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  1. Meh : a copy of crysis actually runs in each polygon in that vid vame posted
  2. It doesnt have weapons and it has a more skillbased gameplaymechanic ... dunno if i can say any more ... vame ? =P
  3. The game looks good to me, as i also know what the base concept is ( i.e not a wipeout clone ). It also seems to run fine on the prototype device. As for input method, everything but a dedicated gaming device will lack proper input, thats just how it is. Comments about that fact has nothing to do with this thread.
  4. Yes i missed some, the correction i made was that some scores were in the completely wrong spots. =P Anyway, updated now.
  5. Hrm, corrected the list. =)
  6. I just cant break 1 mil. Ill try some tonight.
  7. Oh my, someone is posting in this thread =D. Better update then.
  8. At least i sparked some reaction.
  9. Star soldier has always been about the scoring, not level progress imo. The gamecube version had a long, levelprogress mode which noone played ( well, i dont know anyone who did ), and the 2 and 5 minute modes which were just excellent. Theres more depth within these 2 minutes than there are in the entire Cave catalogue. As i see it theyve just optimized this version. And the loading of highscores isnt fantasticly implemented ill agree, but i really dont care if i have to press an extra button and wait for 30 seconds ( which of course you would have to do anyway if it was automated, so basicly its just an extra button press and come on, are we THAT lazy ? ). So i bought Lost Wind and Star Soldier R and ive been playing SSR about 3x as much as lost wind, and dont ge me wrong, i LOVE lost wind, theres just something brilliant about getting an extra 10k points after spending 45 minutes grinding a 2 minute game, and going up a few ranks on the domestic scorelist. =)
  10. Great game for almost no money, get working. 2 min 1. dogsout - 1.004.200 2. corpsicle - 971.600 3. tmpagg - 970.600 4. dinsdale - 903.200 5. fibber - 842.600 6. Bingox - 824.400 7. Alan Arndale - 744.900 5 min 1. tmpagg - 1.894.000 2. corpsicle - 1.581.100 3. Alan Arndale - 1.357.900
  11. corpsicle


    I liked the Haze demo. Im probably going to buy it now just based on the rllmuk collective fit and the ign review.
  12. Thanks! This is actually going somewhere ... however Spetsnaz, while good, have too offensive lyrics for me ( i know, im old ) Nitzer Ebb, ive heard every song and remix ever released. Dupont i havent checked out much, same with And One ( although the stuff ive heard isnt amazing ) Covenant i think i have everything and wasnt overly impressed, some good some not so good. Icon of coil ... arent they a bit emo ? =P OOMPH! ... i got one album and it was horrible, probably not the one you mention then, ill have a look. Suicide Commando is another personal favourite already. Thanks a lot for your answer, gimme some more! =) Also, if theres any stuff that isnt quite EBM or aggrotech, but more dancey, while keeping the harshness ... you know kind of like VNV nations Strata ... and still not trancey or wussy ... heh Dark electro sounds great ... gimme some examples.
  13. VNV nation Venetian snares Tarmvred Trentemoller Tiga I dunno if you get the basic idea. If you do, give me some recommendations.
  14. Its not much but its something =P I just platinumed all the levels. So far damn well worth the money btw. LEVEL 3 corpsicle - 87402 LEVEL 6 corpsicle - 116811 LEVEL 8 corpsicle - 82516
  15. Got a few platinums last night, ill post some scores eventually. =D
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