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  1. This list is actually pretty decent. I've eaten a fair few things they've listed and can personally vouch for them. https://amp.theguardian.com/food/2021/mar/01/this-sauce-will-change-your-life-30-brilliant-condiments-to-transform-your-tired-lockdown-dishes
  2. All aboard the furikake hype train. For those that don't know it's basically dried fish and seaweed seasoning for rice. I like these brands: https://www.souschef.co.uk/products/furikake-bonito https://www.souschef.co.uk/products/tarako-furikake-rice-seasoning
  3. For anyone else who might be reading this thread in the future and have a whole fish lying around.
  4. I've literally just finished my jar...
  5. Really? Are we talking about the same product or do you have a low heat tolerance? My girlfriend eats it and she doesn't have a very high heat tolerance. She'll literally put a few dots of sriracha on things when she uses it. For reference I think eating a raw scotch bonnet or Thai chili is incredibly spicy. Tabasco is medium and sriracha is medium-hot.
  6. I like Daft Punk but was never a mega fan, wasn't too fussed by either the Tron album or Random Access Memories. Was talking to a few friends and was surprised to hear they prefer RAM. What's everyone else's opinions? What's the better album, Discovery or Random Access Memories?
  7. Not at all. It's more just savoury than spicy.
  8. Some Sainsbury's sell Kewpie mayonnaise in the world food section. It costs £4.50 which is obviously a lot, but it's delicious. I much prefer the flavour to something like Hellman's, and it's pretty much essential for Japanese dishes like okonomiyaki etc.
  9. Anything. Rice, eggs, Chinese veg, silken tofu, normal tofu, meat, stir fries, dumplings, congee. I also mix it with any combination of the following: rice wine vinegar, soy, bit of sugar, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, kecap manis, cornstarch thickened water, etc to make a sauce to cook with.
  10. I'm not a basmati expert by any means, but I would usually assume the Indian brands would be better? Have you compared?
  11. I bought some of these. Pretty solid. Much better than the shitty own brand ones you normally get which are completely the wrong texture. These are quite fluffy, I think if you put them put them under the grill on high or onto a really hot cast iron, it would mimic that intense heat you get from a tandoor.
  12. Anyone else getting a bit of motion sickness playing this (not in VR), or is it just me?
  13. Chicken doner kebabs with loads of salad, chilli sauce and burger is one of my favourite meals. Also, I completely agree, I prefer BIR to 'authentic' curry. I think it's the addition of sugar that really makes the difference.
  14. I dunno if anyone else eats these, but I really like these:
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