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  1. Lots of good Korean dishes to discover. I like the grilled meats, kalbi, bulgogi, samgyeopsal etc. The jeon (pancakes) are good, especially the haemul (seafood). The tofu stews called Sundubu-jjigae are good with a side of rice (especially in winter). Japchae is a decent noodle dish. Sounds strange, but they do these ice cold noodle dishes called Naengmyeon which are really nice in summer. Kimbap (kinda like a Korean, usually vegetarian) form of sushi, flavoured with sesame oil. Dolsot bibimbap is a rice dish with lots of vegetables that you mix in with gochujang. It's put in a really hot stone bowl so the bottom goes crispy. Ughh, I miss Korean food. Need to get back to New Malden when I can.
  2. Never had it in a drink. Sounds nice. Goes very well with a lamb shank or shoulder too.
  3. You mean the Tteokbokki (rice cakes)? You'd have to get them from an Asian supermarket. Preferably a Korean one. If you have a Seoul Plaza or Korea Foods anywhere near you, they'll definitely sell everything you need. While you're there get gochujang (chilli paste), doenjang (soy bean paste), Korean sesame oil, gochugaru (chilli flakes used to make kimchi and other dishes). I also like the pajeon (Korean pancake) mix.
  4. I like the look of this. I suspect a lot of my ground spices have lost a lot of their flavour. Also I don't have a good way to see which spices is which. They're all in a shoebox so I end up picking out loads of them trying to find the correct one. With these tubs you can see each one if you stack them all on top of each other. I need a spice grinder too.
  5. But considering how unfilling instant noodles are they have a very high proportion of salt and fat. I need to eat two packets of Nissin demae to feel full. There's approx 5g of salt in one packet. Put it this way, a packet of crisps usually has around 0.3-0.5g of salt. I think it's wise to consider your salt intake regardless of whether or not you have high blood pressure.
  6. Rocks organic is quite nice. I like the lemon one.
  7. Aw man. I really like the blood orange San Pelle.
  8. Some of them are very good. https://www.primataste.com/our-products/lamian This brand is amazing. Honestly you could put this in a bowl with a few accoutrements in a restaurant in London and charge £15 for it. The problem with instant noodles is that they have a crazy amount of salt in them and the noodles are deep fried so have loads of fat in them too. Although they are delicious.
  9. Finally got round to making sushi for the first time. The roll kinda fell apart, (used too little seaweed and didn't roll tight enough) but the chirashi don came out ok. Got to use my very nice koshihikari rice from Japan too.
  10. My point is you can't go to the shop and buy 10p worth of garam masala or 100g of cabbage or 4 cloves. You have to buy 100g of garam masala, a whole cabbage and a jar of cloves. The reality of cooking is that unless you know how to use all the excess ingredients you'll get wastage. I rarely cook Indian food so a whole can of ghee just isn't going to get used.
  11. I'm not saying it would cost that much to buy two teaspoons of cumin or whatever is needed for the recipe, I mean the cost to purchase the whole packet (as you can't purchase two teaspoons of cumin).
  12. Something like this: https://www.kitchensanctuary.com/thai-fish-cakes-with-vegetable-ribbons/
  13. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking, but purely from a cost perspective, I can't really see how this isn't really expensive. I looked at all the ingredient's from Al's base gravy 2 and wrote down what it would cost to actually buy everything (excluding the oil. water and salt). The total came to £30.84 (that's just the base, doesn't include any meat or extras you need to make a curry. I realise that I will have a lot of the ingredients already and you don't use a whole bag of spice, but you still need to buy it at some point. A lamb bhuna costs £6.95 from my takeaway and a chicken tikka masala £7.50 Even if I went to the Indian shop and bought all the spices there I'd probably only save £5-10.
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