian style with vegetables. Nice and clean and comforting.
  4. My girlfriend requested this for her birthday breakfast. Chorizo and potato hash, sweetcorn fritters, fried egg, avocado, toast, topped with sour cream and Chipotle Cholula, freshly squeezed orange juice.
  5. I haven't exactly used loads of fridges, but I like the one I bought. It's a Bosch KGN34NW3AG with frost free tech (which actually works). Was £400 for John Lewis.
  6. Room 5/5 - Superb performance by Brie Larson. Also thought the kid was great. (on Amazon Prime)
  7. Fuck it, I ordered 40 packs of the smoked ham and pickle for £30 off eBay.
  8. I love Brannigan's. So sad =(
  9. I've never seen these at my local Tesco. Would they be on the bread section or Indian section in world food?
  10. This looks interesting. Most packaged naan breads are terrible. I never go to Morrison's though...
  11. Custard Choux buns M&S £1.75 The choux pastry isn't perfect, but considering it's sitting in the fridge and from a supermarket, these are pretty good. The custard filling is nice and it's a good level of sweetness imo. Also considering it's M&S, the price is very reasonable. I'd expect this kind of quality from an average patisserie in the UK. Tesco Finest Lemon Curd Tesco £1.90 I love this with Greek yoghurt. This is the kind of thing that would cost £5-£6 in a fancy jar in Borough Market. Tesco Finest Sweet & Fiery B
  12. List any particularly good products you've bought at the supermarket. Ideally with a picture, the name of the supermarket where you can get it from and what it costs (at least roughly). Tesco Finest Sable Grapes Tesco £2 These are the best grapes you can get in a normal supermarket imo. Nice and sweet, skin is a bit firm which some people might not like. Smoked Salmon and soft cheese M&S £2.50 Easily the best sandwich filler I've ever had. Combine this with some nice bread, maybe a bit of lettuce and some lemon juice and you have a
  13. What flavour is that? Fizzy grape?
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